Knowing My Sex Slave

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Chapter 24

2 months later

Matt pov

I was in prison for molestation, rape, and murder and that was life in prison

I was worried about Chris, he’s never been left alone since that day I took him and I knew he have a tough time to run things back home if he made it

I thought about Kelly. Did she do that on purpose, her and that guy Zach. Set me up to have me arrested at the hospital, I swear to God I’ll kill him and take her back, prison hasn’t stopped me once it won’t stop me again...

Chris Pov

I was home freaking out, I needed Matt here and I was mad he was arrested. I seen Dylan at the hospital and he set up my dad with that guy. I was going to kill him for that.

Kelly pov

I laid in my bed happy and looked at the sun shine through my window, I laid my head down and closed my eyes

I heard Zach walk in

“Rise and Shine my princess! up!”

“Five more minutes”I spoke

“oh hand...the hand of fury is back! It’s out of ....CONTROL!“he yelled and tickled me

I sat up fast and hugged him, he hugged me back and got up

“your favorite is for breakfast, meet you downstairs sweetheart”


he left and I got up to get dressed

Zach pov

I walked down stairs in my suit for work and kissed Sabrina good morning

“morning babe”

she smiled

“morning, is she up for her first day”


I ate and she did then Kelly walked down dressed and hugged Sabrina good morning

“so Kelly are you ready”Sabrina asked

she nodded

I smiled

She’s recovered faster than the last time and is healthy,she has many scars and burn marks but she’s healed and was happy again

I’ts been 2 months and shes back to bring our daughter again with Dlyan

the door was knocked on


he ran in and kissed Kelly and made him a plate and ate with us

“so Kelly you ready?“he asked excited

she looked nervous

“...........yeah...kinda....ok no I’m nervous ”

I smiled

“sweetheart you’ll do great”Sabrina said

“thanks Mom”Kelly smiled

Dylan looked at the clock

“we have....exactly..15 minutes”

she hot up

“we gotta go! bye mom bye dad! Love You!!!“she yelled as she pulled Dylan running who still had Waffles in his mouth

We smiled and said goodbye

Kelly pov

Dylan drove us to school and it was huge, I was so nervous yet excited to be in college now

I got out the car and we walked in and he walked me to my first class

I sat down and reached in my bag then seen a notebook

I opened it and froze

It was my journal from when I was kidnapped. I went to the middle of the notebook

_Its been weeks and I lost track of the correct date. My dad expressed he’s in love with me because i’m all he has and I’m the only girl he’ll truly love. As the days progress I’m physically, mentally, and emotionally dying...his love and punishment is starting to make me want to kill myself

I looked at the page past behind me and have new Start. As class went by I was starting to feel more normal and it just felt nice to be alive again

Dylan pov

After school I waited for Kelly and she walked out happy

“I like it here Dylan. It’”she expressed

I was happy for her

I smiled wide

“I’m glad you like it babe...Let’s head home for dinner love..”

Zach pov

I watched Sabrina cook

“so have you heard anything babe?“she asked

“no...Chris is still in hiding probably where Kelly use to live in Washington”

she nodded

“Keep looking ok, I cant lose her again”


I set the table for four and they walked in the living room and hung out until we called dinner

I walked out the kitchen to see them and they were making out laying on the couch

I cleared my throat

They looked up and Kelly hid under him

“Kelly what did I tell you” I asked smiling

“two inches apart dad”

she pushed Dylan off the couch

“babe!” he yelled on the floor smiling

“dad’s rule”

I smiled and Dylan got up

“not cool Zach” he said smiling

I laughed and Sabrina called dinner


Next day

Kelly pov

I walked up to the school as Dylan parked

I seen a group of kids having a nice time then a girl seen me from my first class

“HEY! NEW KID!” she ylled

I stopped and she ran over

“come hang with us”she asked happy

“I have to get to class”

“oh come on, class doesn’t start til way later”

“what could I do for....ten minutes wit you all”I checked my watch and looked up uninterested

she smiled

“ok here’s the deal, you see that guy in the red”she pointed

I looked and nodded


“hes into you ok, but is too big of a baby to talk to you”she laughed

I looked at him and he walked over

“Erika stop throwing me under the bus, Hi...I’m Trevor”

“hi...I’m Kelly”

he smiled at that

“Cute name....well whenever you want to hang out and chill see us....we’ll love to make you feel welcome here being new and all....”

