Knowing My Sex Slave

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Chapter 35

To be continued...

Matt pov

I set my notebook away and laid down after letting Kelly look at it.

Kelly walked in my room and took her clothes off

I sat up and watched her

Showing her that notebook hopefully gave her view on what I wanted from her. This was wanted from her. This was what she wanted for me to do not hurt her breaking her. so I made a different approach on breaking her, but will it work is the question. because if shes smarter than I thought shell end up breaking me

she walked over naked and sat on my bed, she looked at me and took my shirt off, then pants

“Kelly what a ...“she hushed me

she took my boxers off and we laid under the covers

I laid her on me and held her, she laid her head on my chest and I rubbed her back

Kelly pov

I looked up at my dad and he looked down at me and leaned down and kissed me and I kissed him back

he held me more and I laid over him and we made out. he had his hands on my ass and squeezed it

“Kelly when we talked in that prison I told you all I ever wanted was us to be together, I still want that”

I looked at him

heres my chance again to become his lover

“ok dad”

he kissed me and looked me in the eyes

“Kelly for this to work I will need to break you...I want you to be mine but I have to know your with me so I can be yours too.”

I nodded thats what I wanted, I want him to be mine

“i’ll be yours..” I said

I looked at him and he held my face

“just do as I say and I promise it will be alot easier this way”

I dont want it that way but I wasnt going to say that so I just agreed and lied

“dad I’ll do it your way...just dont hurt me”

“I wont. I want us to be together again like the day I told you I loved you nd explained me loving you more than you know”

I smiled because thats where I need our relationship to be if I was going to break

i leaned down on top of him and kissed him, he kissed me back an sat up and straddled him, he held my waist and rubbed my sides smiling happy, I smiled looking down at him

I cant wait to destroy him.

“dad I’m going to love you like never before...I’m going to be your lover”

he smiled and moved me down to him, he laid me down and straddled me ′

“and i’m going to love you like never before, I wanna be yours”he said with lust

he leaned down and looked at me, he kissed me on the neck and I wrapped my arms around him as he kissed on my neck, he kissed on my collar area and on my chest, then up to my lips and we made out


he looked at me

I held his face and looked at him, I was going to get in his head

I held his face closer to me.

“you want my body and love...for me to be in love with you...for us to be together like man and wife..”

he looked at me

“you know thats what I want”

I didnt want him to feel the need to break me into that

“if thats what you want thats exactly what I’ll be. I’ll fu-ck you. love you and be yours to have, Im going to be your everything”

he srtoked my face smiling

I kissed him and he held onto my face as I did his as we kissed

he licked my tongue and we made out, he ran his hands through my hair and down my body

I laid on top of him with the cover over us

I actually took control this time

“dad I wanna fuck you.”

he looked at me then smiled

I smiled and went under the covers

Matt pov

I laid there and she put my d- ick in her mouth


I closed my eyes and let her give me head

Chris pov

I had to make sure Kelly didnt tell on me that I helped her out

I went to my dad’s door and peaked in

she was under the covers and my was groaning with his eyes closed

she s-ucked him hard and he sat up a little and held her head

she came up and he smiled at her

she straddled him and pushed him to lay back, she rode his c- ock and he moaned and she moaned

I closed the door

Matt pov

I held her waist as she went faster on my d- ick riding me

“daddy your so big!“she moaned

“baby you feel great...keep going sweetheart” I said watching her

she did and I held her a- ss

she tilted her head moaning

“Uhh oh God”she moaned

I thrusted up in her and she leaned down and put her hands on my chest and road faster

I looked at her with lust watching her ride my co- ck

“you look so hot Kelly”

she kissed me

“thank you daddy...”

“you welcome honey.”

I laid her down and thrusted into her

she moaned and held onto my hands

we held hands and I grinned into her p -ussy


I continued

I went faster and pounded her, the bed shook hard and she moaned out louder

I watched her as I fu- cked her

I’m falling in Love all over again.

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