Knowing My Sex Slave

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Chapter 18

I bought clothes for Kelly the goy home and she was actually naked just sitting on the couch

I smiled

“Kelly stand up.”

she did

I walked over and grabbed her and pulled her to me

“you want me want your daddy sweetheart”

she smiled

“not really..can I ask you something”


“when your mom r-aped you did you cry?”

I froze

I just looked at her then pushed her to the couch

she laughed smiling hard

Kelly pov

I knew Chris now wouldnt trust me knowing I was just going to play him or Matt so f-uck it, I;ll break them with their deep hidden emotions they’ve never expressed yet

Matt laid me down hard and I smiled and he straddled me

“dont you EVER mention my mother!“he said through his teeth

“whats wrong daddy...was grandma mean to you, made you want to cry as a boy and feel pain? you wanted to cry I bet....WELL THAT HOW THE F-UCK I FEEL MATTHEW!!!”

he looked at me for a second

“stop talking”

I just smiled hitting a soft spot

“fine...let that sink in though..”

I pushed him off me and felt my waist grabbed

I looked down and he was behind me close

he came close to my ear and whispered

“your a cocky little b--itch now”

I smiled and turned around

“no...I’m just tired of it all...”

he smiled

“well i’m not”

he grabbed me and gripped my private area and kissed me

he pushed me to the couch and pulled his d-ick out, he pumped it looking at my body

“your the best thing I created babe.”

“I bet”

Matt pov

the girl thinks she has me. I just smiled and entered her and she moaned

“Kelly...f-uck you. Ill break you before you try to break me b-itch”

she sat up

“shut up and f-ck me you f-ucked your mother, motherfu’cker”

I leaned down and kissed her then slapped her so hard

“shut it Kelly!!!”

she smiled

I thrusted hard in her and she felt great

“God I missed this”

I went faster and pounded her pussy, she moaned then I flipped us and made her ride me

she held my shoulders. she statred smiling more

“what the f’uck are you smiling at so happy ”

“f’uck mommy Matthew.”

I seen my mom for a second after hearing that and spaced out seeing my mom riding me and hitting me when I complained

I snapped out of it then Kelly hit me and yelled


I was having flashbacks and pushed her off me


I grabbed her and beat her hard so bad

instead of screaming she laughed at me

“dad your breaking!“she laughed

I stopped then Chris walked down

“ you ok?”

I got up and looked at him then her and she laid back with bruises

nothing but my mother was on my mind now, my d-ick went soft. I grabbed my pants and left

Kelly pov

sleep with that on your mind f-ucker

I got up and went to my room and got dressed, Chris walked in fast and angered

“what the hel-l did you do!”

“played mommy like he plays daddy..he was scarred as a kid, well in ten years I can say the same for myself looking back on life. but I had help from a new family...he didn’t.”

he looked at me then walked out fast

Chris pov

I ran to see Matt and he was drinking hard liquor

he hasn’t done that in years normally its just beer

I watched him and he was mad cussing out his mom and yelling

I stood behind the wall and he kicked over the table hard and tore up the house yelling and drank more

“whats he doing now?”

I jumped and turned and she was behind me

“he getting drunk and taking out his anger...”

she watched and just smiled

Matt pov

I couldnt think clearly, I drank just about all my alcohol and took some pills to relax and then laid in the couch

I laid there then Chris walked over

“ ok? your eyes are red....”

I just looked at him for a second

“w..where is daughter” I slurred

“her room..“he said and backed up scared

I got up and held onto the couch and walked there slowly


I grabbed for the door nob ad missed, things were blurry so I kicked in the door

she wass sleep

I walked in and climbed on the bed, I seen Chelsea

“baby wake up..”

Kelly pov

“....Chelsea wake up baby”Matt spoke

I opened my eyes and looked over

“babe Ive missed you..”

I moved back

“get away from me your drunk”

he got mad

“dont talk back to me woman!“he yelled and slapped me

“dad go to bed”

“dad.....yeah yeah dad...hes at work...”

I looked at him and sat up

“are you high?...”

he smiled and just grinned then he showed me these pills

oh god..

“lay with me babe”

he dropped to the bed hard and laid there still for a long time

holy shi-t did he just die...

I just looked at him lay there quiet he quickly pulled me to him and laid me down

“shhh lay and sleep Chelsea.”

he kissed me holding the side of my face and put his tongue in my mouth

I moved back then he yelled

“STOP LEAVING ME!” he screamed

he whispered with his eyes closed

“I love you...”

I looked at him and then he looked at me

“its ask her fault Im sorry..”

“whos..?” I asked freaking out

“my mothers”

I looked at him and he took off shirt and pointed to huge scar

“my first from her...look at my back Chels”

he turned and I turned on my lamp and looked, it was so scarred up and destroyed

" bad boys get punished she say”

I looked at his back and touched the many scars running my hand up and down what looked like someone took blades and drew all over his his back with them

I stopped and then he sat up, he ran his hands up my legs feeling my scars

“chelsea I’m sorry I cut them..”

he cut her legs too.

“stop raping me and hurting me Matthew”I said for my mom

“I cant....its all that makes sense because I can’t trust you and you keep leaving...our daughter will be safe though ok..she’ll only be harmed if shes needs punishing”

I looked at him, that’s why my mom ran. she ran to protect me from this

he stroked my face

“what are you thinking about babe..your not leaving me are you...”

I shook my head slowly

“good...ok...thank you”he said calm

he laid down and held my hand

Chris pov

I woke up and was going to find my new slave today

I got dressed and went to see Kelly

I wanted to rape her but my dad said leave her alone for now, I checked in and she was sleep with Matt hugged up behind her close, their hands were intertwined together as they slept in her bed in pajamas

what the f-uck is she doing to him...

I left and just shook it off and went to get a slave

Matt pov

I opened my eyes with a massive headache

my hand was holding someone’s

I didn’t grabbed a new slave? I looked down and see Kelly sleep

why was I in here..

I took my hand back and sat up

it was dark in here

I turned on a lamp then seen my shirt, I grabbed it then she woke up

she looked over and just looked at me

“stop staring b-itch.”

I put my shirt on and she just looked at me

I laid her on me

“why was I in here.“I asked confused

she looked up at me on my chest

“...we just slept together is all..”

I nodded and laid back

“your little family is looking for you..they have been looking since I took you, but they won’t ever find you...”

“why is that ”

“well for one I stay hidden and two were Moving this week.”

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------to be continue...

thanks for reading everyone! things only get crazier from here too lol

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