Wolf Moon

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Chapter 9

Oliver was sitting in the back-seat of what he could only call a motorized vehicle. It had much the same qualities of the old gasoline cars but was much more computer operated and required no fuel. Apparently it was totally solar powered. It was about time man figured out how to use resources better. Oliver had Adalyn curled in his lap and she was sleeping soundly. Chloe, Cooper and Oliver were quietly discussing how best to help her pack. Chloe was convinced that a head on confrontation wasn’t likely to get the job done. From her previous contact with the pack, she felt Elizabeth had done a very good job of using many of the Wolf Moon pack members as puppets.

They didn’t want to charge into her pack ready to maim and slaughter. They needed to root out the bad guys and gals and make sure the innocent stayed innocent and protected. They had to make sure that the majority didn’t suffer for the crimes of a few. Adalyn moaned softly in her sleep and pulled herself in closer to him. Oliver smiled down at her and started playing with her silky hair.

“Well, it’s not going to be easy to get the viper out of her nest. She’s managed to stay behind the scenes for a very long time. I’m not sure how we are going to be able to find her? The good news is, Cooper and I have a very good idea what Adalyn’s special skills are and exactly how to wake them. Did she happen to tell you how old she is?”

Oliver smiled and said

“She didn’t but I somehow just know. She’s going to be sixteen in just a few days.”

“Oh, I just knew it!” exclaimed Chloe before she launched into the entire story of how she knew the pack and that Adalyn was born part Oni. Before long, even though Chloe was still talking Oliver was only listening every now and then. He was much more interested in the feelings coming off his promised mate while she was sleeping than the story of her pack. He could feel her love, happiness and most importantly her contentment from being in his arms. Adalyn already felt so very safe and secure simply because she was in his arms. They didn’t need her to come into her powers, Oliver, Cooper and Chloe were more than capable of taking out a Nogitsune on their own.

He smiled in confidence and allowed his thoughts to drift into all the years he’d waited for her. More years than any other member of his clan. In fact nearly five times longer than any other. Christ, from what he’d heard today his baby sister Chloe had two great loves in the time it took him to find his only love. Oliver would never let anything take her away from him.

“I was betting it’s as simple as just killing her. Then again if it is that easy, why did they need a saviour? Why not just kill her themselves? How hard could one Nogitsune to kill anyway?”

Oliver saw Chloe glance over her shoulder to see if he was paying attention to her and her words. Oliver knew Chloe realised he was more interested in Adalyn’s snores then in her words because Chloe’s tone changed just enough to remind him she was there to help at his request and that she absolutely hated being ignored.

“Well, maybe I will just shut up for now. It doesn’t feel like you really care what I have to say anyway. I don’t know you very well but, one would think since I studied magic Oliver I know something that could help save your promised mate and her pack. But, it seems to me you are more interested in staring at her sleeping then solving her problems. One might even call it short sighted and selfish. I do recall hearing one of my brothers has some series issues. Perhaps, they are still lingering. If that’s the case, I am in the wrong place with the wrong people. Maybe I should just pull over and let you two out. Then, Cooper and I won’t be around to annoy you or anything.”

She glanced over her shoulder again and Oliver was sure this time to catch her eyes so that she knew he heard every word. He needed to assure her he wasn’t selfish anymore. That he would never make another Oni suffer for his short sightedness. He knew he needed to make her feel better so he put on his best responsible, grown up voice and said

“Oh Chloe, you are my baby sister. You could never be an annoyance to me. I am so pleased that you are such a skilled and capable Oni. I wish I had been around more while you were young. I am sure you would have been my favourite sister. Even though I don’t know you that well, I couldn’t think of a better person to watch my back more than you.”

Oliver could almost hear her smile it was so big. Then just because he could he added

“Well maybe Mia, but that’s only because she is my twin and handles a sword so much better than me.”

It had been too many days. Adalyn couldn’t possibly have been successful or she would have come back already. They were on their own and their chances of continued survival were incredibly small. They were out of food and good drinking water even the air itself was becoming thin. They tried to find an exit but were completely trapped. They’ve been digging at the entrance for days without even creating a small air pocket. As a last resort some of the men were going to try to swim out. There was an underground river that ran under the mountain and came out in the forest not that far from their main camp. It wasn’t likely that any of them would be successful but they needed to try.

If even one of them somehow managed to hold their breath long enough to get to the other side they could get help. They could reach out to humans and say there had been an accident. The humans would come with their digging equipment and television cameras. They might be able to save them. Turning to humans for help was a no no for any wolf pack. If they hadn’t already been treated like outsiders this would have sealed the deal. Hale could care less at this point. No wolf pack had ever stepped in and helped them. Hale needed to know that the women and children would survive no matter what it took.

The volunteers all had wolves to help them. They decided that should they be successful they would disband as a pack and become integrated into the human population. The truth was most of the pack members that had wolves died in the attack anyway. The last few were volunteering to swim.

Hale looked at the volunteers and said a silent prayer to god to protect their loved ones and to not let their sacrifice to be in vain. See even if they survived without drowning they would still die. The water was full of deadly micro-organisms that seemed to attack werewolves and other predatory animals and kill them within a few days. They knew better than to drink the deadly water but the chances of not getting infected after being submerged were impossible. The moment Hale was finished with his prayers, he turned to what was left of his pack and said his final words as alpha

“I Hale Parker hereby disband the Wolf Moon pack. As of this moment they exist no more. Each one of you are released from your vow of honour to follow me. I beseech you, should we be successful and get help to get out of here please find new homes among the humans and live long happy lives.”

Then Hale turned and dove into the frigid dark poisonous water. He didn’t want anyone to try and talk him out of doing this. He like the other few males left with wolves knew this was the packs only chance at survival. He had to stay alive just long enough to tell someone about the women and children that were trapped inside the mountain.

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