Knowing My Sex Slave

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Chapter 26

Matt pov

I was sharpening a dull knife a inmate gave to me and it sharp and hid it under my clothes, I laid back in my bed and looked at my bigger muscles bored

a guard came up to my cell

“Stuart you have ten minutes for a call”

I sat up fast and he walked me to the phones

I called Chris

“... ... ... hello?” he answered

“It’s me..” I space

“DAD! holy I’m freaking out...cops have been looking for me a lot and I don’t know what to do...but I do know where she is though, that family took her back and she’s in college now”

“ok....fine out her number, ask friends shes made or look it up on the internet, do whatever. I want get out Chris...”

“Okay dad, just call when you need me to deliver something again”

“ok, see you later son”

“bye dad..”

We hung up and I went to workout some more.

Kelly pov

I was in class and Erika sat by me

“Kelly were all sorry we got you high and drunk, I told Trevor to never do that again but hes pushy “she said upset

“....its fine, I’m to blame too I took the bottle out of his hands, but its fine”

she nodded

“so what are you working on?”

“saturation for this design”

she looked over at my laptop

“oh! go to adjustments and go under contrast”

I did and fixed it


“yup, so is that guy your boyfriend?”

“the one who got me...yeah that’s Dylan”

she smiled

“hes cute, you guys make a cute couples..”

“thank you..”

“.....Kelly ..“she spoke soft

I looked over

“....when in the tub were you trying to escape or really commit suicide..”

I was quiet

“....suicide..“I said looking at my desk

she was quiet and sat there still

“i’m sorry...“she whispered

I looked at her and she got up fast and left with teary eyes

I watched the door shut


“bro Eli she’s fine ok....I’m sure she’s not really that damage” I said annoyed

Erika walked up to me fast


I smiled

“Erika she’s fine ok, I checked on her yesterday at her house and just gave her weed to chillout not hard drugs or alcohol. she’s not gonna be ruined”

she paushed me hard mad

“You heard what her dad and step brother did to her....and she really tried to kill herself alright, getting her high and drunk isn’t funny anymore ok. She’s a cool chick so leave her alone.”

I smiled more and walked up to her and pulled her to me

“Erika stop telling me what to do, if I want to have some fun with her I will, matter of fact....”

I walked off and went to her car and he waited for the bell which went of now for lunch.

Later she walked out and kissed that guy and he went to his car and I smiled as she approached me

she was pissed off at the sight of me

“If you dont f-uck off Trevor. “she said mad

“babe....I just wanted to really apologize for what me and my friends did, we just wanted to get to know you ok, I’m not a bad guy, all I wanted to do was get close to you, That’s why I gave you my number with the weed”

she just looked at me

“I have a boyfriend, and you know that, so just go.”

“alright let me make it up to you, Ill take you to a friend”

“Bye Trevor”

she got in her car and I hopped in

“what are you doing?“shes asked mad

I gave her my phone

“break it ”

“what?” she spoke confused

“break it...I was an asshole and that phine means everything to has all my drugs traders and important info, so for me being an as-s break it”

she gave it to me

“im not breaking it so you can just use that against me , now get out”

I smiled

shes smart

I got out and dropped my phone

“God damn it..“I said annoyed

I leaned down and she ran over it


she backed over my hand and I leaned down in pain

“KEELY!!!!” I screamed.

the car moved off and I pulled my hand up. My hand was as crushed as my phone . I tapped on her window with my good one

she stopped and I got back in

“you ran me over..”

“I did not”I showed her my hand “OH MY GOD! I’M SO SORRY!!!”

I smiled laughing the pain off for her

“Its okay can you take to the hospital, I cant drive now”

she nodded

we got there and I got a brace

“so Kelly can I borrow your phone to call my sister to get me”

“yeah...and sorry again, I didn’t know you dropped your phone”

“its fine.”

I borrowed her phone and walked to the hall

I copy her number in my real phone and went through her contacts

I called someone

“did you get her number?”

“yeah Chris and my f-ucking hand broke. that wasnt worth it man”

“shut up Trevor. Was too. My dad needs it. anyways hows Miami”

“fine, Chris I dont like setting her up man, its messed up, she told me and my crew what you and Matt did to her.”

“well do you and your crew want to live?”


I texted him her number and deleted my calls and text and went to return her phone

me and my friends were hanging out and he was there and pulled me to the side, one because he already knew who I was..his dad has helped me in the past like he’s helped Chris. But Chris was serious about getting his dad back. Je threaten to kill me. He said he kill friends first one by one so I would suffer my awaiting.

