Knowing My Sex Slave

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Chapter 22

Kelly pov

I was in Matt’s truck and sat there as he drove

I laid back and looked out the window

all I had to do was wait until he stopped, no I wasn’t gonna run. but look around for help. I wanted to go home but to do that I had to know exactly where I was

I watched every sign and took mental notes

my dad parked at a restaurant

I looked around

He trust me this much to the point where I could call for help?

“Kelly I’m not letting you out of my sight..”

of course, why would he he seen me in public, all I do is run

I looked at the restaurant and it was expensive, I looked at him

“ this” I said

he smiled

“I cant take my daughter somewhere nice?“he smiled

well that was nice, not the restaurant but his smile

an actual genuine smile

we got out the car and walked in and there I thought to myself...Im in normal civilization again, why was this so special , have I really been broken...

we sat down and I looked around seeing talking and laughing. Seeing this made me realize my life is in fact crazy I havent really smiled or laughed in weeks, it’s crazy to the point where Im on a date with my dad

I looked at my menu then heard my name from a girl

“Kelly!” the girl said cheerfully

I turned and seen a girl from my old school on my cheerleading team before I moved in with Sabrina and Zach she was my best friend until she moved, which I guess is here exactly now.

She walked over so happy

“oh my God! I cant believe its you! I havent seen you in forever”she said hugging me then let go

I smiled at her

" hi grace...its nice to see you too..”

my dad smiled and looked at her body grinning

“Kelly how’s it been”she asked me

I just looked at her then snapped out of it

“fine..“I lied

“we should hang out again Kelly, oh! remember when we were younger and had sleep overs we should do that again..”

“yeah...maybe..“I said uncomfortable for her own safety

my dad look at her then she looked over at him “oh!...hi..“she said looking over to him finally

“hello”he said calm

“dad....this is Grace Richards...Grace this father....Matt Stuart”

she smiled

“nice to meet you sir”

he grinned and held out his hand, she shook it and smiled

“Grace its nice to meet you”

“thank you..“she said politely

she let go first then looked at me

“well Kelly I hope I see you soon. We can hang out again!“she said so happy

“yeah....we should...“i said not meaning it to let her know dont come

my dad smiled then spoke

“you could come over if you want Grace, it would be no trouble at all, you could hang out..”

she smiled more

I looked at him

“dad...“I said trying to make him stop

he kept smiling at her

she was so happy hearing that


oh god

I stood up and tried to walk her back, my dad grabbed my hand hard

“Kelly dont be rude invite her over...“he said stern

I looked at him away from her

“dad please dont....” I begged

he looked at me and gave me a warning look

I closed my eyes and turned

“....G-Grace do to ...come over?”

“well of course!....I’ll let you and your dad finish your meal then we can catch up like old times”

she hugged me and walked back to her friends and I sat down


I looked up

“she’s just a girl okay”

well yeah to him, not me

“dad shes my friend ”

he smiled and drank his beer

“well.....friends dont last forever”


after we ate we took my dads truck home, I tired to eat as slow as possible to make time pass by so she leave but she waited like a nice friend

I sat in the back with her and my dad was looking at her body in the mirror smiling

Grace talked with me the whole ride, we mainly talked about her life and when she asked about mines I lied a lot, I couldnt take it, not the lying part but this whole situation thats about to happen

we finally got home and walked in, my dad before we came home called Chris and said we are having company

we walked in the house and Chris and Vanessa were sitting watching mtv for a change and dressed looking normal

I sat down stressed out for what was about to happen, Chris smiled seeing Grace’s body

Grace sat down and looked around

“its kinda dim in here..?“she said smiling

Chris sat next to her

“we like it who are you?“he asked

“Im Kelly’s friend Grace, we were best friend in high school”she said

he looked at me and smiled hard

he got up and sat next to me and whispered in my ear close

“you tried to play me well now I’m gonna fuck your little best friend Kelly...all because you toyed with my heart...“he said evil

he looked at me then Grace

“Grace..“he called

“yeah” she answered

“did Kelly tell you she has a brother?”

she shook her head

“well...I’m him, my name is Chris...and thats Vanessa shes my sl....girlfriend ”

“nice to meet you Chris and Vanessa ” she said

I stood up “Grace lets go to my room”

my dad sat down

“no no, stay...hang out with the family Grace...”

my dad sat me back down and onto his lap and looked at Grace

Grace smiled

“Kelly you and your dad are so close thats sweet, you have a loving family...“she smiled

my dad kissed my cheek

“were loving that’s for sure...right Chris “he grinned like the joker

my dad laid me back on him

we watched tv for an episode of some show

Chris walked Vanessa upstairs then sat back down by Grace close

they watched tv then my dad laid me back more then unzipped my pants while she wasnt looking

I looked down then whispered

“dad stop”

he hushed quietly and put his hands in my pants under my underwear

he rubbed my puss-y and moved legs apart

he rubbed and I held in my moan , he stuck a finger in and I had to moan so bad

Chris had hand cuffs ready for Grace

my dad pumped me hard and I moaned uncontrollably


I looked over to her on the couch with Chris

her jaw dropped and she sat up

“Mr.Stuart! what are you doing?!“she asked shocked

he went faster and I moaned harder and laid my head back from the pleasure

“UH, F_UCK!”

