Knowing My Sex Slave

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What happens when a girl runs away from home to get Kidnapped and stuck with a man with ownership dominant and controlling issues from being abused and r-aped by his own mother during childhood ...well this girl is also in for a surprise like her kidnapper.

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Chapter 1

" FINE IM OUT OF HERE!!!” I yelled at my step dad leaving fast

" GET BACK HERE !!” he shouted

I grabbed my bag and phone and ran out the door and to my boyfriends house

As I ran later I was alone now to walk, I lived with my step dad after my mom passed away last year. I could never get alone with him though, we would fight, I really didn’t have much family so I was left with him.

Im 17 and a senior in high school, my name is Kelly Peterson, I have long blonde hair and green eyes

I walked down the street and called him, he said come over and he leave the door unlock for me, he literally lived up the street

As I walked a car pulled up over

“Hey need a ride, its cold out side!!“some guy yelled checking me out hard

“No!” I shouted back and walked faster uncomfortable by how he checked me out

Later e drove off and I continued to walk fast

I was near the house about to call my boyfriend and someone grabbed me fast

“LET GO OF ME!!“I yelled and moved

“Hold still and shut up!!” the person shouted holding me in his arms

I elbowed him in the face and ran

I could see my boyfriends house and sprinted and then the guy tackled me

He put a rag over my face.

Unknown pov

The names Matt so dont call me unknown.

I was driving then later she woke up, She was handcuffed and tied down sitting next to me

“W-where am I...what happened?” she spoke then looked at me


“SHUTUP” I yelled

she tried to move and couldnt

“hold tight we’re on our way home sweetheart” I spoke smiling

Kelly Pov

I looked over and seen the guy, he looked familiar but I couldnt think of him as someone I knew

I sat next to him and watched him drive, he stopped at a red light and looked at me

" I cant wait to get inside you..“He said just smiling

he put his hand on my private area and rubbed it, he leaned over and kissed me and I head bunted him fast

“Dont you f-cking touch me.” I said mad

He just laughed and then pulled over his car and parked and got then came to my side and got me out

He walked me to this hooked up trailer and walked to a back room and laid me on a bed

" I was going to wait but now I want make you scream.” he said and took of his pants

I looked at him and he was ripped and buff, he took off his boxers and he was huge.

The size of that thing my God. I just closed my eyes shut

“Im going to F-ck you so hard.“he spoke

I opened my eyes and he walked over to the bed and tied my legs apart and made them spread to these side hooks. He took scissors and cut my pants off and underwear

“Beautiful.” He said looking down then moved his head down and my v-gina

I laid there and closed my eyes and my eyes teared up

He licked and sucked and stuck his tongue inside me licking around

“moan for me baby.” he spoke

I didnt and he slapped me hard

“You better start moaning” he said mad

He licked and stuck his tongue in and fu-cked me with his tongue, he sucked and fingered me

I held in my moans and he sat up

“Fine. Then ill moan.” he spoke and moved up and sat over me

He put his di-ck by my mouth and pushed it in deep

“ahhhh f-uck yeah...suck it.....and if you bite ill hurt you now suck!” he said and slapped me

I sucked and he groaned and moaned, later he sat on his knees and sat me up against the bed head bored and stuck his di-ck in my mouth and thrusted

“SUCK!!” he yelled and hit me, he held my face and F-cked my mouth

“oh God yeah...mmmm, f-ck....suck harder...yeah that feels so good..“he moaned

I couldnt take it anymore and bit it, i bit it so hard and he yelled/screamed in pain

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHA!! F-CK YOU LITTLE BI-TCH “he shouted and pulled out of my mouth

He looked t his dic-k and it was red with a bite mark

“THATS IT!“he yelled

he left the back room and came back with a belt

he walked over to me and untied my legs and turned me over

“ONE” he yelled and i felt a belt lash out on my as-s

It hurt so bad, but I couldnt make him win, I held my scream in


I bit on to the covers and tears rolling down my face from the pain



" FIVE!!”

" SIX!....SEVEN!...EIGHT!...NINE!..AND TEN!!!!” He hit so hard I was passout

My a-ss hurt so bad I just laid there and closed my eyes hoping the pain would go away faster

“now later once you better Ill finish f-ucking you but right now my dick needs to heal. Your now my pet. You got that. When I tell you to do something, do it. Or ill kill you.” He spoke and walked out pissed off

I later closed my eyes and fell sleep

Matt pov

I got dressed and went to the truck to drive

That Little bi-tch bit my d-ick so hard, it started bleeding where the bite mark was

my house was far from here, as I was driving I seen a gas station that was practically empty and went to it, and walked inside, a lady looked smiling flirting, the stupid b-itch didnt didnt even know who she was flirting with, I could be a killer...oh wait

I Am.

I smiled at her

“so do you live here in this town” I asked Smoothly

she smiled more

“yeah I do..”

" well Im you..uh well do you nkow the fastest way to get to Virginia from here?” I asked clueless

“yeah! Ill show you on a map..”

she grabber one and I watched her body.. I wanted her, F-uck that little bitting b-itch

“Ok so if you go north three miles..“I cut her off

“can you help put it into this new GSP I got, Im lost with technology” I said smiling

“Sure” she smiled wide

we walked out and I grabbed her and put her in a headlock and made her passout

I carried her in and walked her to the back where that girl is, she was sleeping

I took her off the bed and tied her up on the side, I threw this young lady in the bed and took her clothes off

I drove to a field and went to the back. she was waking up

“where...where am I...whats that little girl doing naked chained up!...and where are my clothes?!” she spoke panicking

I walked in more and smiled

Kelly Pov

I woke up and he was raping this lady around her 20′s. she was gorgeous and old enough to be his oldest daughter, his guy looked 30 but still good for his age not old

he thrusted so hard she cried every thrust, he would hold her down with two hands while behind her trusting deep and ruthless, he looked over at me and smiled evil then pounded f-ucking the h-ell out her and she screamed

She cried and was being broken, and I couldnt take it

“Stop.” I said mad

one thing my mom taught me was do whats right even if that meant fighting for others and sacrificing

“STOP IT” I yelled

he stopped and looked over

I looked at her while she was crying and terrified and breaking down inside, she wasnt as strong as I was mentally or emotionally for this situation

“yeah I want her place...“I said mad

he smiled so wide

“good...well lady looks like she spared you..I was gonna break you into my sex slave but...we have a volunteer...”

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