Knowing My Sex Slave

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Chapter 16

Kelly pov

He dragged me into that hell of a house and I seen Chris smiling

“nice to have my little sister back..” he said grinning

I spit on him and he shot up fast about to hit me,

“dont touch her Chirs” Matt spoke

“but dad she spit on me!“He screamed

“you’ll have you turn later...”

he smiled and sat back down

Matt pulled me to the basement and ripped off my clothes and set me on the table and tied me down

“ you are a hard b-itch to retrieve. But now that I have you..oh’re dead.”

Chris pov

I laid back and heard her screams and cries out all night

I later walked down stairs and he was burning her legs, she screamed in pain with tears and I just stared feeling nothing use to the view

I blinked then Matt threw the hot blade down and jumped on the table and had her legs open

he rubbed her p-ussy then grabbed it gripped it hard

“You think that man Zach is your father huh!!?!! well I’ll kill him like I murdered your step dad Kelly! YOU BELONG TO ME!!! YOUR MY DAUGHTER!!!!!”

He just hit her across the face so hard like he’d do to his ex-wife her mom.

Kelly took it and held her cry and pain in

If there was one thing to know about Kelly it was that she was strong.

He hit her repeatedly and hard just pissed off, he then took a knife.

“You and that b-itch Lilly like to stab me huh well....”

he stabbed right into her right arm, shoulder then ribs then and Kelly screamed so bad I held my ears close and stared

I blinked then he pulled out the knife fast and she screamed again from feeling the blade leaving the wound

“SHUT UP!” He yelled and held the back of his head like he does when he loses it. Loses his mind...

He backed up then smiled hard and looked at her body seeing his so called art

“Beautiful.” he grinned she had blood dripping, tears in her eyes and her body just in pain

“Chris, stitch her up...then call me later once she’s clean.”

He never liked stitching up his damaged victims it ruined the art.

he went upstairs and I walked over to her

she looked at me and I just stared

“Stop staring at me!” she snapped

I blinked then got to work

Kelly pov

After Chris was finally done being in a frozen mental state which really was him being numb to it all once he’s exposed to it, it was like he became brainwashed to see it as nothing. The only time he’s normal is when he phsically feels something like s-ex or pain, but when he feels something emotionally the feeling goes away.

I looked around left down here and fell asleep from the pain missing Dylan, Zach and Sabrina.


Later I woke up hoping this was a dream then I seen my dad smiling

“did you sleep well darling?...“he asked grinning with humor writing all across his face

I looked up and held in my tears

“Kelly darling look at me...LOOK AT ME DAMN IT!” he yelled

I looked at him him and he was putting on a condom

I closed my eyes

“I bet you wished you never ran huh...because’s on.”

Matt pov

I pulled her down the table and stood, her pu-ssy was by my d-ick as she laid down tied up

I licked her pu-ssy and she didnt moan what so ever, I wouldnt dare stick my dick in her mouth again, at least not now.

I ate her out then stood up and slowly entered her

she arched her back a little

“miss daddy’s penis do ya” I said smiling

I went all the way in and held it there with us connected and looked at her

She had her eyes close again

“sweetheart open your eyes for Kelly before I cut your f’ucking legs again”

she opened her eyes and looked down at me, I smiled and lightly thrusted into her p-ussy

she had a tear fell and I smiled more

I pulled out and rubbed my di-ck on her p-ussy, something that drove her crazy

She had to moan but refused

I stuck it back it and fu-cked her

I went faster and the tabled rocked

I grabbed my belt and hit her hard and thrusted

“now you’ll know whats it truly like to be rap-ed”

I hit her so hard and she made noise in pain, I leaned over and humped her so and deep I was all the way in her every thrust

I leaned down and kissed her breast and sucked them

she kinda moaned and I smiled and bit her nipple softly, she arched her back and I licked up her body then looked at her

" so you found new and Chris arent good enough for you anymore. well I’m done playing daddy. your now my bi-tch you wont call me dad youll call me master.”

I pulled out and untied her and carried her to my bed and laid her down hard and climbed over her

she looked at me with that anger face again

I smiled and kissed her hard. She didn’t kiss me back and I smacked her across the face so hard it echoed

“kiss me back slut”

I kissed her again and she kissed me back and we made out, I licked around her mouth then spit on her

“DON’T YOU EVER SPIT ON MY SON B-ITCH!” I yelled infuriated

I flipped us and sat down sat her on my lap.

she looked at me and I looked at her

“ride me.” I said

“fu-ck you Matt.”