I nodded and they left back to their group and they all talked and looked happy

I smiled then Dylan walked up



Trevor pov

“man shes a hot piece of Ass...“Eli spoke watching her walk off

I watched too and nodded turned on by her body already

I passed a joint


“thanks”Eli took it and smoked

“shes always alone though, does she not like people?“I asked

“she likes to chill with that new freshman guy”

“oh yeah that buff gut who has cuts everywhere ”

“yeah whats with that guy?“Keey asked “beats me I like the girl” I asked and smoked my joint

Dylan pov

After school I had to stay after class to finish a test, Kelly took car home and would pick me up later

I felt bad leaving her alone and texted her sorry

Kelly pov

I walked outside and seen Dylans text that hes sorry he couldn’t take me home

I texted its okay finished your test and Ill be home with Zach and Sabrina until I pick you up

I heard people laughing having a good time and seen that group again

Trevor looked over

“Oh hey!, Kelly!“he yelled and ran over

“come hang with us now that school is over”

“I have to get home sorry”

Erika walked up

“home? this home your in college Kelly! leave the nest and hang with us!” she said happy

I smiled and denied and walked away

Trevor yelled


I stopped and turned

he looked at me

“you blow us off and sit by yourself when that guy isn’t with you or you head straight to class or home. What? your too good for us?“he asked smiling

that made me think of Matt when he said that to me for running and that made me mad

“........Fuck you”I said pissed off

he smiled

“you’ll fit right in..“he said happy

“what?“I asked

he held my hand and walked

" I like you attitude Kelly”he said

we walked over and his friends smiled

“guys shes as cool as us, like I proved, she passed you losers”he said happy

“so shes not just a stuck up b-itch“Some girl spoke next to Erika

I looked at her mad and she smiled

“no offense” she spoke half heartedly

“sure”I spoke sarcastic

she laughed and held her hand out

“you really are like Sara”

“Kelly” I said shaking it

I walked with them and we went by the dorms and we sat in a field

“guys lets smoke..Kelly you smoke?“Trevor asked pulling it out his backpack

“no, I don’t smoke...”

“have you ever tried?“a guy asked

I looked at him then everyone looked at me shocked

“she’s never gotten high!!” the guy said smiling

“you gotta try ok”Sara said rolling up some

we all sat down and I looked around

“aren’t we gonna get in trouble ”

“no, school is over teachers are home”

“....oh......“I said shrugging

“KElly this is Eli, Sarah, Kerry, Henry and know Erika”

“hi..” I said

Eli passed me joint after Sara rolled it up and I held it, he nodded and I put it to my mouth and he lit it

“so Kelly whats your story girl”Eli asked lighting my joint

I looked at him and he smiled at me

“inhale” he said laughing

I did and then answered his question

“my’s...not important”

I smoke more and relaxed

Trevor pov

I watched Kelly smoke and get high with us, this girl was so hot. I wanted to know her more

I could tell she had a past, an interesting one by how she hid it so well as well all talk

she smoked more and relaxed and opened up more so I asked again

“whats your story babe?“I asked and smoked

she looked at us

“....I was a normal kid up dad...he....he kiddnapped me at 17 ....(sje smoked more) he would r-ape and beat me (she blow out smoke)..hie called it love and punishment ...” she said looking at us

we all sat around her, she took out this notebook and we listened to her tell us her story and were shocked and felt so bad, she showed us her scars and burns and Sarah had tears in her eyes about to cry

Kelly was chill with the weed in her, I could tell she needed to released emotion and expressed herself

I grabbed my alcohol out my bag because it was hot out here, I drank while she talked

she looked at me high and asked for some

“uh....Kelly your high babe.....drinking isn’t the best mix right now”

“p-ussy.“she said rolling her eyes

they all laughed so hard and I smiled

“here” I said and passed it shaking my head smiling

she drank and I smiled more

we all hung out and she was tipsy, I shouldn’t have let her drink, one she was a light weight and two this was her first time and my drink was too strong to be mixing, she hiccuped now drunk

“Kelly did you eat lunch”Eli asked

“...n....(she hiccupped) nope”

oh the fun I could get out of her was great

I smiled and she laid laid back and passed me the bottle

I drank and it was empty

“well S-hit...this should be exciting”I said smiling at her watching

“Trevor stop staring at me”she spoke drunk

“Kelly we have to get you home babe”I said moving her to me to sit by me but she just sat in my lap

she smiled then thought

“I have to t-take Dylan home so...yeah?“She said lost

me and my friends laughed seeing her high and drunk

“Kelly.“some guy spoke fast mad

she looked over at him

“Wha Dylan?”

we smiled hiding our laughs and he looked at us pissed off

“don’t ever give her drugs again you group of crackheads!“he said mad and helped her up out my lap

“Its potheads dumbass” I said laughing

we all laughed hard high

I smiled at the guy and hee look at me mad

“Stay the F-uck away from her. YOU HEAR ME!“he snapped being bipolar

I just smirked

they walked off

I watched her leave and smiled wide

“she’ll be back...they always come back..”

