Knowing My Sex Slave

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Chapter 36

Matt pov

I woke up with Kelly in my arms, I kissed her cheek, we laid together cuddled.

She looked up and smiled, I smiled and we kissed.

“morning sweetheart”

“morning dad”

I sat up and ran my hand down her body

“lets take a bath”

she sat up and held my hand

we walked to the bathroom and I started the bath, it was big enough for four people

we got in and she laid in between my legs and laid back on me

I washed her body, I leaned down and kissed her cheek. she held my head and turned and we made out and I turned her to me

she kissed on my neck and I closed my eyes and let her kiss on my body, she kissed my neck and gave me a hickey, I moaned and held her waist

I felt her grabbed hold of my pen- is and pump it

I groaned and laid back

she got me so hard, she held my d- ick rubbing it

“dad do you want it”she asked and pumped it slow making me even harder

“I want it Kelly” I moaned

she straddled me and rode my hard d- ick

I moaned as she went down on my coc-k

she moved and rode me, I held her hips

“Oh God baby dont stop”

“I wont stop daddy”she moaned in my ear

she held on to my shoulder and went faster

“dad your di- ck feels so good inside me”

“It feels right doesnt it ”

“yeah dad it does”

I smiled and kissed her

we made out as she moved up and down on my d- ick

I licked in her mouth and she licked in mines, we licked each other tongues tasting each other

I kissed her and she continued to ride me

I leaned back with my eyes closed

Chris pov

I opened my eyes waking up hearing my dad groaning and Kelly moaning

I got up and went to feed buck, they were in the bathroom f- ucking

I fed the dog then sat on the couch sleepy, they f- ucked all night and I heard it all night, I laid down and closed my eyes

“F-UCK DAD IM CUM-MMING!!!” Kelly screamed climaxing

I opened my eyes and looked around

they wont stop now that they are lovers

I sat up and watched down so happy

“I love that girl”

I smiled

“I love sleep”

he looked over

“oh sorry,” he said and sat on the couch

“Its fine,”

Kelly walked down with a hot outfit and her hair down and wet from the bath they took, I watched her walked down looking at my dad with lust

she sat on his lap and he held her and kissed her cheek happy, she laid back on him and her legs across the couch

she looked over at me staring

“You look tired?”

“I am.” I spoke seeing her cleavage showing a bit

she leaned over and laid me down and cuddled with me

I just held her and closed my eyes

she kissed my cheek

“Sweet dreams Chris”

Matt pov

I smiled and let them sleep and went to my office

I got so many emails about when I was going to start back my se -x trade business

I called Josh

“... ... ... hello”

“Its Matt”

“Hey! man we need to make money again, whats your plan”

“I’ll have Chris get girls. we can have them stay at your house, I;ll run it from there”

“why not your place”

“my daughter is back, she doesnt need to see how I really work with these girls Josh”

“.....ok...are you still doing vids”

“...we’ll see”

“have Chris get the girls and I’ll start breaking them”

“alright, I’ll call you later”

we hung up and I walked down stairs

They were sleep

I turned off the tv

I went into town and drove to the mall away from the inner town

I walked around and seen so many girls shopping

I walked to this forever twenty one store and more beautiful girls were shopping

“time to find a catch...”

Kelly pov

the door closed and I woke Chris up

“GET UP!“I yelled

he opened his eyes

“whats sis?”

“you said you met my mom, well how’d she escape here in the past”I questioned on purpose

he looked at me

“I dont wanna talk about that”

“why not”

“go to sleep”

I grabbed him and pulled him to me

“what did you do”I asked

he froze.


I smile wide

“Kelly I was three okay”

“and...“I said wanting to know

“Im not telling you you’ll just tell dad and he’ll beat me”

“and thats all I needed to know thank you...Goodnight Christopher.” I said sweetly and got up

he sat up


I walked down the hall with a smirk running my hand through my hair


I stopped


he remained silent and I smiled hard and continued to walked.

Matt pov

I walked and seen one I wanted, I walked by her and accidentally bumped into her

“Oh I’m so sorry” I spoke

she smiled

“Its ok”

“are you hurt”I asked nicely

“Im fine”

I smiled and walked off, when I bumped her I grabbed her keys

I walked outside and pushed the alarm. IT was farther away, I seen it and turned off the alarm, I waited around half an hour and she walked to her car, it was dark and she didnt see me yet, she looked for her keys

I got out and she looked at me

“uh....wait a sec...“she said thinking

I grabbed her and put her in the back and knocked her out and locked her in

I drove her to the house calling Chris

“hello dad”

“son I have a girl take her to your room, this one is yours to break. I have to get my truck back at the mall”


Chris pov

my dad pulled up and I picked her up and walked in with this gorgeous girl around 20

Kelly was in her room doing who knows what

I set this girl in my room and handcuffed her

she woke up the looked at me

“whats going on..“she looked around

“your my slave darling”

she looked at me

I took off my clothes and she backed up

“w...what are you doing..”