I told my friends I needed their help but not that we die if we fail. I just told them we needed to expose Kelly so I could get to know her but I was just helping Matt.

I Cant sleep at night in the position I’m in, but it was either me and my friends or this girl so I decided its her not us

Kelly pov

Trevor gave me phone back and looked upset

“hey I’m sorry I ran you over”

he smiled small

“don’t be...dont be at all..“he said sad for me?


A week went by and everything at the house was fine again and school, that group left me alone and only Erika and sometimes Trevor approached me

Erika seem sad when talking to me as if she was hiding something now.

I was in my car parked at the store and got a call.


“Kelly its me.....your dad..“Matt spoke evil

I froze then spoke

“stop calling me...and how did you get my number.”

“is that any way to talk to your father?”

“Matt you of all people arent loving, your fu-cked up. I hate you and I hope, wish and pray for you to get r-aped in prison”

“the only rap-ing I’ll be in is me r-aping your tight wet juicy p-ussy that love Kelly and when I get out i’m going to do that first before anything, Its been months since I’ve been inside you babe and Im so ready for you, you just wait Kelly. I got your number even in prison and next I’ll have your p-ussy in Miami to r--” I hung up fast and sat back

How did he get my number.

Chris was somewhere...

I didn’t call Zach or Sabrina, I’ve already been a hand full and Dylan was still mad for my drunk and high episode

I drove home and sat on the couch and watched tv to relax

Zach walked in

“...Hey sweetheart”

“Hi dad..”

He walked over and kissed my cheek and went upstairs

I laid back then the front door opened, Dylan walked in

“Hey babe”


he looked at me,

“whats wrong..”

I shook my head

“nothing I’m fine, just tired”

he sat by me and kissed me

“take a nap babe”

I really wasnt tired, just stressed about Matt and Chirs

“thats ok...Im not that tired...”

“oh..then I should wake you up” he said smiling

I looked over and he kissed me and laid me back

“Kelly I’ll wake you up babe...“he grinned

I smiled more and kissed him, he picked me up and we went to my room

I took off his shirt and he took off mines

we got naked and he laid over me with a hard on

we kissed and he kissed on my neck

“Dylan..“I said ready

he entered me and I moaned

he thrusted deep and held me

“God I’ve missed this”he spoke

oh God...Matt’s said that..

I ignored it and he he kept going hard

I was moaning and kissed him and he sat up and I rode him

I held his shoulders and leaned back moaning loud as he thrusted up and I rode him


he went faster and I kissed him

we made out, then I leaned him back and put my hands on his chest and rode faster on his di-ck

he held my butt

“yeah Kelly just like that babe...ride me..”

I closed my eyes and went faster and moaned and had to cum

“OH MY GOD! YES MA...“I paused one because I almost said Matt and two the door opened fast

“KELLY HILLMAN AND DYLAN STEVENS!!” Sabrina yelled in work clothes

Dylan looked over

“SABRINA!“he yelled and pulled out me

he fell off the bed leaving me exposed, I covered up and she looked at us mad

“what did I say you two.”

“not until we’re married..“Dylan spoke bored and annoyed

I smiled at him

she left and he got dressed

he looked at me “babe I’m sorry ”

he was sorry? I practically cummed yelling my fathers name, why was he sorry

“why are you sorry?” I asked putting on my bra and underwear

he sat on the bed in shorts

“Kelly...I wasn’t thinking...I almost cummed inside you babe without a condom on...we we would of been parents in nine months”

I looked at him and he was looking at the wall then spoke

“but...someday...I do want kids..with you...but once were ready, if that’s okay with you?”

I smiled wide and leaned over and kissed him

we made out then the door opened and Zach yelled


We laughed and Dylan kissed me

“Zach she’s gonna be my bride one thing you know, she’ll be a mommy”

Zach spoke smiling

“I hope so....but right now its dinner time and you two are on restriction again, no kissing alone behind closed doors, if there’s gonna be any crying babies its gonna be my wife down stairs who whines about everything”he said annoyed joking

“HEY!” Sabrina yelled in the hall walking

we laughed and got dressed


sorry for the late update school and holiday, next Chapter Kelly leaves the family and dylan for someone New?!?!?!?!?!? Tune in next time on knowing my SS !!!!!

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