I had my eyes closed and my dad kissed on my neck fingering me hard and fast as I moaned

Matt pov

I smiled at Grace then looked at Kelly moaning on my lap

“Kelly tell Grace who I am and what I do”

“Grace Matt is my daddy/ master and ra-pes me”

“who am I Kelly? Who’s your daddy" I asked smiling looking at Grace’s mortified face at the sight of us

“you’re my daddy“she moaned out

I pumped her so hard now she screamed moaning arching her back and held my hand in deeper

I knew she’d do that, she has since we moved

“do you like this Kelly” I asked kissing on her neck

she moaned and nodded for her sake

I smiled and Grace looked like she was about to freak the f-ck out

“Kelly....wh..what happened to you”she spoke watching her in bliss from the pleasure moaning holding my hand in her p-ussy riding my hand as I finger her deep

I smiled

“I broke her” I spoke

I pulled my fingers out her wet p-ssy and licked them, sucking her juices into my mouth tasting her again

“mmmm, good girl Kelly”

she c-ummed.

“like you said Grace were a loving family. And I Love my daughter.”

I sat Kelly on the couch and pulled her pants off and underwear then mine

I stood there with a hard c-ock

“I love you Kelly”

“I love you too dad.”

I opened her legs and leaned down and enter her fast and started stroking her

“uh uh uh uh oh my God”she moaned

I looked over at Grace and she was frozen with shock

I started just f-cking Kelly so hard looking at Grace

Grace pov

he just started going so hard and Kelly could take it...

he looked down at her and kissed her and she kissed him back and he laid over her humping into his daughter, Kelly moaned and laid back and he sat up and held her legs open more and continued on his knees watching her as she moaned

“Like that baby girl”

she nodded then he pulled out and sat down and she got up and just rode him knowing what to do next for a position

Matt pov

Kelly faced me with her back to Grace riding my co-ck and I stared at Grace getting my d-ick rode

I looked to Chris and nodded

He quickly handcuffed her and tied her up fast

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING!“she yelled scared

“Grace your once friend has changed..“I said watching her ride me. Her pus-sy moving up and down on my co-ck

As she moved up her juices ran down my di-ck

" your so wet for daddy baby” I spoke loving my daughters pus-sy

I laid back and held her butt looking at Grace then slapped Kelly’s a-ss hard and held it with both hands and moved her a-ss up and down more guiding her strokes and my co-ck went inside her deeper and I had to c-um so bad loving that feeling

“mmmm god baby you’re so tight, I love it, your p-ussy is squeezing my -c-ock to cu-m inside you”

Chris was hard holding himself watching, I looked at Grace

“Chris Happy birthday” I spoke of Grace as a toy

he laughed then picked her up and went down to the basement and r-aped and beat her

You could her hear cries..

Kelly had tears hearing her best friend suffer and cry out to Kelly for help

“Kelly shes just a girl” I reminded her

she looked at me on my lap

“why”she just asked crying

“because she meant something to you, I will be the only one to mean something to you Kelly.“I spoke checking her on our relationship

she looked at me then laid her head on my shoulder crying hearing her friend screaming so loud

I held Kelly and kissed her cheek

“Its okay..”

I believe she used this cry to cry not only for her friend but herself and release some sadness she kept hidden for so long, she just need a gateway to and this was it

I let her cry on my shoulder and we sat there hearing screams

Chris pov

“STOP STREAMING!“I yelled thrusting deep

“God your a tight squeeze girl...are you a virgin?”

I kept going hard and she yelled for Kelly for help again

“my sister cant help be honest shes stuck. if anyone needs help it her.”

she cried which can get very annoying after a while, I put duck tape over her mouth then hit her face


I thrusted more and had to c-um


I cu-mmed so hard and deep inside her pus-sy

she cried more

“awh man, sorry... Are you on birth control by chance”

she just closed her eyes and cried

I pulled out and some c-um spilled out her and off my c-ock

“DAD!” I yelled scared

he later walked down with Kelly and Kelly looked at her so hurt and sad

“dad I cu-mmed inside her, Im sorry ”

he looked at me mad and hit me


“I’m sorry! just, she was a virgin and tight...I couldnt help it, sorry dad”

Kelly walked up to her and looked at he in tears

“.....I’m so sorry Grace..”

Grace just cried

my dad looked at me then Grace

“Chris go take a shower..Ill deal with her”

I ran upstairs

Kelly pov

I looked down at her than my dad moved me back

“Kelly go upstairs..”

I back up and stayed down here

“fine...but dont you dare cry”

I watched him and he walked to a shelf and come back, I walked up and he had a gun held to her head

“DAD!” I screamed and ran up

he shot her and she was dead looking at nothing

my dad put the gun away locking it up and I walked up to her

“Grace I’m so sorry..”

he walked up to me as I stood there next to her body in tears and he held me from behind and put his chin on my shoulder and we looked at her dead body together holding each other. my dad kissed my cheek then looked at her again with me and we stood like that next to a dead body we just trapped, r-aped and murdered.


Okay not proofread but there u go! alot of ppl wanted an update, more s-ex and for the( - ) in between cuss words to go away, well if i do that this book becomes private meaning half of u wouldnt have seen this to begin with, another reason i do it is because wattpad doesnt condone that and will ban a book and has ban this book in the past, so sorry there is a - in bad words sorry not sorry lol the s-ex sense was extend from the original version so for u craving s-x sense ppl there u go lol hope u all enjoy this book if not again sorry not sorry...demi had a point making that song i swear lol

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