Knowing My Sex Slave

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Chapter 34

Matt Pov

We arrived at the new house from our long trip and we live in for awhile. I had Chris go and buy new stuff for the house with my hidden money I kept stored, my friend Josh let me take his other truck for my car, I unpacked all Kellys stuff we took from her college and she fixed up her room. I was back in town that ran s-ex trade

I was in the living room laying down and Chris walked in with all new locks and stuff I told him to get

“dad where is Kelly?”

“her room”

He sat down the stuff and took her her new stuff to her room

I looked at her phone then called that man who’s been raising my daughter

Zach pov

I was stressed out sitting at home making sure Dylan was ok, he’s been cutting and cant stop cutting and leaving the house to find his love.

I had to stay home with him to make sure he wouldnt run off and get shot by Chris

I report theat Matt broke out and took Kelly but police had no clue where she was for some reason, towns over had no reports of her either

my phone was ringing

I looked and it was Kelly

“Kelly where are you!”

“Its Matthew Stuart Zach”

I heard his voice for the first time really

“Matt you touch my daughter one more time and I swear the next time we meet I have you sent to jail Ill f-ucking shot you like Dylan did to Chris but I’ll kill you. ”


Matt pov

“I’ll f-ucking kill him. KELLY!” I shouted

she walked down

“yeah dad?”

“Whats Zachs address” I asked like when I asked for her steps fathers

she looked at me

“Tell me Kelly”

“NOW” I screamed

she didnt and I stood up and walked over to her

“you think that guy is your father. huh Kelly”I asked mad

“”she spoke soft

“Exactly so whats his address”

“dad your not killing him.“she spoke serious

I walked up to her more and set her on the couch hard.

“He means a lot to you doesnt he”

she looked up at me and didnt speak

I smiled , he does

“You love him as father figure dont you”

I sat next to her and held her chin to me hard

“hes not your f-ucking father Kelly. I dont care what hes done for you, I’m your dad you got that”

I let go and sat her on my lap

he said not to touch her....well....I’ll do as I damn well please

I put my hand under her shirt and took her bra off, I rubbed her breast and leaned her back on me

“Take your pants off Kelly”

She did and I put my hand in her underwear and rubbed her pussy, she leaned her head back and held onto my hand

I added in a finger and she moaned

I called back that guy

I pumped her hard making her moan

“Kelly tell me you want me inside you baby.” I said and pumped her faster

“daddy I want you inside me again”she moaned

I sat the phone next to us on call

I laid her down and unzipped my pants

“suck me”

she leaned forward and laid over the couch and sucked, I laid back and watched her

“thats it Kelly suck daddy’s pe-nis...“I said closing my eyes laying back more

she sucked harder and I held her head and thrusted

“oh yeah babe....just like that”

she licked and I groaned

I sat her on the couch fast and enter her pu-ssy

“baby girl your p-ussy is so wet for daddy”

I long stroked her and made my pen-is go all the way in and she moaned loud

I smiled

“Tell me you want more Kelly” I sid and f-cked her deep then fast

“I want it daddy f-uck me more!“she moaned

I pounded her and she screamed out

I pulled out and rubbed my d-ick on her wet p-ussy which drives her crazy for more

“oh God dad.“she moaned in pleasure with her eyes closed

I grinned

“Kelly tell me you love me ”

I ushed my c-cok back in and she arched her back

“I love you daddy!”

I went so hard


“YOUR THE BEST DAD!!“she moaned loud as I pounded her rough



I went deeper and faster and held her legs open more and she moaned so hard and had to cum



“cu-m on daddy’s pe-nis baby” I said and pounded her

“F-UCK DAD IM CUM-MING”she screamed and c-ummed on me

“good girl....daddy is so proud of you baby..”

