Knowing My Sex Slave

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Chapter 11

Chris Pov

I was with Kelly and we were looking at tv talking

“Chris how long how have had Lilly”

“almost three years now”

“and you feel ok with what youre doing in life”


Matt walked over and sat by Kelly

“stop trying to unbreak him”

I smiled and laid back

I checked out Kelly and looked at her chest

my dad looked over

“checking out your sister?”

I nodded and smiled

“dad can I”

he looked at Kelly

“can he”he asked

“No.” she said mad

“go ahead Chris “he said smiling

“DAD!” Kelly complained

“Kelly be a good sister and let your brother touch you”

“do you hear yourself “she spoke annoyed

“I try not to “he joked

I smiled and got up and walked over and sat and unzipped my pants

she just looked at me

“f-uck off”she spoke

“dad.“I said mad

“Kelly ” He said bored

“No.“she said mad

“Matt.“I spoke impatient

“Kelly!“he yelled

“DAD!“she yelled annoyed

Matt was starting to take his belt off

fine....Chris I hate you. Know that”

I smiled and kissed her

She leaned down and held my d-ick then sucked, I moaned and leaned back

“sis take all me in”

she did and I held her head down more and thrusted

I looked over and Matt was getting hard rubbing his d-ck watching us

He walked over and pulled her pants down while she was leaned over

he pulled his pants down and pulled his pe-is out his boxers and got himself hard

Kelly looked back to see what Matt was doing

“No! not now we just fu-ked!“she yelled

he grabbed her butt and thrusted in her p-ssy so deep

she moaned out on my dic-k and I held her back down

“sis suck my c-ck”

she did as Matt did her from behind in our threesome

he thrusted and she moved up and down sucking me

She was moaning while d-ck was in her mouth

I laid back watching turned on while getting a blow job, Matt held her waist and went for it making her moan so much hard

“mmm mmmmm mmmmmmm mmmm!!!” she moaned with a mouth full of co-ck as he sped up

he was slamming her pu-ssy and pounding away

“oh God Kelly!!“he moaned

Kelly licked my co-ck and I closed my eyes and moaned

I thrusted in her as my dad thrusted

I watxhed and had to c-um

“sis oh god thats so good......ah! Kelly up”

she sat up and Matt pulled her to him and laid her over the couch

I cummed watching them and my di-ck was soft, I got up and took a shower

Matt Pov


she c-mmed and I pulled out and ripped off my condom and cummed on her a-ss

I took my shirt off and cleaned her up then picked her up and walked to the bathroom

we took a shower then got dressed and I walked to the back yard and fed my dog, he is a guard dog, he was a pitbull mixed with rottweiler

after feeding him I walked inside and Kelly was talking with Lilly

“When the time comes Ill let you know”Lilly said

“when the time comes for what .“I asked mad

they looked over fast

“Nothing mater”They spoke

I walked over to Lilly

“get up.”

she stood up and I hit hard and she fell

“Your not leaving Chris! so what ever your planning forget it!!”

she got up

“yes master”

I looked at her pretty face and kissed her she kissed me back knowing if she didnt what would happen

I looked at her then sat

“Kelly get over here”

she walked over and looked at me

“yes dad”

I looked them both


they paused then looked at each other


they kissed and I sat back. I was about to make them forget about that escape plan

they made out and watched

“Kelly take her shirt off”

she moved back and took her shirt off

“Now Lilly you take her shirt off ”

she did

“all clothes off now”

Lilly started taking off but Kelly looked over at me


I held my belt about to lash out on her back again

she took her clothes off and they stood there naked

“Lilly go ahead.”

Kelly stood there lost and Lilly moved to her neck and kissed on it and Kelly moaned and Lilly gave her a hickey

Kelly closed her eyes and moaned holding her head

Lilly backed her into the couch and Kelly sat back and Lilly sat on her knees on the floor and leaned over her she kissed her and they madeout

“Lilly finish her off like I taught you”

she kissed down Kelly and licked down to her breast and sucked and Kelly moaned so loud and held her head

I got up and went to get a beer

Kelly moaning loud now and hard

Lilly was eating her out I bet

I opened my beer and walked back in

Lilly had her legs open and was licking deep in her p-ussy

Kelly was leaning back holding her head with both hands losing it and screaming out in pleasure

I smiled and sat watching

“Lilly I’m gonna C-um!!!!”

