Knowing My Sex Slave

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Chapter 28

Matt pov

I was at a table waiting to see my daughter

she arrived with Trevor

I smiled seeing her and she looked disgusted which made me laugh

they sat down.

I looked at Trevor all grown up

“hi’s been awhile..“I said smiling

he nodded

“4 years..”

I looked at him then Kelly

“trev can you give me a minute with my daughter.”

“yes sir....“he said

he got up and walked away

I looked at Kelly and she looked at me, she seen my muscles and hair cut

I looked at her, her hair was longer and bruises gone, she was beautiful like always and looked like her mom, she had made up on and wanted her.

“hi sweetheart.” I said calm

“....hi.” She spoke ready to leave

we looked at each other.

“Kelly...I’ve really missed you honey.”

she stared at me

“you really fucked up my life dad”

I nodded

“I’m sorry” I said

“no your not” she said mad

I smiled at her

“ sweetheart..I see you’ve recovered....that’s good...hows your family?”

“I wouldn’t know”

“whys that babe”


hes doing good then

“have you seen him yet?”


“has he called you”

she shook her head

he’s doing better than I thought...I’ve trained him well

“Kelly I dream about you darling. When I come home daddy’s gonna come see you and we’ll reconnect, mentally...and of course physically”I said grinning at her body

she looked at me

“I hope you die in this hell hole dad”

I was mad but relaxed, I looked at the guards walk around then looked at Kelly and spoke spanish

(A/N translated )

“Kelly you hope I die in this hell hole well you won’t being saying stuff like that once I’m inside you again. I havennt f-ucked you in months and once I’m out it on. have you ever been f-ucked by an ex-convit”

she looked at me mad

“no dad I haven’t.“she said pissed off

“well Kelly let me just say it’s nothing but rough, hardcore, and long..rape”I said in spanish

I leaned forward and looked her in the eyes

“you’re mine.” I said serious

Kelly pov

I looked at my dad..he is a lot more muscular and had a shaved head. he looked evil and like he wanted vengeance

““I spoke looking at him

“yeah baby”he said looking me in the eyes

“if and when you get out..I’ll be waiting...and I’ll kill you”

he looked at me for a second

“...I’m sorry to hear that sweetheart...all I’ll ever wanted was us together...“he said smiling

I got up about to leave

“...sweetheart...“he called

I turned around

“I love you Kelly.“he said with this look

I just left and walked out with Trevor

we got in the car and went back to the college

Dylan pov

I sat in my room then Zach walked in

“so why did she just leave..”

“I dont know..she met a guy and I guess feels he’s better for her”I said

he walked in more and took a picture of her off my desk

“she’s hiding something Dylan...she’d never just leave you for some guy..what you two went through no other couple can say they overcome or can compare to. She ran into that house that was a trap to save you and so you’d stopped being I know for a fact she left you to help keep you safe again”

I looked up and he set down her picture

“at school tomorrow talk with her ok..”


Kelly Pov (Next day)

I kissed Trevor bye and gave him the joint and walked to the school high and stress the fu-ck out, Dylan walked up to me as I walked

“what is it your hiding Kelly.“he said

I kept walking and so did he

“Kelly answer me”he said

I didn’t and he stopped me and walked me to his car

we got in and he looked at me as I was high

“Kelly...please stop doing drugs..”

“I’m sorry..” I said sad

he nodded and held my hand, I took it back

“I have to go Dylan..”

“we have to talk.“he said locking the doors

“no. I’m sorry...were no longer together so we don’t have to talk about anything. Leave me alone.” I said and unlocked my door and got out

he ran over and blocked my way

“Dylan..please move” I said about to cry

“no. come home Kelly. Sabrina misses you a lot and Zach. We can work this out babe but please just come home”he spoke sad

I looked over Trevor was walking over mad

he pushed Dylan so hard and punched him


Dylan held his face then snapped

he took his jacket off and i seen his arms he always hid. they were cut up all over

Dylan was strong and ripped with muscles

he grabbed Trevor and punched him hard then beat him

he almost broke his nose

“Dylan stop..“I said

he kept going and I was becoming worried

“Stop It! Dylan stop you’re hurting him!”

he kicked him hard and stomped on him

I ran over and pulled him off and grabbed him

“’re going to kill him”I whispered holding him

he held me and apologized

Dylan was becoming abusive

“Kelly I’m sorry..“he said and looked at me then wiped my tears

I let go and went to help Trevor

I got him up and cleaned the blood off his face

“Are you okay Trev..“I asked concerned

“yeah Kelly, and thanks for coming to my rescue”he said hurt and kissed me

We kissed then Trevor watched me help him then looked over

I turned and looked back too and Dylan was walking off mad.

______________________________________________________________________________________A/N not proofread

ok that was short sorry but again needed for progression and it will be continued! next chap Kelly and Dylan practically break it off rf and one of them almost gets.....NEXT TIME ON KNOWING MY SS!!!

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