Knowing My Sex Slave

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Chapter 3

Matt Pov

We stopped by a restaurant and I bought us food and brought it back to the trailer so she could eat the same time I did

I had one of her hands untied

I gave her a cheeseburger with fries and a coke

she ate quietly

I ate next to her and looked at her

this girl was beautiful, She had the lightest blonde hair and the prettiest green eyes, they reminded e of my once lover, I looked at her lips and wanted to kiss them, I sat there and watched her while I grabbed my beer and drank, I hate being sober but I was tired and just wanted to talk so I had only one

I looked at her legs and face, both beaten bad. I was really mad


She looked at me

" You have to start listening..”

She didn’t respond again just nodded

her left wrapped leg was unwrapping

I leaned over and she flinched moving away

" I’m not gonna hurt you..” I spoke relex

she looked down and watched me fix it, I could she wanted to say something or ask a question but she didn’t

“Just say it.” I said

She didnt, I fixed her leg and sat back to again to eat again


" yeah ”

" why are you.....well this way”

“ your food.” I said and left

I walked back to the front avoiding that question and driving while eating

I became this way by how I was raised and treated, It was all I knew as a kid and it just always stayed with me as I got older, I was married to a great person, I stayed sober and off drugs for her but then she out of nowhere cheated on me and that’s when I snapped, I treated all females like trash after she ran off taking my unborn baby she was pregnant and being selfish but you should’ve seen it coming the way I’d treat her sometimes

I shook my head thinking of the past and drank my beer more

I turned on the radio and grabbed another can of it

Kelly pov

I looked around for something to cut this rope he left one of my hand untied so I could eat, which I did fast

I looked for something then found that knife he used to cut my legs

I couldn’t reach it

The car pulled to a stop and I sat back so he wouldn’t see me trying to leave again

He walked in kind of drunk and threw in five beers cans by a trash and missed

“go to sleep” He spoke and laid down with me on the bed back here

I slept all the drive as he drove so I wasn’t sleepy now

He held me like a teddy bear to sleep and was talking in his sleep a lot

I felt his pockets for a knife, but there was nothing

He leaned and held my hand still

“what are you doing”He said with his eyes closed stopping me for looking a weapon


“you remind me of her..“He spoke


He just kissed me in the lips and tried to make out with me

I didn’t want to and he held my face hard and I kissed him back before I just got beaten again

We made out and I could taste the beer, his tongue moved with mine and I moved back to breathe

He kissed on my neck, he was kinda drunk and off balance

“Chels I love you” He said and kissed me goodnight and slept

he was thinking of his past or some girl name Chels, and that’s what I wanted that’s what I wanted that’s why I asked why he is this way, a killer and rapist, it would help me understand him and hopefully help me escape better and faster

But I wouldn’t get the break down behind this man for a while...

Matt pov

I woke up holding Kelly and she sleep

I looked around then to her again

I got up and walked out and we were close to my cabin

I drove there then parked and took the keys and put them in my pockets and got her out the truck

she looked at the house amazed and looked around more

“What do you do for a living Matt”

“I was head CEO for my father’s company but I took it over once he passed and was left everything”

“Kelly are your legs able to walk at all?” I asked looking at them all damaged up

she tried and walked five steps then held on to me to not fall to the ground and keep her balance

he right leg was injured more, she must of hurt it jumping out the car going 45 mpr more than I expected

I just picked her up and walked in, I set her on the couch and walked to the door and put all seven locks on and the security on

I went to the bathroom and pissed and washed my hands then walked out and she tried practicing walking, I watched from the side hall

She was trying to get stronger to leave, I smiled this girl is my most interesting catch that for that lady, jumps out if a truck and now she rather practice faster and heal that way then to rest and lay back. She wanted to escape pretty soon. hmmm

“Kelly, let me help you to the bathroom. You can take a shower and do whatever needed”

she looked over

I walked over and walked her to the bathroom helping her practice because in all honesty she wasn’t going anywhere in this house. It was like a mansion in the woods hidden as a big cabin

I left and heard the shower go off

She’d needed clothes and girl stuff

I went to and she was in the shower

“Once your done babe I have to tie you up again, I have to leave and if you see a young guy don’t mind him”

That Chris, he is young around Kelly’s age and I took him off the street, hes like me, I called him my son when he was little so he thinks to this day im his father

I walked out and waited for her watching tv

She walked out ten minutes later in a towel and I got up

I picked her up and laid her on the couch and rewrapped her legs with new martial then tied her up and left

Kelly pov

Well at least he takes care of me..but i’m not staying

I took an umbrella and used it like a cane and walked to see this huge house, I seen the security and locks on every door, I looked outside in the back and seen dog running around happy by a guy, the guy walked in the house using this weird key and typed in a code, I walked away and sat on the couch watching tv

I turned around and he was hot as h-ell, he looked nothing like Matt, Matt wasn’t bad looking but he was old enough to be my father, this guy looked 19, he had jet black hair and blue eyes, he was muscular like Matt and had tattoos

“You don’t have a name or are you trying to check me out” He said smiling with a smirk


he sat back

“you must of tried to run...your legs are so damaged”

I just watched tv


Oh great another one I thought to myself

“Wh...where are you from...“He asked looking uncomfortable


He looked me in the eyes

“that’s....why...........nevermind bye.”

he got up fast and left me here

What was that?

Chris Pov

She reminded him of his ex wife that’s why he kept her this long because he never brings back a girl especially that young unless his friends are over to have some fun

I watched Kelly on the cameras we have set up around the house and she checked out the house, I called my dad


“dad why is she here.” I asked mad, were not supposed to keep girls when there’s already one here

“because I want her. So shut it or ill shut you. Do you feed buck”

“ she’s gonna be hard to break, I can already see it”

“yeah? then why don’t you go have some fun”

I smiled and hung up

He gave me permission to have his catch, that’s so rare

I walked to the living room and was gone..

Kelly pov

I broke an upstairs window and climbed out after putting on either Matt’s or Chris’s clothes and started walking the trail with this umbrella, I got far until a car pulled up, it was Matt

I hid behind a tree and wtched him got inside

I looked in the woods then the main road...I took the woods because I’d be seen fast in a street just walking

I headed the way in the woods before it got too dark, I walked miles in pain then seen smoke

I smiled, it was a chimney

Matt pov

“WHERE IS SHE CHRIS!!!” I yelled

“dad I don’t know, she was just here then I walked down and now she left I’m sorry!”

I ran at him and beat him up hard, I took a knife and cut his face harder and got up and kicked him

I ran outside and looked around



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