Knowing My Sex Slave

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Chapter 2

Kelly pov

He sat next to me and kissed my cheek

“My little volunteer, that’s a first, my darling how should we kill her then?” he asked looking at her cry in the bed

" I won’t tell I swear to God!! Just don’t kill me!” she cried

“babe we have two choices, I can’t shoot her or bash her face I’m until she can’t remember a thing” he said

she cried


I looked at her and she mouth shoot me

I couldn’t do this. I felt I was taking the life of a person

she mouth please

“shoot her.” I said mad

he kissed my lips

" I like you a lot babe”he smiled

he got up and left in the front to his truck

“I’m so sorry ” I said sad about to cry

" Don’t be. I should’ve never left with a stranger..what you did for me...taking my place...thank you. You shouldn’t be in the position you’re just a teenage girl...your a strong girl now thank you.”

I had tear and he walked in

“ here we go..”

he walked over and outfits gun to her head hard

I looked at her and she stared at me dead

I was so out of it

Matt Pov

I looked at the girl and she looked so sad and like she was about to pass out

blood moved to her and she sat up

“I take it you don’t like blood...”

I picked up the body and buried her out in the field, I took a smoke and went to the truck and drove


we were so far from my destination, I sat her up with me

“what’s your name...”

she didn’t talk


she looked at me pissed off


“F-UCK YOU!“she yelled

I hit her hard

“you better tell me you name before I cut you and carve my name deep into you...”

she looked at me


" Kelly what”


“well Kelly I never got finished off so...”

I unzipped my pants and she looked down

“and I swear Kelly if you bite it again I’ll cut you so bad and burn you won’t know up from down now suck it.” I threatened

She looked at it then leaned down

Kelly pov

I sucked him and tried to think of a way out, the road were hit some traffic so I’d be saved

Isucked and looked at the door locked on his side

If was going to be smart I needed to think about everything

I looked down and felt his hand grab my head and he thrusted and moaned

As I looked down there was a child lock

I sucked harder

" oh yeah..just like that Kelly..” he moaned

I licked up his c-ock and he groaned and looked at the road before he swerved

I licked again and he groaned and I hit the switch

I suck him good the he moaned so loud and that’s when I moved unlocked the door and jumped out

my legs hurt bad I got up in my underwear and tied up arms

I ran and his car had to keep going or he’d crash

A car pulled over and I ran to it, a man leaned over and opened the door

“Holy shit girl get in!” he yelled

he didnt have to tell me twice

I got in and he shut the door


he pulled off turning the car around and getting away

“girl what the hell happened, your face is so bruised and you have really bad rope burns and damaged legs...” He panicked

" the man in the truck kidnapped me and raped me an two hours ago...” I explained

I seen his truck coming fast


He went faster and then his truck pulled up next to us and he was infuriated, he shot at the man side and glass broke

" Holy S-hit!′ he yelled

“go go go go go go!!!” I yelled

He did and turned down a street with less traffic

he leaned over and grabbed a gun


I held it

This was something I never wanted to take that another person’s life, that’s why seeing that lady go killed me inside, but this guy needed to die.

“Hurry, before he pulls back to the side!”

I turned in my seat to the back and aimed for him

Matt pov

she shot at my face and almost hit my jaw


She shot at me again and I sped up and hit back of their car, I went back to his side and shot

his head dropped and the car coasted out then stopped

She got and ran

I ran after her fast and she stopped and turned at aim at me

“DROP TO YOUR KNEES!“she yelled

I did slowly as people were watching scared and shocked

i raised my hands up and right before she was about to aim and shoot I ran at her and tackled her, a bullet it my truck, I hit her then punched her and grabbed the gun she had and put in my back pocket

I picked her up as she fought me off, i put her over shoulder fast and walked to the trailer as she kicked and hit me screaming

" Don’t mind everyone she escaped refinement!”

I chained her up and hit her and walked out slamming the door and drive before cops came

Kelly pov

Im so F-ucked!!!

I’m dead. I’m so Fuc-king dead...

I laid back in here scared for my life

I thought of that lady then my step dad

I’m never running away again

I was so sad I wanted to cry but didn’t. I turned that emotion into hatred

First my dad dies then mom after being with an abusive new husband, my step dad. That lady dies then the man who wanted to save me and if only my step dad wasn’t a selfish jerk I would of never ran away, he was a demon and now I’m in hell with the true Satan....

I hate God. He takes my parents then leaves me with this demon, I wanted to cry so bad

“I hate you God....I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU!! I HATE YOU!!! I F-UCKING HATE OU!! YOU TOOK MY FATHER THEN MOTHER!!! I HATE YOU!!!” I screamed mad instead of crying

I let fury boil in my veins not sadness to be strong, I knew this man would be the death of me so if I going to die it would be with fury not sorrow.

Matt Pov

She screamed so loud I hate you

Hell I hate her too she shot at me face.

I drove and she was now quiet, must of fallen asleep

“ANGEL ARE YOU SLEEP!?!?!?!” I shouted

“NO!” She yelled pissed off

Someone was getting stronger... well I’ll break her believe me

I pulled over off the highway and went to the back

" you shot at me....well get ready to feel pain.”

I walked over and sat by her and took a knife and cut her injured leg deep

She closed her eyes in pain but didn’t scream?

I cut again in the same place then poured alcohol on the open cut

she had tears with shut eyes and leaned her her back

“NMMMMMMMMMMM!!!“she tried holding in the sreamed but just muffled it

I smiled and recut it again and she flinched so hard

she was crying quietly

“let it out and just be weak will ya...cry for me...cry for Matt...better yet cry for daddy.” I grinned

She leaned over as much as she could possible on her side more and bit into the covers

I cleaned her leg legs and wrapped them after stitching them then got up

" I bet you’ll never use those legs to run again later once they heal now will ya?.........didnt think so”

I walked out.

Once he finally left I screamed with everything I had snapping my eyes open


I sat up shaking so hard and looked at my legs. they were cut all the way up and down my entire length then the alcohol burned so bad it practically melted my legs off it felt like

I had tears and just screamed in the covers half crying

The more I screamed the more mad I got.


I heard him laughing then turn on the radio

I looked down at my legs

Call me crazy but I wasn’t gonna be stuck forever, F-uck that I was gonna run again.

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