Knowing My Sex Slave

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Chapter 29

Kelly pov

“are you okay...” I asked Trevor Dylan took his anger out on him

“yeah Kelly...and thank you...“he said hurt bleeding

I nodded

Trevor watched me help him then looked over

I turned and looked back and Dylan was walking off mad

Dylan pov

I went home and ran to my room and took my razor out and cut into my arms again

“I dont need her”

I cut more and felt blood go down my arms

I got up and took her picture and ripped it up and threw it

“she wants him FINE! she can have him. Fuck her !!”

I ripped up stuff and tore up my room and kick over my desk mad

my mom walked in


“GET OUT!!!!“I screamed

I ran over and slammed the door and locked it

she banned on the door and I grabbed Kelly’s gift I was going to give for our anniversary and threw it

“DYLAN OPEN NOW !!!“my dad said




I grabbed my keys and climbed out the window and drove to Zach and Sabrinas

Zach pov

I was with Sabrina in the living room trying to figure out where our daughter was out there

“ you think she’s ok Zach..“she asked worried

“yeah...she’s a smart kid ok, Im sure she’s fine and safe babe..Ill keep looking”

she laid back on the couch with tears then went to her room

I sat down my reports of Chris and Dylan ran in bleeding alot and had cut open eyebrow from being punched

“Dylan!!!” I yelled shocked

I ran over and helped him and he cried

“Dylan it ok...calm down...whats going on ”

he was bleeding so bad it made puddles and left a light trail to the couch

“SABRINA!” I called here back in here

she ran in then saw

“OH MY GOD!...Dylan you have to stop cutting yourself”she said mad

She got stuff to clean him u with leaving the room

I sat him down and he sat there

“Dylan what happened...“I asked

“Dylan talk to me”

he sat there then looked at me

“I dont know what to do, I love her and she doesnt love me. I did like you said and tires to help her and get her back home Zach.....but failed. she was high and ignored me and then that guy who too her her punched me and she just watched him, I snapped at that and beat him...she held me to stop me then let go fast and went to him to help him and asked he was okay, him. She ignored me again and cleaned him as I bled behind her. I walked off frustrated and crushed and she didnt even care to see if I was alright. ”

I looked at him and he had tears in his eyes, he loves her....

“Dylan...” I spoke feeling bad


he got up fast and walked

Kelly pov

I felt like shit ignoring him and not caring if he was ok

“Trevor I could at least asked if he was alright” I said

“No, he needs to move on ok, Chris is after you. if your gone, then what? Dylan would of been more hurt with you dead than you ignoring him. he will be okay alright”

“are you sure he’s ok” I asked nervous

he looked at me

“..yeah...Im sure. Ill have a friend check on him, Henry will be there for him ok, hes good at that, dont worry ok relax”

I laid down and grabbed a joint and lit it and smoked again

he walked out and I laid there smoking. I looked at my new phone and had to call Dylan to see if he was ok

“... .... .... H..hello?” he answered upset

I didn’t speak, I’d break down so I just didn’t speak

“hello?“he spoke again

“.....Dy...“I hung up fast to stop myself

I was at least happy to hear his voice

later Trevor walked in

“ ok...“he asked

I nodded and he sat by me on the bed and leaved over, I held the joint to him and he smoked it and I watched him

he exhaled and laid back

“tomorrow at school ignore Dylan again, I don’t know what Chris is doing anymore hes been secretive. And I want you safe, if he sees you with me he’ll know I’m just doing my job and won’t mess with you. I’ll make sure Henry is with Dylan so he’s not killed.”

“thank you..”

“welcome...lets go to sleep..”

I put out the joint and he turned off the light and we kissed and went to bed

Dylan pov

I went to school and some guy walked over to me

“hey” he said nicely

I looked at him

“leave me alone”

“im just trying to help you”

“I dont need your help!” I snapped

“......I can help you get her back..“he spoke softly

I stopped walking and looked at him

he was one of that guys friends

“why are you helping me” I asked

“....because I heard about your story...”

I looked at him

“who told you”

“a guy...thats not important, what Kelly...she needs you back ok, shes been drinking and getting so high because she misses you”

Henry pov

I looked at him lying to him

he was upset at first and then didnt care

“no..she chose him she can get her own help im done. “he said and walked off

I ran after him

“hey! you wouldnt care if she died tomorrow” I asked ′

he looked at me mad and pushed me so hard


“well do you love her!?!”


he walked off again

man, I couldn’t tell him some guy was after him to kill him but I didnt want him to give up on his relationship because Kelly was forced to not love him back anymore

I ran after him and followed

“Dylan..she loves you..“I said and walked off now that he was safe by the school and protected

Kelly pov

I was in class and wanted to go home so bad

Dylan walked in and looked at me and ignored him

he sat down and put his head down until class began

he wrote on paper then gave it to a guy and he put it on my desk

-do you love me or not Kelly

I looked at him and he was laying down again

I lied and put no I dont sorry and gave it back to the guy to give to him

he took it and put it in his pocket

class went on and everyone worked then the bell rang and I walked out and Trevor took me to the side to talk

Dylan pov

she left then I looked at her reply

-no sorry I dont

I was crushed all over again, that guy me such hope and she took it and burned it right up again, she was hurting me so bad.

I wanted to cut myself again

I sat there then just ripped up the paper mad and left

I seen her and she looked at me

“....Dylan”she spoke

I looked at her

“yeah...“I said hoping she say she love me again

“move on.“she said rude

I looked at her and she just shook her head smiling and left with Trevor and he held her hand

I stood there there and watched them hold hands together, he spoke and she laughed and he did too then he leaned down and kissed her cheek

I looked at her walk down the hall happy as I was on the verge of committing suicide with my razor again from losing her

move on....

ok. I will

I went to my car and took my razor and looked at it, I was razor and looked at it, I was about to cut deep into my throat and move on

they walked out and he drove off and she looked depressed and stressed out

she was about to walk back to the doors and seen me and yelled


I pressed the razor to my throat and she ran to the car

I closed my eyes and was about to pull it across

Kelly pov

I grabbed his hand and took the razor and grabbed him

“I’m sorry!, Im so sorry Dylan....please dont kill yourself, Im sorry..” I said crying

he sat there and didnt move

I looked at him and he looked at me

“you don’t love me ”

“Dylan I do, I have to let you go though, I’m sorry”

he looked at me

“get out.” he said pissed


“GET THE FUCK OUT KELLY!” he screamed

I looked at him then left.


well there you go ill try updating soon because this is like a part one of this chapter it was cut off lol but im so busy and couldn’t leave you guys hanging with nothing lol

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