Knowing My Sex Slave

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Chapter 19

Matt pov

Its been three weeks and we moved all our stuff, we now were in Washington clear across from her little loving family that has been looking for her

Kelly is playing this smart but I’m smarter when it comes to this games, I’ve played it all my life. she’s played it for a year.

Kelly walks around the house naked to prove a point. When she asked for clothes I said why don’t you just stay naked..well she does now. all to make me happy but really shes wants to gain trust in a way and play nice. She’s been playing her cards right with Chris but I make sure he doesn’t slip up. she almost cracked him bringing up his past hell she even had me cracked bring up my mother but I recovered from that, I might of hardly cracked but will never be broken

I walked in the house and Chris was on the couch getting head from Kelly while she was on her knees in front of him on the carpet leaning over his lap sucking

I smiled and went to the back door and let my dog in

I heard Chris cu-m then get up to shower

I walked in and sat on the couch and just watched tv, she sat on the chair and just stared at me

I turned the channel.

she stood, she walked over and sat in my lap. I held her turning the channels

“master what’s for dinner?”

“whatever you want sweetheart since you’ve been good...and call me dad again”

“dad Chris asked me out, what do I tell him?” she looked at her nails

that damn boy I swear. He keeps getting pulled back into her tricks

“you tell him no thank you”

she groaned because she now couldnt play him like planned

she moved my hand to her pu-ssy

I rubbed it for her and she moaned and laid back on me, she held my hand as I rubbed it, I stuck a finger inside and she moaned again

“...yeah dad...add another one”she spoking moaning


“add another one please..“she moaned waiting

I smiled and did

“kelly....I know what you’re doing...and no not s-ex...I know what you’re doing, you’ve been good..and I thank you for that’re trying to break came close might I add. but what was the thing you said when we first discovered I was your father and I was gonna raise you...what did you refuse to be..”

she sat up a little

“I said I refused to live that crazy lifestyle and be crazy, you said...being raised by crazy people makes you crazy”

“thats right, you first volunteered to be my slave to spare that woman, you then jumped out a moving truck breaking your leg,, you walk around naked..and now you’re sitting on your father’s lap naked making me rub your p-ussy...I find that pretty crazy don’t you? think you’re breaking me well I’m in fact breaking you Kelly.”

she froze and I smiled

she turned and straddled me

I looked down at her breast and smiled then up to her eyes...her mother’s eyes.

“sweetheart..daddy loves you, I do but you won’t..and can’t break me Kelly”

she smiled and kissed me

I held her and kissed her back

I pulled her to me and we made out hard, she held my face with both hands and smiled in the kissed then backed up holding my face then spoke looking me in the eyes

“’ll break you your mother did.”

I looked at her

“what did I say about mentioning my mother.”

“sorry not sorry. “she said then smiled

we are both smart, I just needed to watch her now with her being rebellious.

I looked at her naked on top of me, my own flesh and blood daughter naked. 18 years old sitting on her daddy’s lap with a wet p-ussy

“when’s the last time I beat you”

“I have a better question. whens the last time I made you cum on me?”

“....a week ago before the move.”

Kelly pov

“then let me do it again now”

he smiled and I took his shirt off

Like I learned when I first met him he’s not that great at multitasking

he asked me when’s the last time he beat me, aka he was going to beat me today soon, well I asked him something he’d get pleasure..well s-exual pleausre from, so now I’m bruise less another day making it a full week now

I kissed on him and he rubbed my pussy again

I smiled

Idiot.we made out and I unzipped his pants

I looked down...he grew...

I looked up at him

“working out..“he informed me smiling

oh God..

I leaned down and sucked his now bigger co-ck and he groaned and held my head

he watched sports while I gave him head on the couch

I sucked hard and he sat up and moaned hard dropping the remote

“upstairs, were f-cukin “he said in a rush

I didn’t want that..I forgot it’s been a week, he’s horny, we’ve been busy from the move and now he really wants it, they’ve been so busy I got off with just blow jobs

he just picked me up fast and walked me to his new room, he tossed me on the bed and shut the door.

he took his boxers off and walked over and laid me down. He licked my p--ussy

I arched my back and held his head there moaning as he ate me out

he stuck his tongue in and I moaned his name

he sat up and climbed on top of me and entered me hard and started thrusting

“Kelly you moaned my you need another lesson on who I am..“he asked holding my legs up going hard

“no” I said

“then who am I Kelly”he asked making the bed rock as I moaned

“you’’re my daddy” I moaned feeling him inside me deep

he went in so deep with his bigger c-ock my body felt on another level of pleasure now.

“now say that in Spanish now that you learned it while being in school when you were there”

“tu mi papá”

he smiled...because he knew spanish

“good say something that will make me proud”he said then pounded me so hard

“usted tiene la mejor polla que he tenido y me encanta su enorme polla papá!” I moaned being pounded

(you have the best d-ick Ive ever had and I love you huge c-ock dady)

he smiled hard

“y usted tiene el cono mas benito y más apretado un padre puede pedir..”

(and you have the most nicest and tightest p-ussy a dad could ask for)


he chucked the flipped us and I rode him

Dylan pov

I was beating up a guy in school to let my anger out.

