Knowing My Sex Slave

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Chapter 21

Kelly pov

A week went by and my dad still r-apes me and haits me when I misbehave

he calls it punishment

Andl I’ve been on it hard for three days now since he found out I left clues for Dylan, Zach and Sabrina

I was cut, beat, burned and rped four times a day

I was now left down stairs in the basement for a room to sleep in

I was bleeding and strapped down to the table

I looked around seeing chains condoms belts whips straps sextoys and handcuffs

it was dark in here and I could hardly see

I thought of what my dad said that night he explained him and my mother and his start of being crazy

I also tried to understand the last thing he said to me before he left

" I love you more than you’ll ever know”

I realize I’m all he has but loving me more than I know confused me, for someone to r-ape beat and hurt so hard someone they loved didnt seem like love at all, he did this to my mom who he loved...the of his life..was my dad in love with me too? is this why he took and kept me and wouldnt let me go either, was this what he meant by youre all I have left, I love you more then you know..his last thing left to love and care for in life....his daughter.

I wont fully understand until he tells me

until then im beat, cut open, and r-aped for him to love.

Matt pov

I woke up and looked over in my bed then seen Vanessa laying there naked from us having s-ex

I looked at her with disgust

“Wake up!” I yelled

she woke and looked at me

“get out.“I said stern

she walked out fast and shut the door

she is nothing like Kelly or Chelsea. No one was compared to them, they were and are my everything

I sat up then thought of Kelly

it’s been three days

I got up and went to the basement and looked at her destroyed body

it only made me mad


I walked over to her and she was looking up at the ceiling

I unstrapped her and looked at the blood on her body

I picked her up and walked her upstairs

I went to the bathroom and filled the tub and sat her on the counter. I looked at her and she didnt talk

“get in” I said mad

she got up in pain and got in the tub

I grabbed a cloth and soap and cleaned her body

It was quiet as I washed her, I looked at her and she just laid there staring at the wall in front of her

“why are you so quiet”

she looked up at me slowly

“why do you keep say you love cant. Not by how you treat said I love you more than youll ever know....I dont understand....what is love me like mom? use that as an excuse?...or...or love with love”

I looked at her

" I am...” I said calm

she looked at me then sat up

“your in love with this why you beat know its wrong to be in love with what you you beat me from being frustrated but you still want me so you r-ape that it? “she asked confused

“shhh...dont try to understand insanity, it will only make you become it as well”

she laid back

“you in love with love me more then I’ll know...” she said tired just giving up

I cleaned her and then picked her up and put her in my room on my bed and dried her off looking at her body

“our relationship is changed now dad”

“ I said when I took you my exact words were nothing changes, I really dont see you as my daughter and I know you dont see me as your father. so....nothing changes. well I meant that, I always seen you as my wife. My everything, since I no longer have girlfriend, wife...lover I made you her....because your all have left and because I love you.”

we looked at each other and she kissed me

“if thats what it takes then fine.”

I looked at her

Kelly pov

And there you have it, I found the reason behind his insanity and his reason for keeping me. thats what Ive been trying to find out since the day he took me, my mom taught me to always know people you’re with. because well thats what she had to do, she learned the hard way but taught me it fast before she died, now that I think about it I have a feeling she knew he’d find me

I looked at Matt and he held me down

I looked up laying there naked, I heard his pants unzip and him take off his clothes

he laid over me and our chest were pressed against each other

he kissed my cheek then neck as I continued to just look up

I felt him get hard

he sat up and entered me and I felt inch by inch go deep inside me

he kissed me and the bed moved

I held him to me and put my arms around him as he thrusted inside me, I looked up holding him staring at the ceiling as the bed rock back and forth and he had s-ex with me

he went harder and I moaned, kissed in me as I moaned in his ear


“yeah Kelly...”

" I love you too..”

he stopped and looked at me

“dont lie to protect yourself you dont have to anymore...”

he thrusted again and I held his face to mine

“I love you.” I said

he looked at me

“you mean it” he asked

“yes dad...I love you ...I understand you now ...and I love you”

he nodded and kept going

I laid there and thought of what my mom said before she died

(flashback- Kelly at 14)

“mom...will Justin stay my father...wh..when your gone”I asked with tears

“....yes Kelly he will...promised me something...if you ever meet your real dad.....and he tells you he loves you. say it back back Kelly and mean it...make him trust you sweetheart..promise me Kelly.” she said

“mom....I promise...”

“ok...go back to your room..”

Chelsea pov

I watched my daughter walk back to her room and I laid on my bed and looked at my scars

heavens forbid he finds her but if he does in her future I hope she remembers her will save her life

(end of flashback)

Kelly pov

I looked at my dad r-ape me, he cu-mmed and laid next to me

“I’m happy to hear you love me back when I said I loved you mother didnt say it back and I almost beat her to death...”

I turned and looked t him

he looked at me then kissed me and put his tongue and we made out I laid over him and kissed him

he held me then looked at me

“your mother would be proud of you Kelly ”

I just looked at him

“....thank you..“I said emotionless but wanted to cry

he kissed me with passion now not anger and held my face

he sat me up and stood in front of me, he bent down and sat on both knees and held my waist

“your mom...what did she die from”

“heart failure”

he nodded

he opened my legs and moved his head closer then licked my pu-ssy

I looked down watched him

he stuck his tongue in and I moaned, I held his head and laid back

“Kelly good girls get rewarded”

he stuck and I moaned loud

he kept going



“I’m yours. you can have med fully ok...I’m yours..”

“you were always mines, but now Im also yours”

“come here dad”

he sat up and I laid him down and straddled him and rode his p-enis as he held my waist

I gained his trust...

I rode my father and he looked at me ride him

we watched each other

I took his hands and held them to me as I rode him

Matt pov

I looked at her ride me looking at me with this stare

I never felt this before, was it love....did she love me.

she kept going and I watched her p-ussy go up and down on me while I was inside her

she took my hand and put it by her mouth and sucked my finger riding me

I was so turned on, she licked on my finger then took it out and I put it in my mouth tasting her mouth

we looked at each other and she put her hands on my chest and leaned down a little riding me

“if this is wrong I dont want to make it right dad...I want to be your everything. I want to be your girlfriend, your wife and your lover. I want you to want me as I now want you.. I like this...I like you inside me dad...and you know does feel right. You broke me dad....”

I looked at her ride me. she closed her eyes moaning and went faster riding me

we f-ucked all night then fell alseep together

Kelly pov

I woke up and looked at my dad

I was now where I wanted to be....and no not his. I was in his trust like Chris was, but I was now his I was on an even higher scale.

I decided instead if let Chris have me let my father have me and it worked out perfectly, better than I thought actually

I laid in his bed and he woke up

“hi...“he said waking up looking at me

I smiled

“hi dad”

I kissed his cheek and was laying on my stomach, I laid my head back down and felt his hand on my butt and he squeezed it

“we’ll play later sweetheart...lets get dressed”

Venessa pov

I was in the living room tied up then Kelly was dressed and covered with makeup to hide her bruises, she was covered with longer clothes, pants and long sleeves, she had skinny jeans and a northface jacket on, she was pretty even with bruises but covered she was gorgeous

she walked down with Matt hand in hand, she actually did it, she gained trust, she proved Chris wrong, in a way she broke Matt by just simply accepting Matt making him vulnerable.

I watched them walk out the house together and leave

Kellys plan was working


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