Knowing My Sex Slave

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Chapter 37

Kelly pov

I looked at Matt and he moved closer to me

“babe I love you...”

he laid me back and laid over me and looked me in the eyes

“ you still love me”

“yes” I said

Matt pov

I looked at her and held her face

“good.....I...I thought I lost you..”

I rested my forehead on hers and closed my eyes

“your still my girl...“I whispered and smiled happy I didnt go crazy

and I cant lose Kelly....not again.

I thought of when she tried to kill herself because of me and I ended up in jail

Kelly pov

I looked at my dad hold me close and then he sat up and looked at me with this face

“I love you you still love me...“he asked

I looked at him knowing the answer but responded the way I had survive this time...

" yes....I love you dad.”

he smiled, his smile use to kill me in the past, still does..the way he smiled after cutting my legs or beating me....ill never forget that smile....I remember covering cuts and bruises with bandages at school because of him. I can recall the first time he hit me...and the last. my justice isn’t justice anymore nor revenge..... its vengeance. retribution. he will know whats he done to me then suffer once he knows his wrongs.

he smiled more hearing I loved him. he kissed my lips softly and held the kiss

“Im sorry you seen that Kelly....those girls are just a job”he apologized

I nodded and he laid next to me

I looked at the ceiling and then heard his pants unzipped again in life..

I looked over with a calm face unlike my first time being r -aped.

He took off his pants again and looked at my body.

he took the rest of his clothes off and leaned over and straddled me, I looked at his naked body on top of me, he took my shirt off and bra

“I wanna make love to you Kelly...”

I just laid there

he leaned down and kissed my lips again

“we’re lovers right...”


he smiled and kissed me

he sat up and took my pants and underwear off, he opened my legs and licked in me

I laid there just looking up taking it again.

his tongue licked in and deep and I arched my back being overpowered, I held my head hating this, my body and brain we’re always two different people but I hate that in the worst situation possible they chose to be on opposite ends like now.

“babe you taste so good..“he spoke

I closed my eyes moaning as he continued

he sat up and laid over me and entered me fully and he moaned inside me

he looked down at me thrusting

“I love you...I would never hurt you that way..”

“I love you too dad”

he leaned down thrusting and I held him and let him kiss on my neck as my legs were open with him in between my them

he humped into me deep and then sat up and sat on his knees and thrusting fast in me

I watched his body moved into mine, his muscles flexed the more he pounded in me, I moaned harder feeling it and he held my brest and massaged them

I turned away closing my eyes more moaning with a pleasure now instilled in me.

Matt pov

I looked at my daughter moaning then I went so hard to make her feel it more.

she moaned loud


I smiled. she was becoming one with the pleasure like I felt when my mother would do this with me.

“you like that babe..”

“yeahhh”she moaned

I went faster so she c -um

“F -uck! Dad Im losing it, More! harder! F -ck me!!!”

I smiled.

pain and pleasure effected everyone different...but Kelly.....she was like me.

I went harder and deeper and she held onto me and her body lost it to the pleasure again and she c -ummed all over my hard d- ick again

I kept going and had to c -um as well

I thrusted then pulled out fast and did it so hard it made a mess and dripped down my co- ck . i wiped it up and laid down back next to her, I groaned and held my c- ock rubbing it, it was still hard. I sat up and went back inside her slowly and she watched moaning, I looked down too watching and I held my last thrust deep inside her p- ussy.

I looked at her and she looked at me.

I looked at my daughter and she was breathing hard from c- umming a second ago. this reminded me of my mother....the same look she had on her face, the same way she was breathing...even them being in the same position.

Kelly pov

my dad gave me this look the pulled out fast and sat next to me

he held my hand

I laid there as he sat there holding my hand

“I’m going to get help Kelly”

I looked at him shocked

“a-.....are you serious” I sat up

he nodded

Matt pov

I kissed her and walked out

I went to my room and laid down, the look she had on her face once she seen that screen of those cut and r- aped girls then the same look she had my mother gave me once I....

something clicked.

I a monster

“I am a monster”

I hit the wall.

I still wanted my daughter but I wanted her to love me like shes supposed to.

I got up and looked in my notebook to write my feelings, I turned to the last page and already saw writing from when I was 17

-I’ve snapped. I took control of my mom and f- ucked her in her room on her bed at night when my dad was passed out on the couch. I wanted to make her scream my name, and only my name and never wanted her to scream his again, she was mine and I was hers, I love this feeling of being in control and dominating a woman no matter who it is, I love this. I will raise my family off this like my mother did to me.

I froze. I tried to do that to my wife and she ran for life....then died...

I turned and looked at the door

“Kelly....“I whispered

I dropped my notebook and backed up from it

“, It was me....all along.”

my mom may have started it but..I finished it.

If I didnt stop Kelly would do this to her son if she ever had one..

I dont know what it is...I guess I broke through after 20 years of this life style

I went to my book of girls I’ve r -aped

I looked at all them shocked then Chelsea my wife then Kelly my daughter

I took Kelly’s pictures out

I looked at her face, I dont know why but I needed that girl and wanted her, I wanted her to want me still

I shook my head losing what made sense and what didnt, It was like I couldnt tell left from right anymore..

I looked in the mirror and looked at my face lost for the first time

the door opened and Kelly walked in


I looked at her in the mirror


“we cant keep doing this”

I turned

“yes we can”

she shook no

“dad Im your daughter.”

I walked over and held her hands and she took them back, I looked at my hands then looked at her and spoke

“we love each other....This....I need this Kelly”

I walked her in and shut the door

she looked at me and I walked up to her and she backed up

“dad its over.”

I froze


I moved her to the bed and sat her down

she pushed me back onto the ground

“stop it”she spoke

I sat up and got mad

I looked up at her then pulled her underwear off and opened her legs hard

I licked and she gasped moaning

“Kelly see it feels right..”


I looked at her

“please Kelly I need this ”

she looked down at me

I kissed her thighs up to her p -ussy and she held my head still and looked at me

“then the rules change.”

I looked at her and she was serious

I needed this....


she stood up and kicked me down hard and put her foot on my chest

“From here on out I’m your master now Matthew.”

“....but......I......................Okay...“I gave up

“Okay what.”

“Okay master.”

___________________________________________________________________________________________________________A/N Okay ppl! well theres another chapter and I need to knock this book out fast before school starts back up 4 me so.....back to back updates are-a-comin !!!!

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