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Chase and Chloe Volume 2

By Simone Elise- explode All Rights Reserved ©

Drama / Romance


It was one misunderstanding. But it could cost him, her; Chase never thought he would be that guy- the guy that would do anything for a woman. Then Chase realized the lengths he was going to go to to make sure to get her back. Chase had his own personal poison and it was Chloe- and she was either going to kill him from withdrawals or an overdose. _______________________________ Another stereotypical biker story? He loves her, she hates him? No my friend you are mistaken. Expect to fall in love with a man, not a boy who can't make up his mind. Cause if there is one thing Chase is- it's determined and he knows what he wants. And he want's her.

Chapter 1


My eyes were locked on the box. Literally I couldn’t tear my eyes off it. Never in my life had I been so speechless- and again, never in life did I need to form words. I didn’t know if an engagement ring made every girls heart beat faster, a sudden rush of excitement, joy and mostly which was why I couldn’t form words- shock.

Why was he proposing? Did he forget about my age? He was the one who made our age gap such a huge challenge. He always thought I was too young for him. He went to great lengths at the start to keep me away from him. Now, now he was proposing?

And suddenly it doomed on me why.

That burst of excitement and joy- evaporated from my system.

“Archie told you, didn’t he?” I finally did form words, and it wasn’t a yes or a no. It was a fact. The reason behind him asking me that question. “I can’t believe this is your reaction!” I pushed myself away from the table, shaking my head.

Seriously, how could Archie tell Chase! He promised me, over and over- he wouldn’t say anything. Yet, here is Chase doing the one thing I didn’t want to do to him. Force him into a relationship with me!

“Tell me what?” Chase was up now, and he was actually looking at me- pretending like he didn’t know. I think that pissed me off more.

“Yeah good act Chase, keep it up.” I scoffed. I was so done. I was over it. I can’t believe Archie went behind my fucking back! How the hell could he tell Chase. Then Chase does the one thing I didn’t want! I didn’t want to force him to stay with me- that was the last thing I wanted!

“Chloe I don’t understand.” Chase grabbed my wrist, just as I turned to leave- forcing me to look back at him. “Is this your way of saying no?”

I stared at him blankly for a second. He couldn’t be fucking serious! I saw the hurt on his face. And it didn’t make sense- unless you take that hurt as sadness. Which it was because he knew now. How the hell could his face not be covered in sadness and pity when he looked at me.

It was bad enough seeing the sadness on Archie’s face when it was confirmed.

Chase’s eyes hardened on me, when I didn’t give him an answer.

“So Archie is it?” Chase’s words hardened and he looked at me like I had ripped his heart out. “Here I was always worried about Oliver and Marc, but you went for Archie.” There wasn’t anger in his voice, it was pure rage. “Figures though. I should have seen it the night he was giving you that exam for your rib. I should have fucken seen it then!”

He wasn’t yelling, he was screaming at me. Which I couldn’t take. Physically couldn’t take. I had no idea what he was on about. Me going for Archie? I had no idea what he meant!

“You and my brother. Fucking lying to me!” Chase roared at me, like I was the most hated thing on the planet.

“I couldn’t tell you Chase. I didn’t know how.” I was honest. I didn’t know how to bring it up. After all how do you say it? I sure as fuck didn’t know how to! I couldn’t even say it in my head yet, let alone tell someone and not just anyone but someone I loved.

He dropped my wrist like my skin burnt. “Get the fuck out of my house. You hear me Chloe. Fuck off. And this time I mean it.” He took a step closer to me. “I’m done with you. You hear that? Done.”

My blood was pulsing quicker, and I knew it wasn’t good for my health. I started to get dizzy. I reached out for the wall for support. Ok. What did I have to do when this happened?

“Are you fucking deaf Chloe! Get out of my house!” Chase threw something at me, “There you go keys, to the car I brought you. Now you can fuck off in it and out of my life.”

I didn’t understand what had brought his rage on. I was the one who was meant to be angry! Sure I hadn’t told him, but I just couldn’t do it yet.

When I didn’t automatically pick up the keys, he did, the car key digging into my hand as he roughly pushed them into my hand.

“I’m not even angry at my brother. You are the one that manipulates.” He hissed at me, and then with that said. “Now fuck off!”

I started backing away from him. It wasn’t because I was ashamed of not telling him. It wasn’t because I didn’t love him. It was because in those few words, he scared the shit out of me. Standing there, dominant and furious I saw it- I saw what everyone else saw. The outlaw biker- to be feared.

I stumbled for door and it was because I was terrified I was going to become a statistic. Just another girl who didn’t listen to everyone about the outlaw.

I ran down the porch steps, now the tears were streaming down. Because I was in pain. Physically and emotion pain. It was all consuming. My breath was coming out sharp, shallow. My heart was weakening I could feel.

I knew the last place I should be, is behind a wheel of a car. But I couldn’t not leave. Not when there was a man in there sounding like he wants to kill me.

I unlocked my car. I knew this wasn’t going to end well. I was barely conscious. I knew soon I was going to be blackening out but as I started up the car and drove down the spiral driveway. I realised I would rather die behind the wheel of this car, than at the hands of an outlaw biker.

So instead of doing the sensible thing and pulling over as soon as I was away from Chase’s I accelerated off the run way onto the high way and started passing cars. I wiped tears away, my vision became blurry. The light headedness got worse , and my eyes started to droop. Just as I reached a speed I had never driven at before. There was a slight bend in the road and I couldn’t even react to it, my body had given me all the signs that this was going to happen. But I kept pushing it, and this was the result my body failing me- and my eyes closed.

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