Lilly held her legs open more and raised them up from under her thighs and ate her hard

I sat up impressed

“FU-CK F-UCK FUUUUUUUUUCK IM CUMMING!!!!!“Kelly moaned so hard arching her back as Lilly ate her still

Kelly dropped back on the couch and Lilly licked her up as Kelly was laying there, she Licked her and Kelly shook a little from being sensitive from c-umming already

I spoke

“now Kelly thank your sister” I spoke Iike I taught her to do to her brother

She leaned down and held Lilly face with both hands and kissed her and they madeout

Lilly pov she kissed me and we kissed then ran out of breath and rested our foreheads together looking at each other

“Kelly now.”

We got up so fast and I pulled a knife I stole From Chris drawer and Kelly ran at Matt first and punched him so hard and I stabbed him.

Kelly was grabbing his keys and then kicked him back in the couch as he screamed from being stabbed. She took the knife and stabbed him so many times

“Kelly lets go!”

she stuck the knife in him and we ran to the door, I did the passcode to the door we took his truck and pulled off

“WE DID IT!!!!“she screamed so happy with tears

I smiled feeling them to and my freedom after three years of my life.

I drove off his property

“How’d you know the code”

“Watched Chris do it over the years secretly

she smiled so happy again and just hugged me, I put my arm around her

“Lilly your the best! God I love you! Thank you!!”

“Your welcome”

she let go and I turned on the radio

I heard a song

“Who is this?”

“her name is Ariana Grande”

“hmm, well her song is catchy”

Kelly looked at me

“things have kinda changed in the last three years...”


“Donald Trump is president...”

Kelly pov

She stopped the car

“you have to be kidding me.”

“I wish...did Chris not let you watch tv”

“no..harldy and when he it was sports so I know Steph Curry..”

“Ill catch you up.”

I nodded

I looked out the window and looked at the town

“so whats with this place”

“it has a lot of prostitution and se-x trafficing, one time Matt set me free and I ran into a cafe and men all day looked at me like hungry lion look at meat, most of the girls in this town are owned..”

I was shocked then looked out the window again

I seen no girls out what so ever

“Why hasnt cops stopped the prostitution”

“theyre involved ”

I at back shocked and rolled up the window

“so here are we going”

“my old house to see if my mom is still there”

I nodded then thought of Dylan

“Do you know where Dylans masters house is”


“how secured is it”

“not as bad as Matts but we still need to leave Kelly, I know you like him but he is stuck there....his master is ten times worse than ours, and i dont plan on going back to that lifestyle ”

“wouldnt you want us to save you if it was me and Dylan escaping that night he came, what if we just left you.”

she took a breath

“fine....but im not going into that house. Ill park by the place, you have 30 mins and if you dont show im gone”


Dylan pov

“STOP IT” I yelled

he thrusted so hard and hit my back with a belt

“Your pretty as-s is mine baby!”

he held my butt hard digging his nails into it and thrusted so rough the bed was hitting the wall

he f-cked me hard then we heard something break

“what was that”he asked stopping

I looked up a little

Tyler pulled out and walked to the door and looked into the hall way naked with his p-nis erect

I got up fast in pain and ran to him and slammed the door on his erected co-ck hard, he screamed in pain so hard and I punched him so had he fell

I stomped on his dic-k repeatedly trying to break it


I kicked his face and grabbed a lamp and smashed it on his face and he was out cold

I ran out taking this as my chance to rescue Kelly from Matt

I ran out





I smiled and ran to her voice

“Kelly where are you!!!”


I ran so fast then seen her

she turned and seen me and smiled then looked down

“youre bleeding on your chest...”

“he was r-ping me a second ago...but we have to get out of here!”

she grabbed my hand and we ran out to the back woods, I seen Matt truck

“howd you get the keys?!”

“me and Lilly stabbed him and stole them”

we ran to the truck and got in fast, Lilly pulled off so fast and we drove on the high way to freedom

Kelly pov

“WERE FREEEEEEE!!!” Dylan just screamed happy out the window

I smiled and so did Lilly looking back at him scream in happiness

Dylan sat up from the back and hugged me

“thank you..”

I turned

“your welcome”

he smiled and looked at me then kissed me

“I love you.”

I looked at him

“I love you too.”

Lilly pov

I smiled driving, they confessed their love for each other, Kelly had to love that boy to run in a house owned by a monster risking her freedom again

I looked back and they kissed and she jumped in the back and they madeout

“ok kids relax no se-x in the car” I said smiling joking around

“sorry” Kelly spoke smiling

“so Dylan are you her age too?” I asked

“yeah Im 17 too”

I nodded and looked at the road and turned up the radio and smiled for the first time in three years...

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