Wolf Moon

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Chapter 8

Chloe listened to Adalyn tell her about her role and what she knew about her pack. Everything clicked into place. It all made sense. The truth is the Oni have gone up against this particular pack and maybe the Nogitsune Elizabeth’s dark magic more than once in the past. Adalyn’s story made sense and also filled in some of the blanks on what was probably going beyond what they knew. The first time they went up against a member of the Wolf Moon pack was an accident. Chloe was still indentured to a druid and been studying with some tribal medicine men at her masters command. While there, the medicine man kept throwing out different curses in an attempt to help her to learn to identify and overcome them. She got really good at it really fast, so he finally asked her to take on a curse that he couldn’t cure himself.

It was a simple but nasty curse. According to the medicine man. The curse was cast by a druid that lived with the Wolf Moon pack. It was basically a curse that disconnected the child’s soul from his true promised mate and instead connected him with someone else. It took several weeks, but Chloe was eventually able to see all the threads of the spell and break it. She didn’t however ever figure out why the druid attached her soul to the child’s in the first place. They tracked the spell back to a werewolf that didn’t have her wolf but before they could get any real answers, her master lost patience and ordered her to kill the druid effectively ending her chance to ever solve the mystery. Then her master summoned her home.

The second time they were involved in the Wolf Moon pack was just a few year before Chloe managed to get her freedom from her master. She was deployed against the pack because a crazy druid was stealing Oni Warrior blood and randomly injecting pregnant werewolves in an effort to create Berserker Warriors. The alpha took a contract with her master and she was dispatched to put an end it. That’s when she met Cooper and Iona. They were both free agent Oni working for the Werewolf council. They too were doing their best to investigate the blood stealing.

Iona managed to get inside the pack by acting as a midwife and befriending all the scared pregnant women. Cooper, stayed out of sight and instead used his skills like Chloe to gather Intel. The druids in charge were smart. Real smart. They used science and magic to create an entirely new race of beings. Oni werewolves and nothing Chloe, Cooper or Iona did could change that. These children were unlike anything anyone had ever seen before. They were werewolves but not. Well, they all had wolves inside of them. They were also Oni Warriors yet very different. Some had light sensitivity, some did not. Most could phase through solid matter. Only, one could materialize armour and the Ninjatō swords at birth. Who knows how many would develop martial arts and the armour at a later age.

In the end, Chloe’s master ordered her and his other Oni slaves to kill all the druids and the altered children. Thankfully however before she could do that Cooper and Iona spirited a few of the children away and kept the safely hidden. Chloe would bet the farm on the fact that Adalyn’s da and mum where the druids and that she was one of those children. If that was the case, she had a good idea of exactly what powers she was going to come into. All she needed to know was her age. As far as Chloe knew, Cooper and Iona cleaned up the mess by using the council’s political pressure to force the Werewolf council to step in and stop the druids from practising magic from within the pack. He had outlawed them but was having difficulty forcing them to obey.

Then next time any of them came up against the pack was just a few years ago. Chloe was finally a free agent having paid off her debt because of her first husband, and Cooper and Chloe were already a married couple. The two of them moved to a remote location on Tasmania and were doing their best to stay out of the worries of the supernatural and natural world. Iona was living in the area of the Wolf Moon pack and was raising two of the altered children on her own. Both of them were already in Jr. High. The girl Christine was attacked by Wolf Moon pack members while shopping for groceries. They stabbed her several times and even attempted to drive a silver stake through her heart. Iona hunted down the men who attacked Christine in her Oni armour and killed the entire lot of them. They claimed they were acting out of anger and jealousy because Christine was born with a wolf unlike them.

The attack had been both a blessing and a curse for Christine and Dylan her twin brother. Turns out that Christine healed extremely quickly from injuries. The blessing was that they theorised that Christine and Dylan like the Oni were nearly impervious to death. The bad news was both of them might find themselves as indentured servants the moment they turned eighteen. Now, here they were yet again facing issues with the Wolf Moon pack. This time however they had new information that could help them get to the real root of the problem. If this Elizabeth really was a Nogitsune that was steeling wolf spirits than they would stop her. The Oni would reign down hell on this Elizabeth and her followers.

Elizabeth waited so many years for her chance at revenge an immortality. The Wolf Moon pack owed her. It was because of them, Elizabeth lost Jay and it was also because of them that she was forced to jump into a new body and feed on the spirits of their wolves just to stay young. In the beginning Elizabeth wanted to find and easier softer way. She tried every method possible and almost succeeded multiple times if not for the Oni warriors. Jay was her promised mate but he died at the end of an Oni’s sword. It’s the Wolf Moon packs fault. They called the Oni to save them from a darach and managed to get Jay killed at the same time. This time however, Elizabeth wouldn’t fail. She would accomplished the unthinkable and wipe the lot of them out in the process.

As a very powerful demon, she discovered the ability possess bodies a long time ago. She was a girl who called herself Liz and he was a boy who called himself Jay. Elizabeth wanted him more than anything. She even tried to change who she was to suit him. In the end, that body died but Elizabeth was able to jump into a new body and found she suddenly had the ability to steal human spirits at will. Those spirits kept her young and beautiful but they also burned like the fires of hell. The body she is currently in is very old, and she’s ready to make the leap into yet another body. This time however she will keep not only the body but the bodies promised mate. Oliver would make an excellent life partner and a fitting end since the Oni stole her promised mate Jay. Adalyn would be the perfect body and Elizabeth would have everything she ever wanted.

See, Elizabeth thought she had an ace in the hole. She knew Adalyn was part Oni. She also knew that Oliver wasn’t just any Oni. He was a true immortal and his blood would slowly but surely start to change Adalyn’s body. She knew that because she was there the day they changed Oliver. The Oni were attacking some very powerful Darach. In order to escape they performed magic and entered Oliver’s blood stream. They were fools. Instead of saving themselves they gave all their power and strength to Oliver. They actually voluntarily poured their magic into him in the hopes that someday Jay would pull their spirits back out and rebirth them. With Jay dead that would never happen but Oliver still benefited from their magic. In time, Adalyn would be invincible like Oliver. To her that meant immortality, and eternal happiness. Her husband could not die and the body that Elizabeth inhabited would not die and as a bonus over time Elizabeth could turn him against the entire werewolf nation and Elizabeth would finally get her revenge.

Elizabeth was sure Oliver had no idea. Who would ever think an Oni could contain the power of a Darach. Elizabeth would use that to her advantage. She knew Oliver was going to be a faithful huge puppy dog to his promised mate. Once Elizabeth switch her soul for Adalyn’s, she would rule him and would make sure every werewolf and Oni in the world suffered. They would know the pain Elizabeth endured because of them. She would repay them for every harm they ever did to her. They would rue the day they turned on her and caused her pain and suffering. They would never expect it to come from Adalyn and Oliver. But come it would. Elizabeth would make sure Oliver turned on them. She would have her revenge and her immortality.

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