Knowing My Sex Slave

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Chapter 4

Kelly pov

I seen this house and became so happy, I had about two blocks and my right leg was screaming in pain. I didn’t care I had to Get out of there

I started walking and it started raining hard


My clothes stuck to me and my feet picked up mud

Matt pov


He ran out and walked around the the area

She had to break through a window because these locks were unbreakable. I’d have to set gates on the window. This is why I didnt bring girls on the top layer of the house. I thought she realize her right leg is broken and would stay off it

There is only one place she could of ended up at. And thats with Josh a close friend

I smiled and let her go to his place and waited for my call

Chris pov

Dam’n bitch!

I’m going to rape her so hard and beat her. My dad kicked my ass and took my catch and set her free so I was pissed the fuck off, it took me months to break that hot b’itch

And now I’m going to break Kelly

Kelly pov.

This guy let me in and got me clothes and hot chocolate

We sat while he talked to cops

" .......officer Cooper I understand....yeah shes fine...her right leg..yeah injured. Some as-s hole beat her up and raped her....thank you”

" Kelly the cop is on his way”

I watched him

“You know Matt don’t you” I asked. I’m not stupid

He smiled

" you’re a smart one too not just sexy....I bet Chris lost you huh? ” he asked grinning

“Chris? Oh that idiot bipolar boy, yeah. He walked off and I left”

He laughed

the door opened and Matt walked in smiling

" Kelly do you want your legs darling?” he asked with sarcasm smiling

I took a breath

he walked over and st down

“Chris is on the main roads Josh can you pick him up”

“yeah man, bye Kelly, nice to meet you babe”he said leaving with a grin

I watched tv and Matt joined me

We just sat there in silence looking forward in the couch

“........” no one spoke

I looked at him and he watched tvm I looked back over and he grabbed hard and carried me to his truck

" Kelly your going to the basement. You will learn who is boss and and my Rules”

he set me on the right side in the car and got in, he drove home and set me first in this room

I looked around and seen clothes for me, hair stuff, and other things. Over all things Id need

“get dressed then sit there.” he spoke mad

He walked out slamming the door cracking it

I took off these guys clothes and put on under clothes then skinny jeans and a shirt. I combed my hair and looked for shoes, there were none....

he didnt want me running

he had make up for me

“What guy shops for make up...and does it right.”

hes had other girls or was in a relationship at one point

I barely put on make up to look nice for these guys, just foundation to cover my bruises so when I passed a mirror I wasn’t reminded

I sat there and looked out the window, they now had gates on them

Chris pov

I got dropped off at my house by Josh and went for Kelly

I walked in her new room she’d use once we break her

I walked in and she was looked at me. I stopped in midtrack, she looked beautiful, her bruises were gone..well hidden and she was actually dressed with her kind of clothes not my dads

I walked in and pushed her to the bed to lay back and I aid over her

“Your beautiful.”

She looked at me and didnt reply

I kissed her and someone pulled me off

“Get the h-ell off her you lost your chance now go”My dad spoke

I got off and walked to the kitchen and grabbed a beer bottle.

As I drank I thought of Lilly the girl I had before my dad set her free, she shouldnt be far

I got up and looked for her

Kelly pov

I was in a basement strapped to this bed thing more like table, it was cold and hard and I was naked

I looked at my legs and they were red with scars, my right leg had purple bruising

I looked around, I seen whips, knives, this weird bat baton and clamps, toys, condoms and duck tape

There was a odd fire place that lit this dark basement, more like dungeon.

I laid there cold and scared, Matt was going to ra-pe me and try to break me I knew it, I wasnt ready for that

Im not a virgin though Ive had s-ex with my boyfriend but only twice, once was just to lost my virginity the other because it was his birthday, se-x wasnt something I treated like like a pastime or activity, I wanted to do it with someone I loved and cared for not just to feel good or alive

I looked up at my hands and they were cuffed to the top of the table, my body made an upside (Y)

My hands tied at the top together and legs apart

About ten minutes later went by then Matt walked down naked

He had six pack and big muscles, I looked down then right back up.

“Kelly you might as well check it out its going to be inside you in a moment...”

I closed my eyes and felt him rubbed my body

“....So soft...“he whispered

I laid there with closed eyes still then felt a whip lash out on my skin so hard

my eyes shut tighter


He whipped me again and my body shook, this whip was no joke

He did it alot then tears came out my eyes

“stop crying, I know it hurts but suck it up. You did this to your self” He said pissed off

How would he know what this feels like...

I paused then felt the whip and wanted to scream

he dropped the whip and I felt his hand run up and down my body massaging me

I opened my eyes and he was smiling

" are you a virgin babe?”

I shook my head no

“Well then this shouldnt hurt you so bad”

He walked around me then to my legs, In looked up at the ceiling hoping to wake from this nightmare

His hand touched my vagina and he rubbed it and I bit my tongue

Later I felt his finger go inside it, I gasped and shut my eyes , trying not to feel pleasure

He humped me harder

I looked down and he was pumping his d-ick with one hand while fingering me with the other, After a minute his peni-s sprung up tall erected

Ii looked up and he started groaning

I felt his tongue lick me and I had to moan so bad now

“Do it Kelly” he teased

I didnt and then felt his pen-is rub aainst my vagina

oh god no

he rubbed it up and down me. I was getting wet and had to moan hard, and I hated it.

I felt the head of his d-ick slide in slowly, he teased me and he knew it, It felt good yet I didnt want it to and he knew that

“Kelly moan for me baby” he said with joy

I swallowed hard and looked

His pen-is slide in inch by inch, and went in so deep and filled me, he went in way deeper then me my boyfriends

This was gonna hurt so bad.


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