Knowing My Sex Slave

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Chapter 15

Kelly pov

“....Kelly ...can I come in..”

I looked at Dylan

“babe your sick but of course, why didnt you stay home?”

he walked in coughing

“b...because Kelly Sabernia is not here and she called me and made sure your not alone...“he said laying back on the couch with a fever

“babe thats let me help you out Dylan.”

he looked freezing

I grabbed him a blanket and he wrapped up in it

“when’s the last time you took your medicine”

“uh....last night..”

“I’ll go get some for you”“no! Kelly you cant leave alone!....please just stay home...he could be out there”

“Kelly please stay I beg of you..if were kidnapped again...I’d kill myself.”

I looked over at him and set my keys down

“ok...I’ll wait”

I sat down and we watched tv then later Sabrina walked in

“oh thank God...Kelly do not leave this house, reports have been mad that they have seen your dad just five minutes ago”she said worried

I was shocked and looked at Dylan

he made a I told you look

“I’m sorry...babe thank you so much”

“anytime Kelly.”

Sabrina ran to the store and got him his medicine and I tried to get my dad off my mind

Chris pov

well Lilly was gone I guess, my favorite s-ex slave got away...poor me...

so anyways I’d looked for another one and a hotter one, but before that I went to see my sister, dad was under surveillance so I made sure to keep track of the b-itch

I drove to the house and looked at it, it was a nice and big home, I later seen a man walked up to the door, he was about my dads height, had muscle mass and nice hair, he sat up outside and just looked around holding a gun

I smiled and let buck out the car then I got out the car and put on my hat and took a skateboard to look young since I’m now 20

I skated over then walked up and he sat up

“hey bro have you seen my dog? hes a pit bull mix”I asked

he looked at me


I nodded and yelled for buck then he ran over

“there you are!”

I grabbed him and put a collar on him

“never mind man I found him!”

I walked my dog then looked back and seen him then Kelly walked out, I turned and jogged away and circled the street

Zach pov

“hey Zach mom....I mean Sabrina is done with dinner”

“ok sweetheart. Ill be there in a sec...”

she walked inside and I watched around for Matthew Stuart

I seen no one but some punk skater

I went inside and we sat and ate

“so how was school Kelly”I asked

“good...I made cheer captain oh! and got an A on my spanish test, thanks for helping me Sabrina”

“anytime Kelly.. so do you know what want to do for college”

“yup, I want to into design, graphic.”

I smiled

“well then I can help you with that, thats what I do for a living, you get good pay too”

she smiled

I heard Dylan coughing again then got up

“I’ll take him his medicine”

I got up and he was sleep

I smiled and laid him on the couc more so he could sleep better

I went back and sat down

“so tomorrow Kelly I’ll take and pick you up from school ok”

“ok”she said

Kelly pov

I was sleep then heard my alarm go off I looked at the clock


Zach walked in

“rise and shine my princess, lets get up for adventure!“Zach said cheery

I smiled and remained down to go back to sleep

“Kels not now no sleeping hun today is Friday! you love this day, tomorrow you can sleep all you want but today lets get up. you have morning practice cheer captain”

“let me sleep...“I said like a zombie tired

he laughed

“my princess was mutated over night gross..”

I chuckled

I heard him walked over and sit on the bed

“Kelly....oh Kelly get up or the hand of fury is coming”


he tickled me so hand and I screamed laughing

“....OK! OK! IM UP!”

I shot up and he smiled

“sorry but that always work with you”

I smiled

“Its ok dad...Im sorry...Zach I meant Zach...”

he hugged me

“its ok. i df you need to call me that, its fine”

I smiled and nodded

Zach pov

I got up and let her get dressed and went to make her breakfast next to Sabrina

“she called me dad today...”

she looked over

“thats a big progressive step..I heard the hand of fury, she reminds me of Dylan at a young age...she never had the loving father ever and I feel she’s young at heart when it comes to that”

“I agree...and Kelly is a great kid...I’m glad we took her in babe...”

“me too”

I set the table and put Kelly’s waffles on her plate


she walked down in her cheer outfit

“oh no, you cover up my princess do not go giving these boys something to drool to. get your jacket and jeans on young lady”

“dad its 98 degrees out...Ill burn up”

“and burn without cleavage you shall” I joked

she laughed and sat down

Sabrina kissed her cheek

“morning, guys today is a home game will you be there?“Kelly asked

“what kind of dad would I be if I weren’t there for you.“I said

she looked at her glass

“....Matthew Stuart.“she spoke quietly

I looked up fast and seen her face

“kelly I’m..”

“it’s fine...”

we heard a knock and I got up, I kissed Kelly’s forehead

“sweetheart I’m sorry..”

she nodded and I got the door

Dylan walked in healthier

“so you ready for tonight’s game Mr.point guard ” I asked

“hell yeah!”

“language. so who are you playing against?”


i nodded

“you’ll crush them”

he laughed and we all had breakfast

Kelly pov

I was in school and was at my locker during third hour

I heard footsteps and looked

“C...Chris...what are you doing here”

“wow sis you look so hot....I missed you is all...same with dad but he’s I came to....check up on you...again.”

I looked for an administrator but the halls were clear

“sis we want you home old times...I have a question”

I walked away and he grabbed me and put me up against the lockers and looked at me with lust and came close to my body and face

“man that was kinda rude I was talking sis...“he said mad yet calm

“what is it you want Chris”I said mad

“Oh wow... you still have anger and a strong attitude I see...well I want to know where Lilly is that’s all ”

“she’s long gone. now leave me alone”

he smiled and held me to him close

“I miss your p-ussy...I bet its still tight..“he said and kissed me forcefully, I pushed him off hard and he grinned wiping his mouth as I did

“well d-amn you’ve been working out too I see...cheerleading must make muscle over time...well sis Ill be leaving. I love you.“he said and kissed me leaving

he walked away then a girl walked over “he’s not really your brother right?“she asked shocked

I looked at her

“no. please forget what you just seen.”

