Knowing My Sex Slave

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Chapter 12

ecked on my tracking device

they were far but I knew where they were heading, Lilly moms house which was next to where she got kidnapped, but her mom is dead, I killed her once she caught on to who took her kid since Chris left evidence on accident

I called Chris


“Chris head to where you found Lilly”


I hung up and got in my other Chevy and drove that direction

those little bi-tches stabbed and beat me! I do the beating and stabbing not them!!!

I was nice to Kelly but now. If I find her she’ll be treated like how I should have treated her from the beginning.

Lilly pov

I parked outside my house and me and Kelly got out, Dylan stayed behind from being in no clothes

I knocked on the door..

Kelly tired to look through window

“Lilly I dont think shes’s here anymore ”

I went to the back and climbed up tree I used to in able to sneak out

I got in the house from the window and stood in my room then looked at Kelly

“Kelly I’ll be a second, yell if something happens”


I walked in more


it was dead silent

“MOM!!....Heather!!” I called her name

I check the place and it was empty, all our stuff was gone

I walked through the front door then stopped and looked and seen old dried blood

I bent down and looked at it then looked forward and it was going out the door trailing, I turned at it started at where my mom would sit when she read all the time, where the chair was now had a old print to where it use to be and the blood trailing to the door, started there exactly

she was shot and dragged out

I got up mad and stood

I walked outside and called Kelly and we headed to the truck

I got in with her and drove

“so?....“Dylan waited

“he killed her” I spoke

Kelly looked over to me fast

“......Lilly im so sorry....”

I nodded and started the car

Chris pov

I pulled up to the house and ran to the door and it was open and I walked in and checked the whole house, a window was broke to a room, she was here...

I ran outside and to my car and waited for Matt’s call

I ran outside and to my car and call

I was so pissed off Lilly ran off again and this time took my sister who’s wanted this from this from the second she was captured, I was so glad to have sister and spend my time with but now Lilly took her from me and my dad and I was losing it, I wanted to kill her so bad

Matt called again

“where is she”I asked mad

“going north to the high way.”

I drove off fast

Kelly pov

I sat in Dylan’s lap and we listened to music, Lilly was wiping her tears thinking of her mom, she informed us her dad lived in New York which was way too far away from us

“Dylan where did live?”

“keep going north....hey whats that?” he asked looking by the radio

I sat up on his lap and he ripped off some a cord with a odd small scanner and looked at it

“....this truck is either being tracked or that was a hydraulic system...but seeing how this is a truck it had to be a tracker.”

Matt pov

They broke my tracker those f-ckers!!

I drove and then my friend Tyler - Dylans master called



“I’m sorry....I’ll be sure to beat her twice as hard, where did you find Dylan when you caught him”

“outside the great mall, north of Grandview”

I smiled “okay Im close, I’ll look for him in the area. Ill get them Tyler dont worry that bi-tch is mine.”

Kelly pov

“guys we cant go to the obvious location, So Dylan we have to make this either quick or head someone new ” I spoke

they agreed and we headed to Dylans older cousins house west of here instead

we pulled up and looked at the door

“um....guys I,m naked and my cousin would be kinda.....nevermind les just go, ill explain to her later”

we got out and he knocked hard

“Sabrina open up! its Dylan”he yelled in a rush

we heard heard foot steps then the door open and some guy stood there

“what the heck is going on”he asked lost

Dylan pushed past him

“Sabrina!!“he yelled and looked around hoping she show

the guy looked around then looked at me and Lily, we were dressed from grabbing our clothes

“Whats woth your friend “he asked wacthing Dylan

A woman walked down stiars and seen Dylan and was shocked

“OH MY GOD YOURE ALIVE!“she yelled and cried

he smiled and covered himself

“I was kidnapped and made into a s-x slave..“he explained

she was out of it and just stared at him

“Dylan...I am so so sorry..“she cried more

he looked sad and then the guy walked over and gave him a jacket to tie around him

Dylan tied then the lady looked at us

“Sabrina they helped me escape, the one with the blonde broke into my master’s house and got me out after I was...“he paused and looked at the wall seeing it

she just hugged him crying and he stood there

“Dylan you dont have to say another word...come in lets get you dressed and fed...“she said seeing his bony body

she walked with him and turned to us

“come on, you girls too, you can get settled in and relax”

we walked upstairs with them her house was so beautiful, it didn’t look like a dungeon like Matt’s home in the woods

I walked to a room and turned on the light, I looked in the mirror, I had bruises and cut open scars that didn’t heal properly

my skin was so pale and I looked just dead compared to before I ran into Matt

I looked down at my legs and wanted to cry finally looking close at the damage to them

Matt really messed me up bad

Lilly walked in

“man its bright in here...“she said looking around with squint eyes

she seen a mirror and just looked at herself then stared for a long time and a tear went down her face

she wiped it and sat on the bed the seen me

“oh God..“she whispered

the door opened

“girls once I...“Sabrina stopped and walked in and looked like she seen a ghost

“who did this to you..“she asked me

“ father..“I said

she looked up at me then my legs again

“.....Im beyond sorry....Kelly we to get you both to a hospital now.”

