Knowing My Sex Slave

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Chapter 31


Kelly pov

Me and Trevor were going over what to do for when Matt gets out

I got a call and picked up

“Kelly its me Dylan.. I shot Chris.”

I smiled

“did he die”

“no hes in a hospital, people came before I could kill him.”

“ok...(my phone was getting another call) one sec babe, ....hello?”

“tell Trevor open the door” My dad spoke mad

I looked at Trevor and he smiled

“he must of got my text, it was nice meeting you Kell”he said and got up

he opened the door and my dad walked in

Trevor shut the door and grabbed stuff packing up

“Where Chris?” Matt asked Trevor

“not sure, he hasnt picked up any calls, “he spoke then smiled at me

“Sorry to have to lied to you and double cross you. but my friends and I were not about to die off”

he grabbed his other bag then my dad look at him then me then the bed then him again

“you slept with my daughter.” he said pissed

Trevor turned and looked up at Matt

“I know the rules Id never take whats your Matt.”

Matt took out his gun and held it up

“I have one bullet left...Kelly did he or did he not fuck you..“he asked me looking at Trevor so mad

Trevor looked at me with a begging face

My dad put me in another position to kill off someone like I had to do with that woman, I hated this, I know what he did to me was wrong but I didnt want to become my father a killer. Trevor was protecting his friends but yet I wanted revenge, I had this desire now to get back at all men that took advantage of me

“Kelly did he have sex with you ” Matt spoke

“yeah dad.....he did.“I said mad looking at him

Trevor was about to speak and was shot dead in the face and dropped

my dad walked over and took my phone and put it in his pocket

he held my hand and I stood up

Chris pov

I was laying in the hospital looking at the wall

I though of my dad, my real dad he was nothing like Matt, Matt when he first took care of me did drugs hard and drank, he had this woman he loved so much, one night he left me for awhile then came back with the woman who was crying, She kept saying I no longer love you, let me go, stuff like that. He hated that. he loved her and never let her go. Once I was sleeping and heard screaming and moaning. I got out of bed only 3 maybe 4 year old, and went down stairs, Matt was raping her on the couch, I stood there shocked and confused, none of it made sense to me then. I saw her hurt and him mad yet them together

I called Matt saying daddy and he gave me the most intense look with dark pink eyes and white stuff on his nose

he said “Go go to your son me and mom are having sex”

I looked at her worried and she had tears

I wanted to help her anyway I could was all I remembered most.

but I didnt know how,

Matt grew angry and screamed at me for staring at her with tears in my eyes


I never ran so fast.

Later that night he apologized and got me a puppy, Buck.

but I still couldnt sleep that day, I worried about her the lady who Matt instilled on me that that was my mother, to call her mommy, and like a mother she did take care of me, she fed me, cared for me taught me math and streets smarts, anything she could while Matt was away.

One day I seen her and she was crying so hard, I was sad again for her, sad for my mother.

she was tied up and I took this time to help her rather than have her teach me math or how to read....

I asked why she was crying

she said daddy is making mommy upset and you should not be raised off this sweety, her nick name for me. I had no clue what she meant by that at the time, I only knew when I became 15, I never forgot these memories because they were the only ones I had of her. Of a mother.

but that day she cried, I untied her because she was just so loving and I had that desire to help my mom.

Even If it got me beat by my dad.

I had no clue I was the one who helped her escape for good as a child. she tried to take me with her but I thought we were moving again on a road trip so I said we have to wait for dad, she had no time to explain he would have been back that very second had she did, she just had tears going down her face saying she loved me and will save me. she left...and I never say my mother again.

Matt pov

I looked at Kelly and she backed up away from me

“Just like your mother..“I said smiling

I grabbed her and tossed her to the bed

I looked down at her

“....its been months and you know by now what I want”

she looked at me and I spoke

“Kelly dont scream. dont yell dont even cry, because you seen this coming . now its time for me to start cuming” I said and took off the shirt to this guard outfit

I walked up to her more and took off her shirt and pants

she watched me and laid there

I unzipped my pants then took off her underclothes and I pulled my d-ick out my pants,

