Wolf Moon

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Chapter 6

Adalyn felt like a new person. It was like her very DNA changed. Just days ago she felt like an unwanted misfit who was doomed to be rejected and alone her entire life. Before, she thought she would go through life never really knowing joy or pleasure that everything with just be out of her arms reach. Now, she felt like she was on top of the world and everything was within her grasp. Oliver was amazing and he seemed to love her at first sight. It was clear that he didn’t care who Adalyn was or what she did before she met him. He peered into her soul and still found her worthy of his love. It was strange however that she hadn’t really been able to see or experience any of Oliver's past. It was clear he was older and had lived many years before meeting her, but when she tried to peer into his soul she saw only his feelings for her.

Adalyn realised sometime during the night while she slept, Oliver must have stocked the bathroom with all the common toiletries she would need. She couldn’t help but think about what a great promised mate he was already. Oliver seemed to know what she needed before she did. Adalyn brushed and flossed her teeth then put on some deodorant. Then she brushed her hair and pulled it into a bun on the top of her head. Adalyn figured it they were going for a car ride it would be better if it was out of her way.

Twenty minutes later, she emerged from the bathroom and found the Oliver was no longer in the bedroom. She stopped moving around and used her excellent wolf hearing to listened closely and see if she could hear him moving around downstairs. Adalyn could just barely make out the sound of his voice and knew that he was talking to someone. She couldn’t help but be a little curious so she walked as quiet as she could to the top of the stairs and leaned over the railing.

“I'm not sure but she's from a pack called Wolf Moon out near Mt. Guiles. Ever heard of them? They have practising druids still living among them. I already know what you are going to say and I already agree. I would never want to risk becoming indentured again either. I know you it is a major risk… but it’s important to me and I promised Adalyn I would help. With or without you, I am going to have to go and find out for myself.”

Oliver was quiet for a moment and Adalyn wished she could hear the other side of the conversation as well. She could just about hear a soft female voice but was unable to make out a single word she said. After a few moments he said

“She’s just a werewolf. Nothing more nothing less. I can keep her out of my mind so it won’t be a problem. She will never know the truth so she can never be used against us. Let the others know and I will be sure to call the moment I confirm. Love you and I’ll call soon. Bye now.”

Adalyn felt her heart immediately shatter. Something about her promised mate wasn’t right. He somehow fooled her into believing that he loved her but he was really somehow keeping things from her. Every time Adalyn tried to see into his past she saw nothing but their time together. He was an Oni Warrior after all. Maybe the normal rules didn’t apply to him. Maybe he was faking his feelings for her. He just told whoever it was one the phone he was purposefully keeping her out. If he wasn’t hiding something why did it feel like he was? What was he hiding and who and why was he telling the woman on the phone that he loves her?

Adalyn heard Oliver move towards the steps and she bolted for the bathroom. She turned on the bathroom sink and sunk to the floor and started to cry. It was only moments before she heard him try to open the door. When he realised it was locked he knocked loudly and said

“Adalyn, are you okay in there? I can feel sadness and desperation coming off you in waves. I’m worried about you baby what’s wrong?”

Her mind was in a panic. Adalyn needed to figure out how to hide her emotions like he did. She learned from her mum as a child, who was a druid practitioner how to build a wall in her mind to keep out the pack members. As a child it worked perfectly. None of the other pack members was ever be able to tell what Adalyn was thinking including the Alpha. Eventually they stopped trying to connect with her and had decided since Adalyn was “special” that she was just not open to the mind link.

Adalyn wondered if the principle would work for her emotions. Was it possible to put that wall around her soul? Even if she could, would the wall even be strong enough to keep Oliver out? Adalyn had to try. She had to do something to protect herself from Oliver. He simply wasn’t what she thought he was. So brick by brick, she started to build her mental wall. It took her several attempts and probably a good twenty seconds, but once she thought everything was in place said as calmly as Adalyn could

“I’m just worried about my family and pack. We should head out as soon as possible.”

Adalyn could feel him poking at her wall then he said as calmly as Adalyn did

“Okay babe. I’m going to go get the car. I should be back in about a half hour. Will you be ready by then?”

Adalyn breathed a sigh of relief and said back

“Sure will, be safe baby. I love you.”

Adalyn waited until she heard the front door close before she fell back into a broken heap on the bathroom floor again and cried out her pain and rejection. She almost wished her promised mate wasn’t really her promised mate at all. Maybe it was his deception that would help to bring her into her power. Either way, she could fake it as long as he could. She would do this for her pack. Now her reserved feelings made sense. Even when she was convinced he loved her, she had intentionally not told him about those in her pack that were able to perform magic.

So how did he know? Even if Oliver had previous experience with them, he like everyone else in the world would have thought they stopped practising magic thirty or more years ago. There was no way that he could be up on recent events unless everything he told her was a lie. Adalyn started to cry even harder. She had been so happy thinking that she found her promised mate and that he loved her no matter what. Now, she was worried that he was nothing more than another spy for the council or the hunters. Maybe he was still indentured after all was just going to use her to get to her family and their magic practising friends.

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