Knowing My Sex Slave

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Chapter 27

Trevor Pov

“...Chris I’m not doing that man”I said on the phone

“then I’ll just kill Eli in his sleep.”

“ok....ok...Ill do it, what if she doesn’t tell me her plan though”

“get it out of her or Eli is gone. Find out what she plans to do now that she knows my dad is in action and I’m still out here..”

“ok, bye”

we hung up

I looked at Kelly walked to her next class with a Gatorade

I watched her walk in then I snuck in and when she wasn’t looking dropped in two pills in her bottle

I walked out fast and waited

Kelly pov

I worked in my assignment and drank a gatorade I got from the gym

I finished it and felt weird

I raised my hand slowly

“yes Kelly?” Mrs.Smith asked

“C....Can I....I go to the health center on campus....or just..leave cl...class”I spoke slow

she looked at me now

“Do you need help getting there Kelly....hey are you alright?”

I just stood up grabbing my bag

“I..Have to get o--” I stopped and she stood up fast

Trevor pov

I walked in her class and Kelly was about to fall back. I ran and grabbed her fast

Mrs.Smith spoke

“Thank you! Trevor please take her to the health center. If you can’t I’ll take her mysel-”

“I got her.”

I took Kelly to my dorm room fast and sat her on my couch

“what do you plan to do now that Matt is talking about getting out and Chris is out there” I said fast

she had a truth serum drug in her shed be honest and feel drunk for a while but she would be able to speak her exact mind

“Trevor...f...f-uck you, you pretty boy wanna be”

I just looked at her

“Just tell me!!”

I had to save Eli life by tomorrow

“Take! god damn it....youre so an..annoying!” she slurred

I took her to my room and got weed

“here......smoke this and relax, your crazy”I spoke stressed

“what j...just call me” she spoke mad

I turned around and she snapped

“F-UCK YOU I’M NOT CRAZY! HES CRAZY FUCK THIS YOU KNOW WHAT!” she yelled then pushed me hard

I fell and she hit my face hard


she hit me more and beat me

“I HATE YOU MATT!!!“she screamed

I took her beating for her sake of her sadness after knowing what he did to her..

I sat up and held her to me

“shhh.....dont cry”

she pushed me hard


was I matt right now?

I didn’t care I need her answer and my best friend to live past 21

I pushed her to the bed

“listen here bitch I need answers so what do you plan to do!”

she looked at me on top of her

“well if this isn’t familiar”she said bored

I looked down seeing her cleavage and froze turned on

I checked her body over her

she looked at me

“You have that want it”

“want what?”

“my p-ussy.”

my eyes went wide

wow....its this easy huh..

I smirked

“I’ll let you go home if I get what I want” I said

she laid there with a drunk look

“why does everyone want s-ex..“she asked giving up

“no. not that, whats your plan”I asked

“I don’t have a plan”

“don’t lie to me”

“I’m not”

“TELL ME!” I yelled mad

she looked at me

“w..why do you..of all people...want to know?”

I leaned down and kissed her so we change subjects

I looked at her

“Your gonna...fu-ck me or Ill call Chris...“I lied

she looked sad

“Your one of them..”

“no..Im one of you..“I said

I’m ‘trapped’ like she was

she looked sad again

“I’m sorry...“she spoke quiet

I nodded

I looked at her and her body, I leaned down and kissed her, I could taste the drug

We made out and I took her shirt off and tried to take her pants off

“stop!....dont..“she said hiding something

I pulled them down hard and took them off fast, her legs were demolished

I looked at her and then her legs again

“Kelly...” I whispered

“I know..“she said crying

I leaned down and kissed her legs and up her abused body, I kissed every scar and burn she had and she looked at me as I did it

I kissed her lips

“your beautiful ok.. don’t let anyone tell you differently Kelly Hillman..”

I held her face and she looked at me

“why are you so nice now...”

“because I’ll be seeing a lot of you...and my friends will be no longer and you’ll be all Ill have left...”

she looked at me

“I’m all you have him”

“who?” I asked looking at her cry

she just laid there and I took her under clothes off and looked at her once beat body

“Kelly I want to protect you ok..but you have to work with me..”

she laid there and closed her eyes

“are you one of his clients..“she asked

I looked at her sad

“ right now Kelly you’re drugged and I need your help”

she sat up and looked at me

“I’ll do whatever you say just don’t beat me..“she said wiping her tears

I looked at her sad and kissed her

“be with me..“I spoke softly

she shook her head

“Dylan..“was all she said high off the drug it was taking effect more

“Kelly you have two options. me and your safe or hm and you will get kidnapped again. Ok I’m the key to Chris and Matt. I can’t help them again or you..”

she looked at me

“ won’t even be able to handle me Trevor”

I smiled

“me and my friends arent just college kids babe...Im in a gang. Ive killed, robbed and hurt people before. That’s why Chris works with me. This school is a cover up for my task to get you back to them. I know Matt..he’s helped me in Virginia in my past as teen, he took me as a kid...raised me like Chris, I’m 24 not 20”

she looked at me and looked around my room

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