Knowing My Sex Slave

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Chapter 20

Kelly pov

I was sitting on the couch and watching tv ignoring Chris f-uck Vanessa right next to me to make me mad.

She cried out and he was doing her so hard

“Kelly come over here”

I sat still and turned up the volume to the tv

“NOW!” he yelled mad

I got up and walked over and looked at him

“what.” I asked annoying

he leaned over and kissed me f-cking her

he held my face and with his other hand put his hand in my pants and under my underwear and rubbed my p-ussy

“join us sis”

“Ch--“he cut me off

“Now! or ill dad and say you hit me and tried running off again..”

I should just hit him...

I started taking my shirt off and pants looking at him pissed off

he smiled watching me undress

Chris pulled out of her and kissed me holding me close

we made out and he pushed me to the couch and took his condom off and entered me

we f--cked and I looked at that girl who was tied up

she looked over horrified

Chris looked at what I was looking at then grinned

“remember when Lilly woould suck my d-ick as I ate you out...”

I looked at Chris.

“when does Matt come home”

“later now shut it”he said mad now

he thrusted harder and I moaned and he kissed on my neck

the girl was crying and I could tell missed being home, Chris was about to hit her to shut her up

I pulled Chris to me and held him. I kissed on his neck and he moaned and I sucked giving him a hickey, I held him to me closer so he couldn’t see me talk to her

I motioned her at me

she looked over

I mouthed “dont cry” so she wouldnt get beat

she nodded and I went back to kissing Chris again

Matt pov

“where is your locks located at?” I asked Home Depot employees

“oh! I’ll take you its clear across the store ”

we walked and I had all new stuff for the house to keep it more secure like the last house.

I grabbed new locks for the back door then went home

I carried in the bags then walked in and that new girl was forced to have a threesome with them

I smiled and put away the stuff and setup locks

Chris pov

“Oh f-ck!!” I yelled and cummed on Vanessa stomach

Kelly let go of my d-ick after pumping c-um out and laid down tired

I looked at the girl and she was laid out like Kelly, I held her breast and rubbed it

“I love you guys..“I said smiling

Kelly pov

I looked at Vanessa and nodded

she spoke

“I love you too master..”

Chris smiled

“good girl your learning faster than any girl I’ve caught ”

I laid back on Chris and he held me, we watched tv and Matt sat down with keys, I looked at them then he put them in his pocket

I looked at the tv again

“whats do you guys want for dinner”

Chris held me more

“I dont know but I know what I want for dessert”

I rolled my eyes and Matt smiled

“you guys need to get dressed”

“ok dad..can you take Venessa up for me”Chris aske d

Matt got up and took her up stairs

“so have you tried breaking him again”

I shook my head

“he’s not cracking at all anymore”

he chuckled

“I told you he wont break..”

I laid there and he turned my face to him

“Dylan is looking for you”

I sat up and looked at him

“how do you know”

“dad has friends like Tyler once was in our old town that keep taps, but he wont find you see..your ours..”

I smiled

“we’ll see...”

he kissed me then he rubbed my pussy and I flet his di-ck get hard on my vagina

I looked down and his hard di-ck ws close on my pus-sy poking it, he started rubbing it back and forth on my pu-ssy

“we better get dressed before I f-ck Dylan’s girl again...“he said smirking then kissed me and got up

Dylan pov

I was at Matts old house and it was empty

I climbed to Kelly’s old room and took my blow torch and broke off the gate then kicked in the window and jumped in

I looked around the was reminded of when we first met, I was naked and she was in her room standing by her closet

I looked at where the bed was and her dresser was then walked around

Kelly was smart so I knew she leave something hidden but I couldn’t find where

“Kelly help me out here babe..”

I looked around more then to where she always stood when I was with her and where I met her

her closet

I walked up fast and opened it then smiled

I love this girl. she left me a clue and had up Washington that she wrote with a Sharpy on her back wall

I walked in more and seen a note on the ground

-To whoever gets this, know that I’ve been kidnapped and now in Washington, I don’t know where exactly in the state but that’s where I am.

Dylan if you see this I love you and miss you, Sabrina, Zach, and I want to come home..

-Love Kelly

I took the note and called Zach

“...did you get anything?”

“she’s in Washington.”

Kelly pov

I was in my room and heard that girl getting r-apped down stairs by them both like they did to me my first night, I ignored the sounds becoming numb to it all now, feeling nothing anymore about the different type of screams that occurred as she was being r-apped by two men

I started writing in my notebook again and the thought of Dylan

I hope he gets my message soon

I set my notebook away and walked down stairs

Chris set Venessa on the couch then left to take a shower and Matt was already gone

I looked at her and she tried to sit up

“lay down...” I spoke

“I cant stay here..“she said in pain trying to still get up

she reminded me of myself

“yo wont stay here, just wait it out, behave and don’t talk back to them”

“are you really his sister”she asked looking at my face

“ that really is my dad”

she was shocked

“how old are you”

“I’m 18”

" you seem so much more mature..I would of thought you were at least 20"

“ old are you ” I asked


I nodded

“Kelly I’m sorry you were raised this way”

I smiled

“I was raised my mother...I only was kidnapped by’s a long story”

“how long have youve been here”

“about a year now”

she looked at me then my legs and looked mortified

“....y......your l-legs...“she spoke shaking

I heard footsteps

“yup my little girl tried to run from me and thats what happened.” Matt spoke from behind me and hugged me then kissed my cheek

“Kelly stop talking to Chris’ slave..go up stairs”

he let go of me and I walked to my room

Matt pov

“what did she tell you”I asked mad

“...nothing just who was she was...“she said scared

“she didnt plan an escape with you or even talk about one?”