Dylan pov

I took a shower and then looked in the mirror seeing my cuts and bruises. I walked past the mirror to lose the memory and got dressed in my cousins fiance clothes

he later walked in

“uh....hey....your cousin is taking you guys to a hospital....I’m Zach by the way.....Dylan..I just wanted to say this shouldnt of happened to you and those girls, none of you deserved that and I’m sorry you all went through what you did...”

Zach pov

I looked at him and he nodded and I walked over and hugged him and he hugged me back hard

“thank you...” he said softly

“you bet ya man...”

I patted his back and let go and we walked down stairs, I seen the girls and almost gasped out loud

One was beaten so bad I wanted to ask who did this to her so I could personally do it to him, but I set aside my aggression and helped my girlfriend’s nephew and his friends out

on the way to the hospital they shared their stories and Sabrina wanted to cry but held it in to not make it about her for the moment, we walked in and people stared at all three of them crazy then at me and Sabrina as if we were the ones responsible parents

I ignored the rude looks and signed in their names ad what ever information I could to get them their checks ups

Kelly pov

I looked at Sabrina talk Dylan like a mom to him and this made me miss my mom so much, I didnt believe what Matt told me about my mom, saying she tried to get rid of me and the that she was a slut in her last life and didnt love me or him. my mom was a loving parent to me while she was alive and I wished she could tell me she loved me again holding me being here for me

I sat and looked at Lilly and she looked at Sabrina probably missing and wanting her mother too

Zach looked at me

“you okay Kelly” he asked with so much concern

I nodded

he sat next to me and hugged me, I at first flinched thinking he was going to hit me

Zach paused

“Kelly Id never lay a hand on you.“he spoke serious

I looked at him then hugged and just felt safe. He held me then the doctor called my name

“Kelly Peterson!”

I looked over then Zach stood and talked with the doctor first

he came back later

“ok Kelly..“Zach said

I looked at the doctor and he was an older guy with grey hair and glasses, he smiled kindly

I walked up to him

“Kelly i’m going to weigh, measure, and overall d a body exam, then your legs alone...they are greatly damaged. ”

I nodded and walked to the back room with him then called Zach


he ran over

“yeah Kelly”he asked walking up to me more

“um...I know youre not my dad but could you come with me”

" of course” he nodded

Zach pov

I watched Kelly get weighed, she was underweight, her rib cage showed through more than needed, but what killed me was her bruises and the cuts everywhere on her body, she was literally red and purple everywhere, her cuts were internally bleeding as well

“Kelly can you touch your toes so I can see your spine”Dr.Anderson asked depressed seeing the damage

she did but had trouble, he helped her

“I’m sorry..” she apologized for not being able to

her saying that killed me. she out of everyone shouldn’t be apologizing for what this mans damage to her

she looked in pain bending over and i already knew why

she bend and her spine stuck out bad, he set her up and you heard a loud crack, I sat up fast with the doctor

“that actually felt good”she spoke

she just cracked her back

I was relieved and sat back

the doctor turned her and her right leg was swollen a little and her cuts ran all the way up and down her legs

what man does this to his own fucking daughter!!!

Matt pov

I pulled up to where Dylan was kidnapped and just drove around that whole area and neighborhood

I had Tyler stay home becuase his crushed pe-nis was damaged and Chris stay so he didn’t get into trouble out here getting questions by cops for searching for tonight and stayed here for my house until I found those three

Kelly pov

Sabrina and Zach bought us clothes and food, we ate three times a day like normal not once or whatever Matt felt like cooking which was once or twice a week for me and Lilly whereas he and Chris 247

I haven’t realized I lost of my weight, Matt’s house was so far back in the woods with little to no light, the windows were covered so no one looked in ever and his lights were dim 24-7

being under florescent lights now hated my body. I was once beautiful, unscarred and untouched

my once beautiful legs looked like they were ran over by a spinning blades

I was laying in bed and Dylan came in

“I never got to really say this but I I have to thank you Kelly for saving me, I told you escape dont worry about me, I’ll be the one to worry and rescue you, well I’m just glad you were brave...unfearful..strong..and my hero..and for that I love you with all my heart and that it has to give...Kelly Peterson. you are my hero and I know if your mom was here she’d be so damn proud of you Kelly.”

I smiled and wiped my tears and he walked over and hugged me

I hugged him back and he looked at me

I hugged him back and he looked at me

“we did it...we ran away together and I couldnt be happier..”

I smiled more and kissed him

he held me and we sat on the bed then Zach walked in and gave me a leg brace

“guys tomorrow police are going to question you guys, also tomorrow is Monday so I have work, but Sabrina will stay home with you guys, I’ll be home for my lunch break to check in then home at five. and also that truck you arrived in is moved to the police station just incase the man comes back looking for you guys..”

we nodded and he walked out

I laid down and Dylan kissed me goodnight and I went to bed.

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