Kelly was taken and long gone and I couldn’t handle it

I grabbed the guy and broke his nose then repeatedly punched his eye

“HEY! HEY! MR.STEVENS! STOP IT DAMN IT!!!“the principle yelled

he pulled me off and I kicked the guy’s face in

“THIS IS THE FIFTH TIME THIS WEEK!!! YOU’RE EXPELLED!!” He screamed and pushed me

A nurse helped that kid and glared at me


I got grabbed by a school cop



“DYLAN!” my mom yelled walking over with keys



she grabbed me and I broke free and grabbed my bag and walked off


I kept walking and pushed the doors open then left on my motorcycle

Zach pov

“officer....the man rapes her for a living!!! FIND MY DAUGHTER!!” I yelled

“sir calm down we’ve been looking ok..Kelly is nowhere in Virginia. I’m sorry sir...we’ll keep searching..just have a coffee”he said and passed a cup

I smacked it out his hand

“fu-ck your damn coffee okay, look for Kelly and stop being a lazy ass pig!!!”

he looked at me and I walked off and drove home then seen Dylan’s motorcycle parked

I got out my car and walked in and Sabrina was yelling at him



he had his hands in fist pissed ready to hit anything and anyone, he just needed a reason.

“Dylan! dont yell at her like that and fix your hands!! she knows the situation we all do. we will find her okay.”

he looked at me then left and went to her room and just slammed the door

I took a breath and sat on the couch

Sabrina sat on my lap

“honey he’s changing...I realize he’s mad and sad, but he’s beating people up to the point where they can’t see or smell. he’s been in court six times this month and is misbehaving, his dad caught him cutting himself too...Zach he’s been through so much and can’t handle this like a normal person, whatever his...Tyler Colman did to him changed him....badly.”

I held her and laid back

“ill talk with him..”

“thank you”

she got up and I went to Kelly’s old room and looked around

She had her cheer outfit on her bed and her homework laid out on her desk and Lilly and her friends

I walked in then closed the door

“Dylan..“he cut my off

“save it. I heard what she said about me already”

I sat on the bed next to him

“Zach I’m going to Virginia to look myself, maybe I can find where he moved to”

“no Dylan I don’t want you in that town again you know the people th..’“he stood up and looked at me

“I told her I’d be the one to rescue her if I was unslaved well Tyler is in prison and I’m not gonna wait around for cops ok”


“NO! shes the one who got me out that tow in the first place! so what now I’m suppose to just live a happy life and thank her from the bottom of my heart while she has to plan another ecaspe this time alone F-uck that!!!”

he walked out fast


I ran out and he was running out the house


I chased after him and he was now leaving on his motorcycle

I watched him race down the street

I stood there then Sabrina walked over next to me

“we better let his parents know he’s leaving to get his girl..”

his girl.. I smiled a bit then nodded and we walked inside

Kelly pov

Matt finished and cu-mmed then waked out naked to shower

I laid there tired and just looked at the ceiling

I don’t know how long I can keep this up, it’s not even who I am. I haven’t been myself since I left Zach house that morning I was kidnapped

I laid there then heard a girl crying hard

“Stop it please!”

I sat up and got dressed and went down stairs

Chris dragged in a pretty girl, she looked older than me like 20

I looked at her with this stare as if telling her life was going to change

I looked at her like Lilly looked at me my first night at Matts, now I know why she looked at me that way...

the girl sat up seeing me more


I just looked at her

it was my turn to be Lilly.

“dont talk”was all Isaid

“wha? what do you mean don--” I cut her off

“shut it!” I warned her for her safety

“oh God your like him too!”

I stood there then Chris walked in with hand cuffs

“sis this is Vanessa....Vanessa say hello to my sister Kelly”

she cried more seeing Chris then he snapped because she didnt do as told

“AHHHH I SAID SAY HELLO B-ITCH!!! “He yelled and hit her

“H...Hello”she spoke in tears

She’d be broken in a week...

“sis wanna join me tonight”

I shook no

“no fun Kelly you gotta have some fun here sis....oh well more for me!” he said and just hit her across the face then picked her up bridal style

he walked over to me holding her

“sis I realize dad wont let me have you but that doesn’t mean I won’t have you”

he leaned over and kissed me

we kissed making out over the girl he held and Chris moaned as we kissed then looked at me with lust

He looked at me then down and I looked down too and the girl was freaking out at the sight of us making out seeing us as real brother and sister

he walked to the new basement and the door slammed shut

I sat on the couch and Buck ran over and barked


I laid back and petted him and he laid down

I heard Vanessa scream and cry for help, Chris was yelling then I heard Matt too

they were tag teaming her

I took this time to go to Matt’s room

I stood and looked over at the front door and stared at it..

the other side was pure freedom. I looked at the security and locks then just walked from the door and to my dads room

I looked through his stuff and seen nothing but pictures of girls he’s r-aped in this binder he kept.

53 total.

I turned page after page then seen my mother...I pulled out the picture and read the back

-Chelsea Stuart, Love of my Life.

I put it back and turned the page and seen women and young girls my age, I seen Lilly then me.

my picture was me sleep in his trailer when he first got me

I pulled my picture and read it

-Kelly Peterson

-most interesting catch

I looked down then seen new writing,

-wont break. and my daughter. Kelly Stuart

“what are you doing..”


I turned and Matt had a picture of Vanessa already

he walked over and grabbed the book and put her in then looked at me

“you are..and will forever be my most interesting catch Kelly...”

he was acknowledging that he ended up catching his daughter was why he could truly say that.

he put the book away then walked up to me and looked down at me as I looked up at him. He held my face staring at me.

we looked at each other in the eyes then he leaned down and softly kissed my lips and I kissed his.

______________________________________________________________________________________________________A/N not proofread yet

Hope you guys like my book? lol but anyways I will update sometime however I need to focus on my other books, i shouldn’t take too long though this is my easiest book to update with, i see the please update comments and that motivates me so with that all said.....see you next time and pray for Kelly lol

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