Knowing My Sex Slave

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Chapter 38

Kelly pov


It was time to set up my vengeance

I slept in my room, by myself and woke up with the biggest smile a girl could have.

I got up and took a shower and right on time Chris walked in


I pulled him in the shower and looked at him

“he’s my f- ucking dad. and I broke his a-ss. and your in my way so you know what..”

I pulled him closer and punched him so hard he fell back an slipped hitting his head falling in my shower. I just showered over him then stepped out once I finished letting him sleep

I got dressed then went to my dads room, if I was going to play this right and smart I needed to give my dad what he wanted still. That was control and feeling right but I still wanted that hold on him.

He was sleep, I laid down next to him and rubbed his abs

he woke up and looked at me and smiled

“dad Chis is going to be mad”

“I’ll make sure he doesnt touch you or does anything”

I smiled and laid on him

“I love you” I said smiling

he kissed my lips

“I love you too.”

he held me and Chris walked in pissed off


“I dont care”he said looking over

I smiled and looked at Chris and he was infuriated

“Cheleasa” was all I said

“Kelly I....“he stopped thinking, he let her escape and he knew my dad would flip out

“fine....but this isn’t over”he said mad

“Oh but Christopher it is” I smiled hard

He walked out and slammed the door

I kissed my dad and he kissed me back

“Kelly what was that about”

“nothing, he just misses mom”

he nodded

I straddled him, I wanted him to feel like he still had me not I had him, I took his hand and put I on my body

“Its all yours dad”

he grinned and sat up and took off my shirt and let him, he held my breast and took off my bra and rubbed my breast and sucked on them, I moaned and held his head

Chris pov

I tore up my room and broke stuff. She f-ucking did and I was now her bi-tch and I hated it

I went stairs and sat down ppissed off

later she walked down with Matt and he held her hand

she looked at me smiling, I wanted to hit her so bad but Matt would demolish me so I just sat there pissed off

“brother”she called

I looked over at her

“Come here”

I walked over and Matt just laid there down watching tv turning channels

Kelly pushed me to the couch and sat on my lap and faced me

“”I said mad

she smiled and kissed me


I looked at her and she held my shoulders

“do you want to f- uck me Chris”

what was she doing...

shes smart so I felt this was a trick

“ sister I dont”

she leaned down and whispered in my ear

“well...I wanna f -cu you.“she spoke then kissed me

what the heck is she up to!′

she’s making me nervous. I looked at Matt and he was just watching sport center

was this a test..

I looked at her and she took her clothes off in front of me, my c- ock was getting hard for her body

she took my pants off and boxers seeing it and smiled

she leaned down and put her lips then mouth on my c- ock and sicked me off

I moaned and watched her

she looked up at me su cking my c -ock, I looked to my dad and he didnt even care

I held her head and she sucked harder

“ahhhh” I sat up and thrusted in her mouth

she licked up my c- ock and suck on the tip of it, I leaned back and groaned

“I love your co- ck Chris”she spoke

I looked at her and she smiled

“do you like this Chris”she asked

I nodded

she sat up and laid me down and held my di- ck and put it in her, she laid on me with me inside her, we laid sideways on the couch, I was behind her and kissed on her neck thrusting in her

Matt pov

I watched tv then looked over and saw them having sex, I was glad she didnt neglect Chris at least.

I looked at the tv then thought of her, I need her no matter how our relationship turned out, and even though I snapped out of it and had a moment of clarity I couldnt let her go....I love her.

Kelly pov

“f- ck me me Brother”

“Ok.” he indirectly obeyed

to make someone submit to you I learn it works fastest sexually then physically or mentally

I let him f- uck me yet demanded it

“Harder Chris.”

he went harder

I told him how I wanted him to f- cuk me and soon I’d would be telling him what to do all the time.

But I still also wanted him to feel like he had power over me too. I wanted him to fall in love with the fact I was in control, he soon would love that I let him f- cuk me not he had to r- ape me. I didnt want him to feel the need to so I’d become his little girlfriend like he wanted and my dad’s lover

Matt pov

I looked over and was hard hearing her moan out, I stood up and walked over and pumped my c -ock watching them.

“dad join us”Kelly said watching me hold myself

I took my pants off and shirt and boxers off, Chris laid down and she laid over him, I thrusted in her as-s ans held her hips, she moaned and me and Chris f-ucked her.

I went faster and groaned and slapped her a-ss, she moaned and looked back

“Hit it again”

I smiled and smacked her a- ss while f -ucking her

I watched my d -ick go in and out of her and watched chris do the same, she held his shoulder moaning so hard then screamed out


we did and Chris was moaning

“I have to C- um!” he yelled

I pulled Kelly to me and laid her on the couch and kept going as Chris c -ummed

“AH S_HIT! F- UCK YEAH!!” he c- ummed all over

He laid on the couch holding his p-enis and I laid Kelly over the couch and held her a- ss up and humped into her so hard, she turned looking back at me and moaned out then bit her lip in bliss, I went fast and she grabbed onto the couch being pounded

“UHH UHH UHH JUST LIKE DADDY!” she screamed out

I held her shoulders and went deep too and she laid down more on the couch moaning

my d- cik was ready

“Kelly I have to c- um!”

“cum for me daddy” she moaned and looked back

I pulled out and pumped my c- cok and c- um shot out so hard on the floor making a mess like Chris’

I laid on the couch hard and she did too next to Chris being in the middle

We all laid there, she held my d- ick and Chris’ and pumped them, we groaned loud and more c- um came out our c- ocks

“thank you.“I said breathing hard

“Thank you sis.”

she looked at us then smiled and stood up leaving

“Your both welcome.”

__________________________________________________________________________________________________A/N well shes taking over... anyways 5 more chapters then maybe 8 more bonus chapters If i feel like writing them at school lol thanks for reading and hope you have enjoyed this crazy story

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