I looked at her

“you know the deal. hurry up so we can get out this state, kneel down on your knees”

she looked at my c-cok then stood up


“No?” I repeated

“ask” she spoke

I smiled at her and she just sat on the bed and looked at me

“youre the one that wants it so ask or no, beat me hit me burn me ok but youll be having to masterbate fresh out of jail later not me so ask”

damn b-itch....I see what shes doing

“Kelly, well for one I’m your dad so if and ones going to be asking its the daughter, and for two I get what I want. but I wont ask to get it”

“then looks like your not getting it”

she actually folder her arms

what the hell was this. her mother never did this to me, no one has. I felt stuck on a way. she didnt care for punishment so now it had no purpose or effect. this girl is trying to over power me

“your trying to yet again still break me” I smiled figuring it out

she rolled her eyes

“bout time you caught on”she said rude and started smoking weed lighting a joint

“looks like we’ll be sitting here for a while”she spoke

I looked at her as she smoked and looked at me then I smiled

I walked over and laid her back and she smoked looking hot

“you’ve became stronger when I was gone, or you’re doing like you once said and refusing insanity” I said and took the joint putting it out

“dad, I’ve learned to face fact that if i’m going to break you successfully i’m going to have to work differently in our situation now”

I looked at her and she stood up moving me and then I stood and she spoke

“you said I was your lover right...well let’s make love dad”she said and pushed me to the bed hard

she laid over me naked as I was hard

“I’ve had it Matthew Stuart”she said looking down at me

This kind of turned me on, her being more dominate..WHAT AM I SAYING! IM SUPPOSE TO BE IN CONTROL NOT HER SHE’S GAINING IT SEXUALLY

I laid her on the bed hard and laid over her

“well you may be wanting power over me but realize who you’re talking to. dont forget what I’ve done to you in the past and how its affected you. I could cause more damage, lets not make it a second time,forget breaking me Kelly, you wont you are mine not I am yours. youre my slave remember...and now im pissed off. you let another man take what was mine, and now Trevor is dead and you’re under me. Kelly when I said your mine in that f-cking jail I meant it.”

I opened her legs fast and entered her so deep and rough not caring if she was ready or not, she moaned ready and dug her nails into the bed arching her back

I used my muscles and thrusted the h-ell out of her, my co-ck was slamming her tight walls to her pussy

she grabbed onto me and pulled me to her and was moaning so hard


“oh babe im just getting started”

she kissed me

“I wouldnt want it any other way dad, because so am I”

Kelly pov

Its time to break this man down to nothing,

I f-cked him as he did to me, I wasnt going to be slave to anyone or a lover to my father. things were about to change.

we f-cked and he was so strong sex was intense from the start

he sat up still thrusting then slowed down

he did long strokes in and out me, he pulled almost all the way out then slowly back in all the way til there was no space between . I moaned watching his d-cik go in and out, I didnt want him inside me but he wasnt going down without a fight so I did what Chris told me in the past for now and agree to disagree so to speak with my father and his demands

“Kelly how do you like my long strokes ”

“love it” I said in a mad tone

he smiled and kept going deep then went so hard

“Dont you ever let another man touch you!! YOU BELONG TO ME!!!“he yelled going hard

the bed was moving back and forth and I was moaning so loud

“ a boyfriend....let me go..” I said moaning

he stopped and looked at me for a second

“Let you go....your mother said that once to me....let go huh! you too found another!!“he screamed upset now

he was pissed off and I smiled

he picked me up still inside me and held me, he grabbed my a-ss holding it and my legs were around him and my arms on his shoulder and neck with my hands held together.

he held me against a wall and thrusted up into me so hard with his new muscles being able to

I was pressed up against his chest as his was to mine, he looked at me mad thrusting still

“when im finished with you and your already broken, you’ll be begging on your knees for me to love you again and stop hurting you”he said looking at me

“thats what you think because when Im fully finished with you you’ll be on your knees kissing my shoes like a true slave to their master”

he smirked and just kissed me deep

we made out hard and I was moaning feeling his pen-is inside me still thrusting


“..what.” he said spoke kissing on my neck then looked at me

“Ill break you.... or die trying.”

_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________THE END...

jk jk! sorry for errors Well there’s an update I believe that was back to back, i also start work tomorrow so i need to leave you all something for the week lol Matt is back baby!! see what happens from here on out on KNOWING MY SEX SLAVE! later

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