I looked at her then at her legs

“you seen hers right”

she nodded

“then I suggest you never run if you want to keep your legs pretty”

I walked to Kelly’s room

she sat on her bed quiet

I walked in more



“was mom really the love of your life”

I looked at her

“....yeah...shes the only woman I truly loved and would of died for...until she left....on her first run”

“how many times did she run”

“more times than you....a lot actually.. she finally escape once she met your step dad and they moved, I lost track of her...that night I found you, I was looking for her..”

she looked over at me and I stood next to the door

“once you told me she died that’s when I decided to keep you as my daughter so to speak. but like I said you’re all I have left. it’s too late for me to find a wife now...I’m ruined”

Kelly pov

I looked at him by the door so this is why he rap-es and kills he has nothing really to live for and cant build up his life to have something because of his past

“dad how did you meet mom”

he looked at me then sat against the dresser

" I knew her from high school, we dated and she loved me...well when I turned 16 my mom started liking me and made me do stuff with her and to her.....I changed, but your mother loved me even still not knowing the truth behind me. she knew something was wrong with me and actually wanted to help but I never told her I was abused night after night at home...I tried to block it and stay normal for her but during high school I moved and things got worse for me..after high school my mom died my dad left...he only kept me because of my mom, I ended up moving back to find your mom...well she found someone new, so I waited...we got back together, married. but deep down I was still twisted and couldn’t look past my pain, When I drank I took it out on her and she tried to run, I would cheat, beat and r-ape her.....I got more into her and started cutting her, I’d cut her legs when she ran. she got pregnant at one point, she said you died though from beating her and I could believe that, one night she ran off with her old boyfriend, your step dad she took back, and I lost her, I search for her day and night while r-aping woman because to me they all are nothing but ungrateful and I hate them all. I searched one last time after discovering California was her latest whereabout and then....” he just looked at me

the day he found me running away from my step dad.

“ should try to get help then”

“Kelly I’ve tried. but I only see one right which is wrong..I like this way makes sense to me now”

he walked over to me and sat by me

“It makes more sense than trying to fight against it...I like the way it feels being in control, I like having this power my mom once had over me..I see why she did it feels wrong but so right..I like touching you...hurting you and r-aping you Kelly..“he said touching my legs looking at me calm

he laid me back and laid over me

he ran his hands through my hair looking into my eyes and I looked up at my dad as he looked up at me with lust

“I love making you scream feels inside you it feels right...and I don’t want to change that...”

he leaned down and kissed me and held my hands over my head and kissed more

I just laid there thinking about all he said

“kiss me back Kelly..“he spoke

he looked at me then my lips

he kissed me again and I took a second but kissed him back

he held my face and deepened the kiss, I opened my eyes and wanted to get up

he kissed on my neck and I looked at him make his way down to my chest

as he kissed on me I looked at the ceiling then felt my pants come off

he took off my panites then opened my legs, he started licking softly and I closed my eyes in pleasure, I felt his tongue go inside and he moved his face in forward making his tongue go in deeper. I moaned and held his head laying back fully, he ate me out licking all around then I felt his finger, I moaned again as he started pumping it in and out then he went faster adding in two. I arched my back as he fingered me hard and fast about to c-um before I was about to. he pulled out then his pants unzipped.

I laid there then felt him enter me as he laid over me

he looked down at me holding himself up around me and thrusted inside. he stared at me thrusting then leaned down and kissed me

“it feels right doesnt it”

I just nodded and he kissed on my neck thrusting slowly making deep grinds going all the way in and almost all the way out, he went all the way in so deep we were just connected fully and he held it there

“were closer than we’ll ever be baby” he smiled

I sat up a bit and kissed him and he kissed me and thrusted again then picked up the speed making the bed rock, I moaned hard and laid back and he sat up pounding me

“f-uck baby girl you feel so good!!!!”

he went harder and harder and Harder making me need to cu-m

he held my legs open more and went so fast and rough and I felt so much pleasure I couldn’t think straight to the point where I was starting to understand it being wrong but feeling good.


He smiled and kept going and I c-ummed all over his c-ock moaning out in pure pleasure

he pulled out cu-mming hard already and groaned


so much came out on the bed then he just laid down on top of me and kissed my cheek

“I...I think we just came together...I haven’t even done that with your mother...”

I laid there then looked over at him and he looked at me then just kissed me again, he held my face aka saying kiss me back and we started making out

I looked over and seen the door slowly open

Venessa was there probably looking for her new room

she seen me and my dad and gasp at the sight us naked making out in bed

my dad raised up and looked over


she ran off and Matt was mad now, he sat up, got dressed and looked down at me

“you’re my daughter and I love you.......more than you’ll ever know..”

I looked at him and he stroked my cheek and kissed me and walked out leaving

I laid there and looked at the door close.


sorry for errors things pick back up soon that was just some back story, thanks for reading VOTE COMMENT and if you dare share this to someone lol

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