Knowing My Sex Slave

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Chapter 33

Chris pov

I watched Kelly and Matt argue with each other, I got up and left to smoke and walked Buck

Matt pov

I looked at Kelly

“I said I was Sorry!” I yelled

she looked at me mad

“Dad you have no idea what sorry is and believe me you’ll be sorry.”

I stood up and grabbed her hand

“come here”

She turned and looked at me, I held her to me

“You think I havent felt the same way in the past well I have. And dont threaten me with saying I’ll be sorry. Speak with disrespect again and you’ll end up sorry”

“you wont ever hear me apologize to you”she said mad

“Kelly you know what....I’ll make you sorry right now..”

I picked her up and took her to my bed

I took her clothes off and mines and pumped my d-ick while I licked her p-ussy, she moaned and laid back, she tried to get up and I laid her back down.

“Youre not going anywhere.”

I licked more and stuck my tongue in and she moaned harder,

“you like that sweetheart” I said smiling

she had my head and kept going

she was wet and I was hard

I sat up and entered her slowly

she arched her back and I thrusted in and out deep feeling her pu-ssy squeezing me

“baby you feel so good”I said with my eyes close

She moaned and I leaned down and went faster

I laid over her and I kissed her and she didnt kiss me back

“Kelly do it now”

she looked at me

“say please.”

I smiled

“Do you want a bruise.” I asked

“Do you want a kiss”she asked

I looked at her thrusting

she waited

“I’m not asking you for a kiss”

I leaned down to kiss her and she held me up

“Kelly you think you can stop me..”

I thrusted hard and she moaned and I snuck in a kiss and licked her tongue

I lifted up and she glared

I smiled

“Kelly you cant win this game babee and I will make you say sorry...”

I went harder and the bed moved as we did, She moaned hard and I went deep and sucked on her neck, she held my head there and I kissed on her neck and down her body..

“Kelly I’m going to give you a chance before this happens so say sorry”

she didnt

“Okay then but I warned you”

I sat up more and held her thighs and pounded her p-ussy so hard the bed hit the wall with every thrust

“UH UH UH UH UHH UHH!!!” she moaned

“Yeah baby moan for daddy..“I said smiling watching her moan under me with her eyes closesd

I continued and then went even deeper, She screamed out moaning.

She had to cum, I slowed down and I could tell her body wanted it back

“Say daddy please dont stop and I’ll keep going”

she looked at me

“Im not saying sh-it”

I long stroked her so deep I grinded and she moaned closing her eyes

“dad stop it”she moaned

I kept doing it going in so deep and pulling out almost all the way she would get to cumming

“STOP IT” she yelled sexually frustrated

I laughed

I went hard and shes moaned.

We were about to cum, my dick got harder and I went faster.

“Fuck dad I’m about to cum!”

I went even faster and she screamed out


She cu-mmed on my c-ock so hard and I kept going and had to cum

“Kelly say your sorry”

She looked up at me

“Dad dont!” she yelled nervous

I kept thrusting faster about to cum, I held her arms above her head and pounded her harder.

“Say Sorry!” I said

“STOP!” she yelled

“KELLY SAY IT!” I yelled about to c-um so hard inside of her p-ussy.


my c-ock was so ready

"KELLY!!!!” I yelled warning her

“I’M SORRY! I’M SORRY!! IM SORRY"She screamed

I pulled out and moved back fast and cummed all over the floor hard then dropped on the bed next to her and we both were breathing hard from the s-ex

I looked over at her, She was breathing and her chest was moving up and down,

“Kelly....darling breaking me.... is going to be harder than you think.“I spoke out of breath like her.

She looked over and just looked over at me.

______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________A/N sorry for mistakes! well heres another chapter hope you liked it, it was short, the next chapter isnt so much and Matt and Zach speak to one another!?!?!?! NEXT TIME ON KMSS! also! the next book is half done! however one book at a time so.....till next time! thanks for reading my crap lol Later!

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