Knowing My Sex Slave

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Chapter 17

Zach pov

I had search parties look everywhere, back in Virginia and in Florida, I was freaking out and tried to ignore what her father was doing to her right now.

Kelly pov


Matt and his friends were tag teaming me and I was pounded so hard from every hole

Matt pov

“okay guys stop...“I said tired

they left and I sat next to her on the table

How’s your a-ss ” I laughed

she didnt speak

“your master asked you a question.”

“my a-ss. is fine. Master”she spoke pissed with a sexy attitude she just has like her mother.

I smiled

“good, because we need to go to the store.”

I untied her and she laid there just tired and done for

“get dressed”

she got up lumping and walked out

I cleaned up the table and grabbed my clothes and walked up stairs

“dad wheres Kelly” Chris asked


he nodded then went to the shower

I went to get dressed and took my shower in another bathroom then heard them arguing and fighting like brother and sister

“how cute..”

Kelly pov

“NO! Im not on the mood for f-ucking Christopher leave!”

he was naked and held me

“sis let me just wash you then”

“can you just go Chris” I spoke in pain

he kissed on my neck

“no. we need to talk ” he said

he turned off the shower and filled the tub and laid back and laid me on him and cleaned me

“you said I bet you miss your parents, well....How’d you know”

I laid back and he cleaned around my chest

“Lilly told me you were lost one night after being left at the park by your brother after he ran off with his traveled off alone and later met Matt crying. So Im sure you miss your parents”

he turned me to him

“forget that story. and forget whatever else she told you”

I looked at him and held me closer

“I mean it Kelly forget it. do you hear me”he asked stern


he laid me on him and I was too tired to get up to leave, I laid there and he made me lay my head on his chest and shoulder

he rubbed my body and cleaned me

“Kelly I really like you...I always did..”

I didnt talk

“Kelly say something ”

time to play this idiot

“at first I liked you too..but you were mean...Chris if you were nice.....or at least...kind I’d like you I did Dylan”

he held me more

“okay....I’ll work on it...But Kelly I do like you so please dont toy with my heart..”

I just nodded

he kissed my cheek and Matt walked in fast

“what the f-uck is this shi-t? Kelly get dressed and Chris stop holding her looking all sad, both of you GET UP! WHAT THE F_UCK IS WITH YOU TWOO!?!” he yelled mad

I got up and walked out and Matt looked at me hard watching me

He looked at Chris and Chris just went to his room

I walked in my room and looked around seeing my old stuff

I was looking at my old clothes, some would fit me. its only been a year

Matt walked in

“what the hell did you say to him Kelly”he asked mad

“nothing master.” I said normal getting dressed away from him

he walked over and turned me fast and held my chin to face him

“Chris is depressed what did you f-ucking tell him”

“nothing..he just expressed his likely for me...”

he looked at me for a sec to see if I was lying

“.....Kelly I’ll be watching you.”

he turned me and put me in hand cuffs and hit my a-ss hard knowing it hurt

“go wait in the living room.“he said mad after smacking my a-ss

He walked out

Matt pov

I walked in Chris’ room

“why are you...depressed now that’s shes back...what did she say to you.”

“nothing dad....we just talk about our relationship and past..“he spoke

I looked at him and watched him

“you like you want her.”

he looked over at me

“Im sorry.”

I just looked at him

“go. go find you a slave. you forget that b-itch you hear me. shes just playing you Chris. if shes gonna be anything to you its your sister, now pull you sh-it together”

I walked out and went to Kelly, she was laying back bored on the couch


“what Kelly”

“I need new clothes”

“maybe you should just walk around naked”

she looked over


I looked at her then smiled

I walked over to her

“trying to be good, and play both sides. I see you daughter. your not slick, you may have cracked Chris but me....yeah right. I was raped and burned and beat from 13 to 19, I know all the tricks ok, the trust card, the manipulate card, and I’m you b-itch card, your playing all three at once, your done talking with Chirs, i just hope you realize me and you..are gonna become so much more closer..”

I uncuffed her and pulled her to me

“you are just like your mother...strong....a runner...and my Bitch.”

Chris pov

she was playing me....

I cant blame her but that pissed me off, I said dont toy with my heart and she was going to anyways

I laid in my room and just watched tv

later they left and I went to her room

I went through her stuff then seen a notebook she had, I was from her step dadss house because all it spoke about was him and how he beat her mom and cuss at kelly

I read and seen new stuff, it talked about Dylan and how she loves him so much and then a lady named Sabrina and guy Zach, she even had Lilly, she was with her dad

“thats too bad..”

I let her go and kept reading

-Today at school I seen Chris and knew my dad would me getting me soon, my life will return to hell and I could for me. I wont be scared, my sadness will forever remain but never seen. If he wanted to break me I was gonna break him.

I reread that over and over and over

If he wanted to break me I was going to break him...

I was about to show dad then she walked in

“I take it you read the whole thing huh”she questioned

I smiled and turned

“you cant break him.”

“I will.”

“well good luck...and I wont tell. I want to see you try because your only gonna get hurt more”

“you seem so if you know? have you tried”

“no. but you wont break him...he’s.....too far gone..”

“watch me.”


Thanks for read I will try to update pretty soon again, Sorry if this book scares you or very disturbing it is a book not for everyone so take that note as the book keeps going and progressing.

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