Knowing My Sex Slave

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Chapter 40

Matt pov


She smiled and held my favorite whip

Oh God. .

“Daddy tell me something I want to hear ” she said

“Kelly I’m sorry for what I’ve done to you ” I said nervous

She whipped me so hard

“AHHHHHH F UCK! ” I yelled

“Not good enough dad”

“Kelly I love you so much and I’m truly sorry!” I yelled in pain

She lashed the whip on me harder

“AHHHHHH S HIT WHAT THE F UCK” I screamed in so much pain

I looked down and my skin was red with dark red marks

She smiled

“This does feel wonder you did it to me so much..” she said grinning evil

She sat on my lap and I just looked forward in pain

She Looked foward too

" dad....we been through alot together....and I just wanted to say’s only going to get more intense my love ”

I closed my eyes and leaned back

She laughed and I opened my eyes

She was looking at me

“Do you still love me still daddy”she asked sweetly

I nodded

She punched me dead in The face

“Are you lying..” she asked

" no. I love you . .and I really am sorry...for what I put you and your mother through sweetheart”

She got up and held up the whip and I flinched

I looked over at her and she dropped it

I was relieved until she got my knife

" no no no no Kelly. Stop”

She walked over with the biggest one

" we should have matching legs daddy...don’t you think?”

Motherf uck

I closed my eyes shut

Kelly pov

I loved this and the control.

I cut his pants off then looked at his legs

“Dad of you can say my middle name I won’t cut them”

He opened his eyes and looked around

" you don’t know it do you dad..” I asked with humor

“No Kelly I don’t.” he said frustrated

“And what does that tell you”

“I’m a horrible father...”

“And...” I waited

“I don’t and never did deserve to have a great daughter like you...and I...should get cut like I cut you”

“There ya go”

I cut in his legs and he screamed so hard

I dug it in so deep watching blood leak out and he shook in pain

I did it to the other side


I stopped and went to the bathroom and picked up alcohol

I went down and she was breathing hard

“NO!” he yelled seeing the bottle

I walked over and poured

Chris pov

I woke up hearing screaming?


I sat up then was too tired to care and went back to sleep

Matt pov

“Holy sh it !” I said breathing hard

I looked at my legs and they matched my daughters now

She looked at my legs and wrapped them

" you still love me?”

I looked at her

“Well..” she waited

I nodded

" yeah I do...I also deserved that”

She looked at me

" and mom didn’t deserve to die you did”

I looked at her broken and she took my blade and heated sat it in got coals of a burning fire


She looked over

“When I screamed please stop what did you do ”

I took a breath

“I laughed at your pain and did it again...”

" do you have any regrets in life dad”she waited

“I laughed at you pain and it again..”

“So you have any regrets in life dad. One maybe two”

" I do now” I said

She smiled

" don’t worry dad....the pain only last for....six days” she said serious

She walked over with the blade and it glowed bright orange

She got it close to my arms where I once burned hers

She leaned it down and I closed my eyes ready

I felt it touch me and I snapped my eyes opened and yelled as it made a sizzling sound cooking my skin

“CHRIS HELP ME!!!!” I screamed

She laughed

“Asked me to stop.”


She did. Then laughed how i did exactly and burned me again

I looked at her and she enjoyed this

“Kelly...” I said tired

“What.” she asked mad

" your....turning into me babe...look at have to sleep’ll grow up and only happen to me it will happen to you...” I warned her

She looked at me

“Maybe that’s what I want now...“she spoke

I looked up and seen her face . it was full of vengenace like I had against women...

“You can’t do this tomen Kelly...not all men are bad...r..remember uh Zach he wouldn’t want this for you Kelly . you have to change before it’s too late..” I said

“Too late for what”

" your kids.” I said looking at mine

She froze

“Kelly I’m sorry. I’m so sorry....I turned you into me...”

She dropped the blade and looked at me

“Untie me Kelly. ” I said trying to escape

She walked up to me then was about to

She paused and felt her stomach

“Kelly what’s wrong..”

She ran out so fast and I just looked at the stairs

Kelly pov

I threw up in the bathroom and puked so much

I sat up and washed my mouth off.

Chris walked in

“Sis you ok?”

I turned and looked at him

“Kelly..are you alright...your scaring me what’s wrong”

" I’m pregnant. ”

_______________________________________________A/N well shit who’s the father!?!?!

Thanks for reading!!!!! I’m saying bye in a way because I go to school TOMORROW so updates....will be SLOW lol sorry I will try my best but hey I will be absent alot and as to who is the dad for Kelly’s offspring..................TUNE IN NEXT TIME ON KMSS!

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