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2 strangers from different worlds. 1 small town. 1 running towards her dream, and one running from his past. Red-Heights is the kind of small country town where nothing happens, and that is exactly the appeal for movie star Dave, who is on the trying to escape the flashing lights and paparazzi. Lynda is a lawyer who just landed her dream job at an oil company in the quaint Red-Heights and wants to throw herself in her job - no distractions. Her life has been her studies, and she's never paid attention to popular culture. So when she and Dave meet, he takes advantage of being normal for once. A love story of two strangers from different worlds in one small town. She is running towards her dream, and he is running from his past.

Romance / Other
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Chapter 1


‘Argh! This sucks’ Lynda said to herself as she looked around her living room and sucked on a piece of homemade candy. She had lived in the apartment for over two years since the time she came to Red Heights. She moved down from Knoxville where she lived with her parents after her legal education and call to the bar. Lynda wanted something much more than the regular and since she knew she had a huge interest in the oil and gas sector, she decided to apply to as many oil companies in the USA as she could.

Lynda sighed deeply as her mind travelled back to the night she told her parents she got a job that would take her to a town that was six hours away from them.

‘You must be kidding me! Who the hell do you know in Red whatever you say the name is?’

‘Red-Heights momma. It’s on the map and it’s about six hours drive away from here.’ Lynda had said.

‘Can you hear yourself? Six hours drive is no small trip.’ replied Lynda’s father as he stared at his daughter.

‘I know dad. But this is my passion. This is what I am invested in. This is what I want to do.’ Lynda replied exasperated.

That sunny afternoon had not gone has Lynda had hoped. Her parents refused to see reason with her on her relocation and left with no choice, she packed her luggage the next day and drove out of Knoxville. At every point as she drove out of the city, she was tempted to turn back and go meet her parents but she knew she couldn’t lose the opportunity at Red-Heights for anything. Out of all the companies she had applied to, they were the only ones who responded and she had accepted the offer in a heartbeat. Her parents wouldn’t speak to her in the first few months after her departure from Knoxville but afterwards, they finally accepted the bitter truth. They later reached out to her and started to mend the broken bridge.

‘And the winner of today’s episode is Bryan Williams.’

The voice of the presenter on the television brought Lynda back to the present as she turned her face to stare at the predictable TV show that was playing on her television screen. It was the same thing all the time. The show usually revolved around a pretty woman that was in search of Mr Perfect. They would bring five men to the show whom have been carefully selected from the pool of registered eligible bachelors. There was usually the rich dude, the poor one, the ugly one, the handsome one and the brainy one. Most often than always, the girls always go for the rich one and that was why Lynda said the show sucked... It was too predictable.

Lynda always tried to imagine she was on the show and she knew she would never pick a rich man. In fact, she wouldn’t pick of the species of men regularly paraded on the show. She would rather go for an exciting person who would motivate her to live her life to the fullest. She had lived her life so far in slow motion and if she should meet someone that could change all that for her, she wouldn’t hesitate giving the person a chance.

She looked up at her wall clock and saw that it was almost 12AM.

Thank God it’s almost Monday. This weekend has dragged on more slowly than the others. I thought it would never end. I can’t wait to resume work again tomorrow.’ Lynda thought to herself as she switched off the television and turned in for the night.

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