Knowing My Sex Slave

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Chapter 30

Alright heres an update because Jonelle G. aka @black_b3auty (sorry if i spelled those wrong) guessed a part of my fav line from the vid. id do back to back updates but im not that focused nor do I feel like it lol but yeah thank her because i wasnt gonna update being glued to a video game ^-^

Dylan pov

After yelling at Kelly to get out my car I drove passed my house and Sabrina’s place and went to a field to think

I parked and turned on my radio and turned it up and laid on the front of my car looking at the field. I listened to music and then seen Kelly’s car pull up.

she followed me..

she shut her door getting out

“Leave Kelly”

“Dylan I have to tell you something..”

I looked at her and she walked over to me and stood next to me

I waited and she turned off the radio and sat next to me on my car

I looked over at her sad face

“Dylan Trevor is helping me ok”

“helping you...helping wha? destroy yourself with alcohol and drugs ” I said mad

“Dylan I’m sorry”

“Kelly why are you here you broke up with me ok so why don’t you just go to your help and fuck him you selfish bitch. All you do is think about yourself. I spent so much time and effort to help and find you because I love you and you meet some guy off the street then toss me like trash, so since you can toss me like trash Ill treat you like some, get the hell out of my sight and go overdose on some of Trevor help...maybe’ll finally die off from suicide like you wanted” I said rude out of anger but more out of feeling hurt by her

she looked at me sad and crushed

“.....Trevor is helping me because hes involved with Chris and Matt....I just wanted you protected from Chris Dylan, but forget it i’m done”

she got up and walked away

I sat up fast

what have I done.

“Kelly wait!” I yelled and ran after her to her car

I opened her door fast and took her keys out and then seat belt off

I took her out and she leaned back against the car just crying

I kissed her and held her to me so sorry

“Im sorry...Kelly Im so sorry..“I said and kissed her cheek

she wiped her tears

“Dylan I’m sorry for how I treated you, and for hurting you to your breaking point, you were about to take your life, I didnt mean for it to get that far, I didnt realize what I was doing to you and how much you loved me. Dylan I love you and I’m sorry.”

I kissed her

“Im sorry and I love you too Kelly..”

she hugged me and I held her then looked at her

“Kelly you have to come home, Zach is taking care of Chris”

“Dylan Trevor is making sure you dont die, its the only reason I went with him, I have to stay with him or he will no longer trust me and trade me to Chris so hes not arrested”

I looked at her an d nodded

“Ok ...well play it safe, I wont tell Zach and Sabrina just yet so they dont get you caught, I will fix this babe...I’m not losing you again, Matt cant get you so just give me and Zach time to get Chris”

she looked at me

“....I seen my dad in jail, he has connection Dylan not just Chris with him gone”

I looked at her then wiped her tears again

“Kelly we’ll get through this, have you seen Chris”


“ok...stay with that guy and I will find Chris”

“Dylan dont.“she said serious

“Kelly I have to. I will not lose you, go home to Trevor and stay safe, I’ll see you later” I said and kissed her and got in my car

I pulled off pissed off at Chris if I’m not wrong I know for a fact Kelly is he one in fact set up by Trevor not Chris set up by Trevor. He’s playing good guy, Ive known Chris for three years being Tylers slave and Chris was trailed by Matt to the point where he’ll win this if not stopped now.

I called Zach

“... ... ... hello”

“Zach where was the last place cops report Chris at..”

Chris pov

I sat in this empty house looking at pictures I took of Kelly for my dad

My dad was about to break out soon, I dont know how he breaks out of jail and prison so much but hes done it twice as long as I knew

All Ihad to do was wait then tell him where Kelly is at after Trevor calls me or my dad finds contact with him. Then we’d go home to a new house and things would be back to normal

I cant trust Trevor anymore though..I know now hes helping her in some way, it was Dylan. Hes playing a trust card, and plus Kelly didnt plan to go back to Cali and lay low because shes still enrolled for the year at her school asn hasnt left yet anyways, if she was smart which she is shed already be long gone so he lied to me, Im not dumb

I laid down and held my gun and buck laid next to me

I closed my eyes then later buck barked loud and sat up fast and ran to the door and growled

I got up with my gun and looked outside through a tented window

no one was there, buck barked

“Shut up!”

he laid down and I looked around out side house

Dylan pov

I watched Chris go outside looking around holding a gun ready

I got out my car and walked over while he was checking around the house

I shot him and he yelled in pain and turned, he raised his pistol and I shot again

he dropped

I was about to shoot again just out of anger but people were coming out of houses looking around on cell phones probably call cops from hearing gun shots

I ran off and hid before cops came

Chris pov

“HEEELLLLP” I screamed in pain

I was blacking out and then later I felt hands pick me up and sirens go off


(hours later....)

Chris pov

I woke up in a hospital and had my chest wrapped up and shoulder

Dylan had balls, the next time he sees me he’ll end up shot in the the head

Matt pov

a bus was transferring me and 6 other inmates to a worse prison since we weren’t corroborating. I stabbed a guys eye with a knife I sharpened so they took me away

The bus was going to a Texas state prison

I looked at the guard with a gun sit in the font watching us then he went to the driver who was in a gated front seat , the guard stood up by the driver telling him something

I took this as my chance

I closed my eyes

“ Mississippi...two Mississippi three Mississippi.”

I ran up and took my chains that held together my cuffs that were wide for more movement being stuck on a bus

I put it around the guard and choked him

he struggled and reached out for anything and his hands were shaking

I pulled harder and he made choking noises and I smiled wide hearing him die

I leaned back more and pulled on his throat harder and his arm dropped

I lifted up and looked down at his dead body


I reached down and took his gun

I looked at the six inmates

“you all will help me or I’ll kill you..“I said holding the gun

I turned around and shot a guys hand cuffs apart

“get the guards key and un handcuff me” I said aiming at his head

he did and I was out of them

I shot all six and took off my clothes and switched into the guards

I cleaned my hands prints to my cuffs, and everything I touched, I also took the prison suits number off ripping it so I wasn’t tracked later

I walked out and put on the guards hat smiling

I walked miles on this empty highway then seen a car

“one...Mississippi...two Mississippi..three Mississippi...”

I shot the driver and the car coasted, I ran over pushed the dead body over and got in

I drove smiling ready to see my little girl...

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