Knowing My Sex Slave

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Chapter 32

Kelly pov

“God dad!”

I looked down watching his c-cok going fast inside me, going in and out while my pu-ssy was squeezing his cock the harder he went. He moved us to the bed, he tried kissing on my neck as we laid together. l held the back of his head and pulled it back and he faced me, I kissed him and he kissed me back, Gaining dominance sexually is just the first step. he realized what I did with my hands then grabbed my hands and put them above my head on the bed forcing them there as he thrusted up having me tied down by his control.

he eventually held my legs open and thrusted, he grabbed my breast thrusting hard

“uh Kelly god I missed this”

I felt his c-ock go so deep

he leaned down over me then I pulled him to me wanting the control again, asi pulled him to me I rolled and we flipped positions, I climbed on top of him more and rode him he was about to grabbed me but I grinned and he moaned and laid back dropping and held my hips with his eyes closed

I smiled shaking my head

it’s too easy

Chris pov

I laid in bed at the hospital and got pissed thinking of how I got here

“Dylan..” I spoke threw my teeth

I sat up in pain wanting to kill him now for what he did to me.

I called my dad so I can get out of this f-ucking place alrady and get back to what I do best and fucking up people’s fates in life.

Matt pov

After reconnecting with Kelly

i made her pack her stuff and we left, we got Buck from Chris old abandoned place then was our way to pick up him, I had Kellys arm the whole time we walked to and from the car

we were in the car driving to Chris’s hospital. Dylan Stevens shot and tried to kill my son I wanted to kill him but had his own desire to gain his revenge himself

Kelly’s phone started ringing, I looked down

It was Dylan

“Hello” I spoke

he was quiet then spoke

“Matt I’ll kill you.“he spoke with even more base in his voice now that he was older too like Kelly

I just smiled then thought of how long I was gone being in prison, I looked over at Kelly then thought of Chris. I spoke

“Will you now?...well you need to worry about Chris more on killing me”

“Don’t worry I haven’t forgotten,” he said and hung up.

Kelly looked at me mad

“I hope Dylan f-cking blows Chris’ brains out with a shotgun”

I turned to her fast and hit her across the face hard

“The only one carrying a shotgun and killing will be me! DON’T EVER WISH UPON MY SON AGAIN!!”

She just smiled in her seat bleeding from the mouth, I didnt realize how hard I hit her having more muscles. however she just wiped her blood smiling and spit on my jeans hard grinning.

I had no time to beat her. we were in public and outside the hospital. I just cuffed her in the car and went and got my son

He was wrapped up and saw me then grabbed his stuff and we walked out

Chris got in the back seat with buck and I pulled off fast before cops tired to return

I drove miles then would steal robbing money from people using an empty gun

we were going from Florida to Virginia in the town I grew up in, the town that changed me into Becoming a Master (A/N Next New Book!!)

Kelly pov (Hours Later)

I looked at Chris and he laid back tired

My dad drove miles and I just sat there looking out the window planning revenge

I was going to get my own revenge this time around, I can’t keep living this way

I’d work with my dad. do exactly as he said yet slowly be rebellious to where he had no control of the situation, I wanted to break him not just kill him

My dad wasnt letting me go he made that clear, so I’d have to break him to the point where he would let me go if that was possible, but he’s hurt me to point of suicide and I never want to go back to that so if I was going to do this it wasgoing to be now.

Matt pov

It was three in the morning, I stopped at a motel and got us a room, Kelly laid down and Chris looked at his scars from being shot

I hid Kelly’s phone and then handcuffed her to Chris

“Go to sleep guys it’s late”I spoke and slept on another bed

Chris pov

I was laying down then Kelly leaned up and looked at dad sleeping

“Chris move your ass”

“go to sleep sis”

“I have to pee” she spoke serious

I opened my eyes

“Dad!“I yelled

he was snoring hard

“DAD!” we yelled together

we looked at each other and I smiled as she rolled her eyes

I got up with her and we walked to him

I leaned down and tapped him, he grabbed me fast with his eyes closed

“dad she has to piss”

“well go together”

Kelly made an annoyed sound

“You gotta be kidding me dad”

he sat up

“Kelly you’re not escaping so go with your brother, If you both can f-uck you both can piss together ”

I dont think thats the same...

I looked at Kelly and she flipped

“WHAT!?! married couples dont even do that!”

“tell me something I dont know”Matt spoke sleepy

I looked at him smiling and Kelly just him down to his bed and walked to the bathroom with me

I had to pee as well

“do you think I can go first” I asked

“yeah I really didn’t have to “she said

“you were gonna try to leave already”

“phone call”

“oh” I said and walked in

we stood there and she looked away, my right hand was connected to her left

“uh, I need my right hand”

she moved closer and I moved my boxers opening to the side and pulled out my c-ck

I aimed and peed

“so sis, how was college?”

I looked over at her and she was looking at the wall

“it was ok..”

“, uh what’s your favorite color?”

she looked at me

“ not the time!“she spoke just frustrated being here again

I smiled and finished up then flushed and washed our hands

“Can you pass the towel sis” I asked and kissed her cheek welcoming her back

she grabbed it and swung it at my face hard

I laughed and took it

we went back to bed and Matt passed out hard



“you mother was a great mom..“I said thinking about her again

she faced me more and moved closer

“you met her..”

I nodded

“she loved me like a son and as a kid II thought it was the best feeling ever..”

she smiled and I smiled

Matt snored loud and she looked over

“thats why I want to leave and have to leave, my family loves me like that all the time, and I miss should leave too Chris”

“..and go where, I havent seen my parents in forever. I wouldnt know where to begin to look, Kelly Matt is my family, he’s all I have. and what we do makes me happy..”

“You shouldnt have been raised like this..“she said feeling sorry

her mom said the same thing when she left me and Matt

I looked at Kelly and she closed her eyes

“Goodnight Christopher”she said like her mom would have

I froze and looked at her for a second

I moved forward and held her to me


MAtt pov

I woke up and looked over at them, they were close and cuddled up

“How cute are they. so sweet.......WAKE UP!” I yelled annoyed

they woke up and moved out of each other holds

I rolled my eyes and walked over and un handcuffed them

they looked sad

“What? do you miss your mommies”I said setting up

they both were quiet

I stopped and looked at Chris and he was looking at Kelly , he remembers Chelsea...

Kelly sat up with Chris

“come on Chris let’s take a shower..“she said leaving with him

I just smiled and sat down and turned on the tv

Chris pov

“I hate my dad”Kelly spoke mad

I looked at her

“he was just joking”

“well did we laugh.:she asked and looked at me hard

I looked at her then she continued to wash

Kelly pov

I was trying to find Chris’ weak spots and it was were mine was, Family. but it was more my mom we shared, we both loved and missed her and that’s how I’d bond with him before I destroyed him for what hes done to me in the past. I Haven’t forgotten.

we washed up and got dressed and, well I did , they robbed other rooms for clothes

we were eating an ordered pizza from pizza hut because when I said I liked Papa Johns Matt took it to heart and said even that guy wasn’t my dad like Zach, Matts possives predisposition was starting to become alot after he left prison

we ate then Matt called me

“Come here”

I sat up and walked over, he sat me in his lap to face him

I looked at him and he held my face and then eyes and moved me to him and hugged me then kissed my cheek

“I’m sorry..”

he held me and I sat in his lap being hugged for the first by my dad

Matt pov I held her and stroked her hair

“dad..“she spoke quietly

I moved back and looked at her in the eyes and listened

“Fuck you.”

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