Knowing My Sex Slave

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Chapter 23

Dylan pov

I was in Washington with Zach looking around all over the state, days went by and I was getting stressed out so bad

Zach was driving then I seen cops by this restaurant investigating

Zach pulled over and we got

a guy talked with a cop

“she was last seen here with her friend and some man? I dont know officer” a guy said

the cops took notes

I ran over to the guy while Zach talked with the cops

“hey!” I shouted

he turned


“you said you seen a girl with another girl and guy...what happened ”

“my friend Grace went to her old best friends house. man I dont know ” he said and walked off

I ran up to him and pushed him up against a car

“what did the girl and man look like!”

“relax....the girl was so hot and had a mix of blonde hair like the guy, she had uh green eyes...she also had a few bruises here and there ...the man I guessed was her dad most likely”

“WHERE IS SHE!” I screamed mad

“I dont know!?!!!” he yelled nervous

I was about to punch him because he didnt know and I was so frustrated

“STOP DYLAN!“Zach yelled and pulled me off

the guy ran away

“GET OVER HERE!!” I yelled

“Dylan he doesnt know where she is!!“Zach yelled

I pulled out of his hold and sat on the ground

I looked around seeing cars go by

Zach sat down next to me

“we will find her least were closer”

Kelly pov

I was in a bath laying back with my eyes closed

“one month and three days..”

I looked at my body then just looked away disgusted.

I got to watch my father kill my once best friend now making that the third person he’s killed in front of me.

I was starting to give up

I heard footsteps and the door opened

“Kelly once your dressed come to my room”Matt said


he left and I laid there in the tub

I laid down more and my nose was right by the water, my mouth was under and I just looked at the wall for awhile thinking

I closed my eyes and went under the water and laid under water

I’m sorry Dylan..

Matt pov

“what the hell is taking her so long...Chris go get Kelly” I said turning the channel

he got up annoyed and walked slow bored

I threw the remote

“hurry your a-ss!!!!”

he ran upstairs and I looked back at the tv

I watched sports center then Chris yelled


I ran upstairs and to the bathroom and he held her out the water

I rushed up and took her

“Chris get a towel we need to take her to the hospital!!”

Zach pov

I sat in my car while Dylan talked with neighbors and put up flyers

I turned on the radio and then looked at the road and seen Matt driving so fast

I started the car and yelled for Dylan


he ran over and got in and I drove fast after them

I raced up to his truck

“ITS MATT!” Dylan yelled

“I know, we’re going with them. who’s that other guy in the seat?”

“Probably Chris”He said mad

we pulled up to a hospital and Matt took Kelly out and she looked dead

“Holy fuck...“I whispered scared for her life

she had cuts, burns, bruises, and was passed out, her head was laid back and arms out, she looked just lifeless in the scariest way

they ran her in and I parked and Dylan was about to run in

“WAIT! can’t be seen, sneak in ok, doctors aren’t gonna make her go home in a day so sneak in lay low then see her...but don’t let them see you Dylan.”

he nodded and got out

I took out my keys and walked in and they were already gone

I went to the front counter

“Im looking for a young girl she just arrived, her name is Kelly Hillman...I mean Stuart, Kelly Stuart...”

the lady spoke

“sir you’ll have to wait until visiting, her father can only see her at this moment ”

I nodded

“uh...what all happened to her”I asked

“she was unconscious from trying to commit suicide, we saved her and she’s now healing and resting for at least a week..she greatly injured beyond her trying to kill herself.”

I nodded and walked out then sat in my car and called Dylan

“.... ..... ..... hello”

“hows she look”

“Zacch shes destroyed, she tens times worse than before...she’ll take even more time to recover...”

I closed my eyes and laid my head back

“....ok...where are you”

“peeking through her door, Matt and Chris are are sitting in chairs as she sleeps..”

“ok, write down her room number then come to the car...well get Kelly sooner than you think”

“whats your plans?”

“just stay away from the door in five minutes and text me her room number”


I sat and waited for his text, six minutes later he texted 207

I called cops and reported the crime of Matt Stuart and his son and that they were here in room 207

I seen a young man walk out and smoke by Matt’s truck stressed out

four minutes later cops rushed up and ran inside

the guy was shocked and ran off

later Dylan walked out and sat down in the car

“Chris got away...they got Matt.“he said

I was at least happy with that I guess one is better than none

Matt was pulled out in handcuffs and cursing resisting arrest like an idiot

I smiled then got out and he seen me


I smiled and Dylan got out and ran inside for Kelly

I watched Matt glare at me being put inside the cop car

they slammed the door and he just looked at me, he mouthed “your dead.”

I smiled and the car pulled off

Dylan pov

I ran to Kellys room and she was there sleep

I held her hand and looked at her

she was wrapped up on her burns on her arms

she laid there and I wanted to ask God to heal her now so we could be together and she’d be healthy again

I leaned down and kissed her cheek

Zach walked

Zach pov

she was so hurt I wanted to cry, I looked at the right side of her face and It had a bruise that was as if she was punched

I walked up more and was crushed

my phone went off

I picked up


“Zach did you get any luck today with Dylan”

“babe we found her..”

“thank God is she ok”she asked

“...she’s...“I paused

“Zachary is my daughter okay,“she asked serious

“shes resting in a hospital”was all I said

“shes had me bad is she Zach”

" burned, cut, beat and gurt so bad I’m not surprised she tried to kill herself before we got to her”

“shes in a hospital for suicide!”

“.....yeah babe...” I said sad looking at her sleep with multiple cords in her body


Kelly pov

I heard beeping and woke up

“....I didnt die....“I said sad

I looked at my arms wrapped up and my body laying down

I looked over and cried


He woke up in his chair and smiled and rushed over

“Kelly I’ve missed you so much babe!!!” he said happy with tears

I smiled and he kissed me and I seen Zach


He got up and came over

He smiled at me and kissed my cheek

“Hi sweetheart..”

I cried and sat up and hugged them both

Zach pov

I smiled and let her and Dylan talk

She was so happy to wake up to me and Dylan and not Chris and Matt and it made my heart so happy and I was happy for her

They talked and I was about to called Sabrina back

" dad” Kelly spoke

I smiled and turned around

" yeah...”

" can I call mom ”

I smiled and gave her my phone ansd they talked on the phone and Kelly had tears

I sat down and the doctor walked in

" well look whos up...hi im happy to you up and smiling at gave us a scare ms.Stuart”

" Hillman” she corrected him

I smiled more and the doctor smiled

“My apologies, you’ll be here for at least a week until healed up and checked out and then your free to leave with your family.” he said smiling

She smiled and laid back just happy

I smiled and Dylan kissed her

The doctor left and I walked up to her

“Kelly your dad is gone”

She looked at me

" gone.........gone gone”

“Hes in prison”

She smiled so wide with tears of joy


Alright there you go, the next chapter is my favorite so ill will update sooner than later unlike before im sorry ppl college is a b-itch that’s f-ucking me over at the moment

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