I pulled out her slow and she moaned then I kissed her her and we made out

“I love you Kelly”

“I love you too dad”she spoke tired out

I kissed her cheek and let her lay there

I grabbed the phone and walked upstairs zipping my pants

I put the phone to my ear

“get my message yet Zach?” I asked smiling


“Zach I hope you now realize anything you say I wont take serious. I’ll kiss my daughter and f-cuk my daughter and touch my daughter Because SHE’S MY DAUGHTER NOT YOURS!!!” I yelled and hung up

Zach pov I threw my phone and stood up and went too my room

Later Dylan walked in

“why were you yelling..”

I turned and looked at him

“im just frustated..”

he walked over and gave me phone

“you broke the screen and....well its ruined ”

I looked at it and it was destroyed

“Ill get a new one the sim card is fine and memory chip”

he nodded and walked out

I leaned back and closed my eyes

Kelly pov

I opened my eyes and sat up

Chris walked down stairs and sat next to me

“so whats your new plan”he asked

“if I told you I’d have to kill you”I said smiling and got up and took a shower

I got dressed and went to my dads room

he was sitting down on his bed then looked over

I walked over and sat next to him

“hey sweetheart, I want to show you something ”

he got up and went to his closet and gave me an old journal, he walked out and looked at it

I opened it and read

May 27- my mom thinks I look a lot like my father and she really adores that. I dont understand why she kisses me on the lips like she does my father

June 8- My mom and I had s-ex today and she forced me to or would would beat me and threaten to tell my father I’ve been misbehaving again and I didnt want that, I feel like she wants me to replace my father since he’s never home. I dont know what to do or say anymore. Im afraid to tell my dad and Im scared I will be kicked out again

August 16- My girlfriend Chelsea wants to help me and my issues but I can’t tell her what my mom’s making me do to her every night, she’ll think im disgusting. Last night my mom laid me down and rode me and it felt great but I didnt want it to, my mom makes me love her that way and I’m slowly losing Chelsea the one I really love.

October 3- I moved away from the love of my life, and I feel my life is over. My mom and me got caught having s-exand my dad beat me so bad I ended in the hospital, and doctors asked what happened I lied and said kids from school did again.. All I want is my life back but thats long gone. I’ve accepted my mothers and I relationship but if I could have Chelsea back in any way I would.

I looked up and then looked at the last sentence again

If I could have Chelsea back in any way I would

Im her. Im my mother, I knew that to an extent but did he want me to be her completely

I closed the notebook and thought about how to be more like my mother

to be his lover I had to be like the love of his life

she was kind, loving, great. the perfect woman, I looked back in the notebook and looked up what made my dad fall in love with her so strongly.

the more I read the more I see why he never wanted to leave her, she was his chance at the normal life again, she wanted to help him but after awhile she couldnt

my dad wanted to be what I want to stay....Normal.

how could I do that for him now, Its too late.

I got up and went to my room and sat down, Chris walked in

I looked at Chris

“What makes dad happy,” I asked.

he thought about it


I rolled my eyes

“Thats the best you got Chris, besides me, s-ex and sports..what makes him happy”

“being in control, but having a woman that holds her ground, you and your mom both did that, that’s why he kept you as his catch, he thought it would be fun breaking you. Matt loved your mom, she was strong yet wouldn’t break either, he also likes when you tell him he’s right even when he’s not it makes him feel normal, but be the woman of his dreams, someone he can control yet whos a challenge while at the same time his his lover.”

Chris sta down

“Kelly that all the help I’m giving you”

he laid down and I looked at him

he pulled me on top of him and looked at me

“if you tell dad I helped you I will beat you bad you wont remember your own name by the time I’m finished. Do I make myself clear”

“yes Chris, thank you brother”

he smiled hearing that

he kissed me and I kissed him back

“say it again.“he spoke


“Now moan it”he said smiling

I smiled

"Brother” I moaned

he kissed me again and I kissed his cheek and got up

he held me


I looked down and he was looking at my cleavage smiling

I pushed his face and he laughed

I got up and walked out and went to my dads room to be his lover.

_________________________________________________________________________________________A/N alright there ya go, I wont be updating for awhile I need to work on my other books so this will me at a halt. Have a great Christmas people and enjoy!

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