I just smiled

“its master.”

she actually smiled back

“you want me so bad fine master

she sat up and held my d-ick and put it inside her and held onto my shoulders and rode me

“smart choice Kelly, daddy’s proud.”

she rode me and I laid back


she went faster and I groaned, I held her waist and thrusted up and we both moaned together

“did you miss me darling” I asked looking up watching her her ride my d-ick

“master I missed your kisses, giving me head and your big juicy c-ock deep in my tight p-ussy.”

I smiled wide turn on and kissed her

I looked at her chest and turn her neck and gave her a hickey, as I thrusted, she moaned and I held her to me

I pushed her back fast and laid over her and thrusted hard

" I hoped you enjoyed that little love scene because from here on out that’s over. I’m going to rap-e you like I sould have when I met you Kelly.”

I went so hard she screamed and I covered her mouth and kept going

I pulled out and jammed in my d-ick into her tight a-ss so hard she screamed


I went hard and held her thighs and pounded her a-ss with my p-enis

“CHRIS!” I yelled

he walked in

“yeah dad”

“come join”

he took off his shirt clothes and pumped his di-ck watching us

then walked over, I pulled out and he went inside her

“f-uck your sister Chris” I said smiling

he went faster and held her breast and laid back smiling thrusting missing his sister

I went behind and thrusted in her ass and she made a noise in pain

we went hard and she moaned

“Chris make her cum”

he went harder now pounding and she screamed out moaning, he rubbed her clit and she moaned more in pleasure not being able to help it

I watched her just waiting for her turn already and break to the pleasure like most do and fall under the lust of it all but she snapped out of it and pushed Chris’ arms off but he hit her off and kept going from being broken for the lust of it already

“Stop it Kelly” he spoke thrusting not wanting to lose the pleasure

I started pounding and she moaned again, Chris pounded too and she was getting close with us thrusting her together

“Oh God....“she moaned and laid back taking it

I stroked slow and smooth and Chris went fast and she moaned out from the pleasure. I smiled

Chris pov

I smiled down watching her moan with her eyes close, I massaged her breast stroking and she held my hand to stop it but gave in and her hand dropped

I leaned down and sucked her breast and she just held the back of my head moaning

I then sat up and thrusted


she looked up as I kept going

“I was right....your p-ussy is still tight”

I rubbed her clit again and she moaned

“moan my name Kelly”I requested

I thrusted harder and she moaned

“say it ” I waited

she wouldnt moan my name and I hit her mad and pounded her

“SAY IT” I snapped wanting more pleasure in another way like my dad gets alot

I hit her and just started pounding so hard the bed shook and she moaned out

She moaned my name finally

“Chris! Chris! Chris! Christopher!”

I smiled and leaned down and kissed her, we kissed and I held her face kissing her

Matt was groaning needing to c-um, he tested Kelly, and walked over and put his d-ick next to her mouth

“you bite and Ill burn you again”

she leaned over and sucked, I watched laying over her as she s-ucked turned to the left

he leaned over and sucked, I watched laying over her as she s-ucked turned the to left

he leaned back and then held her head and thrusted hard in her mouth

“f-uck! I’m gonna cum!”

he held her down and cu-mmed in her mouth

he pulled out finished

“swallow.“he spoke

she didnt at first then did, he smiled

“good girl...”

he walked out and she spit it out fast

wow shes good with her mouth

“oh God!” she freaked out and grossed out

she pushed me off hard

“Hey ! I wasnt finished!”

“Chris f-uck you okay, get a f-ucking life! and stop f-ucking up mine!”

I smiled and pulled her to me

I pushed her to the bed and straddled her

“Kelly you may be older now but so am I okay. I will break you with him. He has you but dont think because Im not him makes me any less worse”

she looked up at me and I moved up over her and my dic-k was by her mouth

I pulled her heaf up and made her s-uck it

“suck my d--ick like you use to sis”

she didnt and I just punched her hard


she did and I held the headboard straddling her with my c-ock in her mouth

“hold my sides so I can thrust”

she did and I thrusted into her mouth and moaned

“Thats it sis s-uck your older brothers c-ock again”

I groaned and held her face with both hands then pulled back so she could breathe

“Kelly I really missed this....“I spoke from withdraw

she looked up at me

“I bet you miss your parents too”

I froze and held my head feeling odd and pain. she smirked and licked my pen-is then pushed me back and walked out to shower

I looked down at my d-ick and it was soft no longer hard

“that da-mn b-itch!!!!”

she hit a spot I never wanted to acknowledge

Kelly pov

I pretty much mind f-ucked him and was in the shower smiling

Later I heard yelling and him just losing it

Matt walked in

“after you get dressed do not f-ucking leave your room Kelly”

“yes master”

he looked at me saying that then just walked out

They thought I was gonna come back weaker, hurt and soft, yeah right I was stronger now and the only thing that was gonna get soft were their di-cks

I’m not breaking. No matter what.


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