I walked away and went to the rest room and called Zach

“...... ........ Zach Hillman’s office”

“dad Matthew Stuart son showed up, the one I told you about”

“Kelly head to a classroom with people and Ill call you out ok”


I went to class and set back down and Dylan was talking with his friends, he got up and walked over

“babe you look..”

“Dylan I seen Chris”

he froze


“three minutes ago in the hallway”

“is Zach on his way”

I nodded he kissed me and sat next to me

Zach pov

I rushed to the school and waited for her and Dylan to come

they showed and Kelly was spacey, she looked crushed

I walked up to her and hugged her

I knew she really wanted to cheer tonight but shes not leaving my side

“Kelly your not leaving my side tonight okay”

“what about the game”

" forget the game your life is at state.”

I walked her and Dylan to my car and we got in and I drove home, I parked and we walked inside

They sat on the couch and I called cops

Chris pov

what to do...what to do ... I watched them head inside the called Tyler

“did you find.”

“yes sir, he’s bluffer now I must warn. looks like ever since he left he hit a gym every day ”

“well dont worry is a-ss is mine, my little boy cant over power me and this unbreakable dick of mine. keep up the watching your dad is coming back so lay low and just stay hidden.”


I hung up and smiled, I cant wait to get inside her again

I laid back and thought of when I seen her, her boobs were bigger, a-ss nice, and she was a babe! she grew up nicely

I turned on the radio and relaxed

Kelly pov

I was freaking out

if Chris could get close that meant Matt was on his way

Zach made Sabrina come home then we went to Dylan’s house and stayed there away from our home

I was in his room and we laid down together

" babe relax....”

" I cant...all I see when I see my dad is him ra-ping me again. hes not here for tea and cookies Dylan hes here to beat and rape me again for running...and I cant go back to that”

“and you wont..”

he held me and I laid closer and he rubbed my back

Matpp pov

I parked outside Dylan’s mother’s home and just watched the house

I even slept in my car and waited the next morning. No one left that house

Smart. I had to wait now until Kelly was left alone again, Chris fucked up visiting her and now cops and the family are in high alert

I stayed at the hotel for a week then drove to the house again and Dylan his dad and that guy were grilling food in the back yard, they seem relaxed now and all I had to do is wait until she went to school again

Kelly pov

“Zach I rather go than be bored at your office again.”

“Kelly you’re staying with me ok, or I can go to school with you ”

" me and my dad together at school. I’m 18 not 8.”

“and I’ 26 bring my daughter to work again so let’s go”

I rolled my eyes and went to work with Zach

“so Zach can help you again on another design”

“you bet, the office actually took your last one and made it a part of the final project, I gave you the credit, my boss really likes your work sweetheart ”

I smiled

" I should work with you and forget school then huh?” I smiling asked smiling

“well yeah but you will need a college degree.”

“then take me to school!” I whined

“nope, and you’re doing your school work in my office”

I sat back and looked out the window and thought of how him and his wife took me in and loved me as one as their own



“thank you.”

he looked over

“your welcome”

I texted Lilly and she texted back fast saying hi and she missed Dylan

Zach packed the car

I hid my phone

“wait a second, didnt I and Sabrina ground you from texting young lady”


“phone.” he said with his hand out

“but Zach”

“phone ” he said stern

I gave it to him and we walked inside

Matt pov

that son of a bi-tch is raising my daughter as her dad.


I got out and walked pissed off in the building

I’ll kill him later.

I looked for his office to get my daughter

Kelly pov

I sat next to Zach and did school work. Zach got a call and then got to get some file

I talked with Jillian a woman who helped on my design

“so Kelly when do you graduate?“she asked


she smiled then looked up

“sir can I help you?”


I turned and seen no one

but I knew that voice

He’s here

I looked for my phone..

Zach has it


“whats wrong?” Jillian spoke

" I need your phone”

“oh here..”

she gave it to me and I called


“Zach get here now my father is here” I whispered nervous

“ok, stand next to Jillian and dont move”


Matt pov

I watched her and then walked up while no one was looking and the lady was distracted then grabbed my daughter.

I covered her mouth so hard no noise would escape and pulled her fast down the hall

she hit and screamed

“HELP!!!! ZACH!!!!”

“shut it you bi-tch!”

I hit her hard and carried her to a back room which was closer to my car

I locked the door in this passage room and beat her so hard

Zach pov

I ran to my desk and looked for her


“shes right behi--....what the f-cuk? she was right here I swear to God.”

I ran to the parking lot and yelled for her

I ran by the back of the building and it was empty with tire steaks

Matt pov

I drove off mad

she was tied up and had duck tape over her mouth sitting next me

I grabbed her and pulled her to me

“YOU HAVE ME TRAVEL ALL OVER THIS F-UCKING STATE AND ALMOST GET ARRESTED! AND BACK IN A JAIL!!” I yelled driving then looked down at her pissed off

I just her harder seeing her look like her mother more and she cried in pain

“get ready to feel real pain all over again darling..”

she cried more and I leaned over and kissed her cheek, she moved back fast

“is daddy to mean for you now...well you have yet to experience true anger and r-ape...”

_____________________________________________________________________________________________________A/N so shes found...anyways sorry for errors and the wait college is a bitch , but enjoy lol

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