Knowing My Sex Slave

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Chapter 39

Dylanr pov

My phone rang and I picked up.

“hello” I spoke depressed

“babe its me”



“I’m coming to get you”

“Not yet”

I froze

“n....not yet? What do you mean not yet Kelly”

“Exactly what I said. Not yet,”

She broke them.....

I smiled

“Kelly destroy them.”

“I will babe, I want you to get Chris, Kill him like you wanted to”

I smiled and walked to my desk and looked at my gun

“Alright, when should I come ”

“Give me two days.”


“I love you Dylan”

“I love you more Kelly”I said proud of her

We hung up and I sat down and held my gun smiling

Kelly pov

I put my phone back in my dad dresser and went to my room

Chris was there naked

“Can I have it today”he asked

I nodded and walked over and pushed him on the bed

I took my pants off and underwear, he sat up and I pushed him back down, I straddled him and he moved lower and licked my p -ussy and ate me out

I held onto the headboard and looked down, he licked in me looking up at me and stuck his tongue in

I moaned

“Just like that Chris..”

he kept going

I grabbed his hair and pulled on it


he held my waist and licked a lot more and sucked and I arched my back

“Ok Chris”

I moved and laid down and he sat up fast and thrusted into me hard and groaned


he leaned down and looked me in the eyes

“if I make you orgasm can I get my d -ick pumped for my cu m shots”


he smiled and kissed me, I moved him back

“Did I ask for your lips?”


I nodded

Zach pov

Dylan walked down so happy for a change

“I’m glad to see you smiling kid whats up”

he looked over

“I got a call..”

a call?



he smiled


I stood up

“Is she okay”

“she’s....she’s great “he said smiling


Kelly pov

“Now get out”I spoke to Chris rude

he walked out fast and shut the door

I laid down and looked up


I knew how Chris would die but my dad was the real thicker.

I’d set Chris up after two days and Dylan would shoot him down but Matt was a harder target

I sat up and walked down stairs

Matt was there petting his dog

I sat next to him


he looked over

“yeah babe?”

“what if I said I couldnt love you”

he froze

“You know I’m getting help and I need you Kelly dont do this”

I stood up and walked in the kitchen and grabbed a beer and drank

he walked in

I was sitting on the counter

“Kelly why would you say that”

“to see if you still love me”

“you know I do”

“prove it”

he looked at me

“dad the first day you kidnapped me you made me do something I didnt want to do so today you’ll do that. get on your knees”

he looked at me

“dad”I waited

he did

“come here”

he started to stand




he looked at the floor then crawled to me

I held my shoe out

“Kiss my shoe”

he held it and kissed my shoe without argue, I guess his mother taught him something after all.

I smiled

“stand up daddy”

he did and I grabbed his hand and walked him to the basement

I gave him my beer and sat him down

“drink up” I smiled

he did and I took rope and went behind him and ties his ankles fast to the chair

“what are you doing..“he panicked

I made them tight then smacked his beer down and handcuffed his hands to the behind his back and tied rope from the cuffs to the back of the chair

I walked in front of him smiling

“You asked what I’m should know dad of all people...its called.....Love and Punishment.”

______________________________________________________________________________________________________A/N short chapter...but! you now know what she plans to do! her payback is finally here! STAY TUNE ON KNOWING MY SEXSLAVE!! Ill update soon since this was short!

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