Knowing My Sex Slave

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Chapter 13

Matt Pov

I was driving around then seen my truck at the police station

I pulled off and drove around this area more

Kelly pov

“so Kelly if could describe your father what would he look like?“the cop asked

“he has my eyes, my hair color kinda and he’s about 6′5 with muscles and has some tattoos on his arm.”

he took note then asked Dylan what Tyler looked like and Lilly what Chris looked like

they question us for hours and then left to search

I ate lunch with Lilly while Dylan was watching tv

“do you think they will find him?” I asked her

she looked up

“I dont know...your dads good at hiding”

I ate again then Sabrina walked in with cell iphones

“here if you need to call anyone or me or Zach.”

we took them and she gave us our number and hers and Zachs

later Zach came home and set his jacket down and talked with Sabrina

me and Lilly shared a room with two beds

I was laying down thinking if Matt caught us again and what would happen, I tried to ignore it and I just took a nap

Zach pov

I was talking with my girlfriend about what we should do with them

“babe shouldnt we contact their parents...well...Lilly’s dad?”

he nodded

“so Dylan going home soon, and until Lilly’s dad contacted she live here....but what about Kelly..?” I asked her

“she told me her mom passed has no where...Zach..I know we arent her parents buts lets take her in”she said

I smiled and nodded, she kissed me then we heard Kelly scream from her room

I ran upstairs and opened her door she was having a nightmare screaming

“DONT TOUCH ME DAD!” she yelled

I walked over and was so sad

“Kelly sweetheart wake up” I said lightly waking her

she freaking out from me holding her arm and pushed it off


I moved my arm and Sabrina walked up

“Kelly...honey its me wake up”

she calmed down hearing a woman voice and woke up with tears

“I’m sorry...”

Sabrina held her

“dont be did nothing wrong..“she said to her relaxed

I looked at Kelly then at her hands that were shaking

I got off her bed and stood

“Zach Im sorry...“Kelly apologized

I walked over and Sabrina got up

“Kelly, its ok, and Im sorry if I made it worse by holding your arm. It wont happen again...“I said

she looked at me and just hugged me

I looked down at her then hugged her back

Lilly pov

I was watching tv later Kelly walked down and Dylan helped her walk over and they sat on the couch

the door was knocked on and Zach got it

A cop walked in

“Lilly we contacted your father and hes on his way”

I haven’t seen my dad in three years, the last time I seen him he moved to New York for business I visited him during the summers

the cop gave me his number and I called him



“Lilly!! oh God they told me evrything honey Im so sorry! I’m on my way to get you. wheres your mother sweetheart? she stopped calling me and I visit the house and you guys were gone?!”


he was quiet for a long time then he cleared his throat

“....sorry. I was just fact. Lilly I’m sorry I let business get in the way and take me from you guys..I’m not ever leaving you again”

“dad its okay..“he cut me off

“no. no its not. I lost you guys for years and now Heather is.....gone and were.....Lilly im so sorry” he cried

“dad I’m okay now ...just please come see me I miss you..”

“I’ll be there”

Dylan pov

I called my mom and she came over with my dad and we reconnected, my mom cried all day and never let me go, later Lilly’s father came and he did the same

Zach was with Kelly and Sabrina in her room, I got up and went to her room and she was talking with Sabrina

“will foster care be talking me ?” she asked sad

“no, I’m talking you in with Zach...if that’s ok with you of course though”Sabrina said

Kelly smiled and hugged her hard and then Zach

I smiled and then Lilly came up behind me


I looked at her


“my is taking me to New York...where’s Kelly”

“inside her room, I’m glad your father found you..“I said smiling

“thanks..wait...Kelly, her mom is she?”

“she’s dead..”

she looked hurt and then looked at the ground

“she has no one..“she whispered

“my cousin is taking her in...”

she smiled happy

“that’s so nice....I was hoping she didnt end up a foster kid..”

I nodded

we walked in then Zach and Sabrina walked out “hey Kelly..“I said smiling

she looked over and smiled

“hey Kelly..“I said smiling

she looked over and smiled

“hey guys..whats up?”

“huh my parents are here, they are talking me home” I said

Lilly spoke

“and my dad is talking me to New York with him..”

she smiled happy for us

“thats good..Ill miss you guys..”

“whoa! ill visit!” I yelled “Im not leaving at all, my house is three streets away I can walk here everyday” I informed her

“Kelly I plan on texting, Skyping , facebooking calling and writing you. I couldnt just leave and never talk to you again! “Lilly said and walked over and hugged her

“Kelly your like my little sister. youll forever be my best friend, we were all we had trapped at Matts. I stay that big sister figure. I may be miles away but Im here for you anytime.“Lilly said

“thank you”Kelly said

I walked over and sat down and Lilly hugged me too and we grouped hugged

“Lilly..“her dad called

she looked over

“ this Kelly and Dylan..II helped them escaped.”

he looked at us shocked “all three of you..were..young man please come over here..”

I got up and looked at him

“can we talk”

I nodded and we shut the door behind us

“who did this to you all..”

“....Matthew Stuart and Tyler Coleman.” I said

he was angry but hid it

“thank you..”

I nodded

he walked in and later met Kelly and then we said our goodbyes and Lilly left

I walked in and later met Kelly and then we said our goodbyes and Lilly left

I walked in Kelly’s room and we talked then Zach walked in

“Kelly what do you want for dinner tonight sweetheart”

she smiled and I smiled

“uh...can we have Chinese”

“you bet, later come down stairs and well pick what to get”


he walked out

“so you think you’ll like living here?”

she smiled

“yeah, Sabrina and Zach are great and plus my boyfriend lives around here”she said thinking of her old boyfriend

my heart sank so hard

“.....thats nice..“I said trying to hide my hurt feelings

she kissed me

“I was talking about you Dylan..”

I smiled so big and kissed her

“you had me worried Kelly dont do that”I said smiling

she giggled and I smiled, she hasnt ever laughed and hearing it was music to my ears

I held her in my lap and kissed her cheek.

I should update here pretty soon sorry for errors and mistakes havent edit anything yet like at all with the entire book 😂 please forgive me and thanks for reading like always!

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