Dylan pov

I was driving pissed off


she was doing so great for two days in college she high and drunk.

“relax....Dylan. I’m fine. God S...stop being a p-ussy”she slurred hard

I parked at her house and walked to the door

she walked slow high and just drunk

we walked in and she shut it so slowly then didn’t finished walking off thinking she did

I finished shutting it and sat down

she laid out on the floor drunk looking up at nothing

Sabrina walked in

“Hey guys....Kelly dear are you okay?”

Kelly just laughed


Sabrina looked at her closer

“ARE YOU DRUNK!?!!“she asked

“.....No, are you drunkkk?!“she asked like a smartas-s

Sabrina got her off the floor


“to be honest Im trying not to”she held her head annoyed

I walked out mad

Zach pov

I walked in after saying hi to Dylan who was pissed off?

I opened the door



“HEY!” I yelled mad now

I walked in and Kelly looked at me

“Oh’s daddy to lesson next” she said rude and with drank pink eyes

“are you high !?!?!” I yelled more mad

she looked at me

“....and here we go...lesson number two...“she said bored and drunk

I looked at her and walked up more she smelt like hard liquor

“Kelly sit down”I said mad

she laughed a little

“Why?” she shrugged

Sabrina was upset

“why would you do this”she asked Kelly

Kelly looked over

“would yooou chill the f-uck out alreadyyy mom i’m fffine”

Sabrina just walked off upset, her sister was an alcoholic and seeing her this way crushed her

I grabbed Kelly mad and took her to her room and walked in

“dont you ever speak to her like that!”

she laughed

“Zachary shush”

I shut the door and she was about to leave

“where are you going” I asked mad

“out Zach”

“what did I tell you about calling me by my first name Kelly”

she smiled

“Oh thats right...y...your daddy number number two..I forgot”

“Kelly go to sleep” I said frustrated hearing that

she looked at her arm which I had in my grasp

“ want to be like raised your voice like him and you want me to call you dad like him and grab my wrist like fine....I-..I’ll treat you like your my Father..“she said drunk out of it

she just pushed me fast onto the bed and climbed on top of me

I tried to get up without hurting her and just raised up

“Kelly go to sleep. Now” I said raising getting mad

she forced me down hard and I looked up quickly and before I could stop it she kissed me

I could smell the whiskey on her mouth.

I moved her

“Go to sleep" I said wiping my mouth

" no sleep with me daddy...“she spoke drunk looking at with lust

“Kelly please”I spoke trying to snap her out of it

she held me down and leaned down just looking gone off what ever drugs she took with red eyes

“Matt...I want you....make me cum daddy...I want it."

I looked at her sad now, her dad really messed her up

she smiled

“daddy I love you so much...just don’t hurt me please I love you..take me, it’s okay i’m yours remember”she whispered with her eyes closed and laid on me

she kissed my cheek and on my neck

“Matt I Love you.“she spoke again

I moved her and she pulled me to her and I fell on top of her

“Kelly Stop...” I said sad for her

“F-uck me....I want it in deep”she said drunk and horny

I looked at her crushed

“sleep sweetheart.”

she laughed

“am I not good enough now..“she spoke taking off her clothes

“Kelly stop.”

she held my my face and looked at me

“no....I want you to make me cu-m....f-uck your little girl daddy...give me your big Cock!!”

She pushed me to the bed again and unzipped my pants fast

“Kelly!!!” I yelled fast

she reached in my pants taking my pen-is out while leaning her mouth down to it

I moved her back and pushed her to the bed quick,

she laid there passing out done finally

I fixed my pants and zipped them then took a breath and kissed her forehead

“get some rest princess” I spoke feeling bad knowing that that’s who she had to be for her father.

I walked out after tucking her in and walked down stairs

I sat on the couch and Sabrina sat next to me

“what are we gonna do with her Zachary..“she asked sad

I shook my head

“I don’t know”


Well Ill try updating soon again thanks for reading and voting the comments, they are funny and demanding but hey who doesnt have a little bit of Matt in them, kelly just did.. Will it come to bit her in the a-ss some day??? Keep reading And TUNE IN NEXT TIME FOR MORE KNOWING MY SEX SLAVE!

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