I got naked and pumped my d- ick in font of her

“holy sh -it your gonna ra -pe me arent you”

I smiled

“you’re damn right”

she panicked


I got hard and took her clothes off she creamed and I hit her


she was naked, I opened her legs and she kicked me hard


I took my belt and hit her so hard so hard back to back as she screamed

I lashed out the belt on her bare skin

I opened her legs and quickly entered her

she arched her back, I smiled and thrusted deeper

“uh, God your huge”she moaned with her eyes closed tight

I pounded her and she moaned and then yelled




" Ill let you c-um” I siad smiling

I went harder and she cried

Kelly walked in

“wh...“she paused

the girl looked over

“HELP ME”she cried

Kelly looked at her with this face

“I’m sorry...“she spoke softly

“Kelly join me”

“....Chris I rather not”

I turned and she hated the view of girls getting newly r-aped

“Kelly help me break her faster so shes used to this and I can get it over with”

Kelly looked at her then me

“I...I cant be apart of that..”

I stopped and pulled out her

“do it”

she shook no looking at her sad

“Kelly just fo hat we use to do with Lilly”

she froze then thought about her. I could tell because so did I.

I went and grabbed a condom then moved Kelly to the girl and I kissed Kelly, she put the condom on me as we made out then I took off her clothes

“sis Youll be breaking her faster and really helping her.” I spoke the truth

she nodded

the faster you set the mind at a ease into submission the less they fight and just give in then theres no punishment, and Kelly knew about that...

I looked at Kelly legs

“Come on sis”

the girl looked over


I smiled holding on to Kelly’s waist

“yeah....and Your my Bitch.”

Matt pov

I drove my truck home after dropping off three girls at Josh’s mansion

I parked and got out and went to my office, I heard Kelly that girl and Chris moaning, I smiled and got my camera

I walked in and recorded

Chris was doing Kelly over that girl and Chris made Kelly kiss her

I was turned on I walked to where he was thrusting hs sisters p -ussy

“sis how’s my c -cok feel” He asked grinning

I smiled the sat the camera down and took off my clothes

“Kelly lay down”

She looked back and Chris pulled out then took off his condom and went into the girl

I pumped my d-ick and entered Kelly

“Daddy loves your pu- ssy babe”

she moaned and I f -cuked her

after two hours we all c- ummed and I took the camera and made the video a p orn

I was in my office and Kelly walked in done from the shower

“is that porn?“she asked

“yup. its us”

she walked in and looked

“oh my god...“she whispered

she finnaly seen herself and her dad having s- ex for her to view now fully for the first time

I sat her on my lap

“is this how you make money”

“some of it”

“whats your other way”

“lets not talk about that”

“what is it dad” she asked serious

“I dont want you seeing that Kelly”

she turned and looked at me

“what is it.“she demanded

I looked at her

“you really want to know”

she looked me in the eyes for a second

“yeah...I do”

I went to the computer and went to my pictures, she turned and gasped



I held her and she stood up fast away from me

“How could you just do something that insane!“she yelled

“thats why I didnt want to show you!” I yelled

she looked at the pictures of me and my friends not only raping but having girls tied up to poles bleeding beaten down so bad and c-umming out their p -suuys

“ehat the f -uck is that”she asked scared backing up

“it called domination, its worse then ‘r-ape’, its the busniess here Kelly that and trade”

she looked at me

“Is that what you were going to put me through originally”

I was silent

she walked away


I ran after her and held her up against the door

“sit down”I said mad

she looked at me

“take your f-uking hands off me”

I did and she pushed me hard



I held shoulders her

" I love you ok. look at me...I’d never do that to you, what i do to those girls is just a job”

“do you enjoy it”

“............I do”I said honest

she looked at me

“I cant even look at you”

she walked out fast and I let her go

I went to my desk and looked at the pictures of Joshing and Tyler r-aping a girls while whiping them so bad their skin tore open

Kelly pov

“oh my f-ucking God..”

those pictures of those poor girls were so bad I had to lock myself in my room and try to focus on the bigger picture of breaking my dad and getting my freedom

but seeing that made me change my whole outlook on my father

he said he enjoyed that stuff, that didnt surprise me but the conditions those girls were in scared the hell out of me

I laid down and thought of that girl who was new, she’d become one of those girls in those pictures or traded to some creep of s -ex addicted man

I looked at my wall then the door opened


I turned and my dad walked over unlocking the door and sat on the bed, I sat up and moved away from him

“babe please dont run from me...” he spoke softly

he moved closer and I watched him

he held my hand and I took it back

“Kelly I love you ok. Dont be afraid of me sweetheart.”

he leaned over and kissed my lips and held my face, I froze then kissed him back

he looked at me

“are you okay....“he asked

I nodded lying.

_____________________________________________________________________________________not proofread____________A/N well shit this book is coming to an end finally! I hope you guys liked it, I may include the bonus chapters like before but we’ll see, if not this book ends in the next 7 more chapters! as Always thanks for reading..

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