Knowing My Sex Slave

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Chapter 42

Dylan pov

Its been two days like she asked for

I took Zachs car and started driving to the address Kelly asked for

Kelly pov

I shot at a tv and sat up and my dad screamed my name nervously, he now thought I was dead which was what I wanted him to think. I wanted him to suffer..

I sat up slowly and went upstairs and grabbed duck tape I had stored in the bathroom. I went to my room and Chris was there in a corner crying with his head up against the wall I grabbed him and handcuffed him and taped his mouth

“I’m not dead and neither is Matt. I will let you go free...but first I have unfinished business.”

I punched him hard and he fell back holding his face, I walked out and locked the door again and went to the basement. My dad was actually crying

“Dad.” I called

he looked up

“Holy f-uck your not dead...“he said relieved and smiled

I smiled

“No....I’m stronger than that”

“yes you are.“he said proud

I smiled again and sat down

“ said yesterday..I turned into you...well that stuck with me...and I have ”

he looked at me lost

“ I want to kill every man in this world because of you...I cant trust any of them besides Dylan and Zach. you did more than just break destroyed me dad.”

“Kelly...I’m s.....“I cut him off

“Your sorry I know. I am too.”

“Dad my future....will be the biggest mystery of my life....MY OWN FUCKING FUTURE! I wont know if I can even have a son without wanting to f-uck him clearly couldnt do that with me. And IM YOUR DAUGHTER!!! and that didnt mean SHIT ! to how am I supposed to love a son...or even my husband without wanting to own him...”

he looked at me sad unsure of what to say

“Dad I’m sorry for what your mother did to you, but I wont be like you.., like I said, I refuse. I’m not having kids..and damn sure not having this one by you. but, I wont kill you..that would be to easy..I want you suffer so bad..every night I go to sleep I will with a smile knowing by real dad killed my father..and my real dads name is Zach. That might not mean much for you but that means the world to me. He’s been the best man influence I could ask for...he took me in as his own and helped for took three years of your own blood daughters life and made it hell..but before you die...Chris needs to tell you something,”

I looked at him then got up and got Chris

Matt pov

she walked down with my son and ripped tape off his mouth

“Chris tell us how my mom escaped”

I looked at Chris

“Dad I was three..“he said nervous

I was pissed off

“WHAT DID YOU DO!“I yelled

“I untied her when you fell asleep the night you found again”

I tried to break out this chair and grab him

Kelly pov

I watch my dad flip out


Chris backed up scared

“Dad I’m sorry” he said sad

“I HATE YOU!!!“Matt yelled with so much anger

“...but dad...”


Chris looked at him hurt


I un handcuffed him and he walked out

Dylan pov

I was in Zach’s car and parked outside the address Kelly texted me

Chris started walking out and I got out fast and walked over

he looked up and I punched him so hard he fell onto the ground, I straddled him and punched Chris repeatedly taking all my anger out

“YOU RAPED MY GIRLFRIEND YOU SON OF A B ITCH!! ” I yelled punching him

his face was bleeding so bad and his nose broke, I kept going and hit his eye and he was laid out, he tried to grab my hand to stop and I pushed it back and I still continued.

“GET OFF ME!!” He screamed crying

I reached behind me in my back pocket and grabbed my gun and shoved it in his mouth hard and he froze

“I hope you enjoyed your life Chris.”

he looked at me and I pulled the trigger and the sound echoed so loud in these woods

Kelly pov

I heard Dylan shoot Chris

“Dylan killed him dad..”

“I heard.” he said mad

I sat on a table and looked at him for a second

“I think its time for me to go home..”

he looked at me

“then leave.“he said mad

I smiled

“I cant leave without my dad” I said smiling hard

he looked at me confused

Zach walked down stairs

he walked up to me and held my hand

“I’m her dad not you”

Matt looked pissed off

he couldnt say anything in his position

Zach pov

Kelly hugged me and I held her looking at Matt and he was pissed off at the sight of another man holding his daughter

I kissed her cheek and he tried to get up

“I’ll be with Dylan dad”Kelly said

“Ok princess..”

I let go and she walked up stairs

I looked around his basement

“So Matt..this is the place you’ve been ra ping my daughter in huh”

“my daughter.“he corrected pissed off

“you wont be alive to say that for too long..”

I walked around then pulled out his notebook I found in his room I had in my bag

I went to my favorite page and started reading

“...I’ve snapped. I took control of my mom and fu cked her in her room on her bed at night when my dad was passed out on the couch. I wanted to make her scream my name, only my name and never wanted her to scream my fathers name again. she was mine and I was hers, I love this feeling of being in control and dominating a woman no matter who it is. I love this , I will raise my family off this like my mom did to me.” I finished

he looked at me mad and I set the book down

“Zach you wont be able to handle my daughter in five more years....she’ll be what I became. You better hope she never has a son Zach.” he said serious

“I’ll get her help Matt. She won’t become you.”

he laughed

“SHE ALREADY HAS!” he yelled mad

I smiled

“then why didnt she continue to live that twisted lifestyle with you and your step son, do you know what she said when she called me yesterday..she said. get me the f uck out of here and take my home dad. and I said ok, from the start of you taking her back for the second time I let her go because she told me to, I was very hesitant but she said this was something she had to do because you will never stop. so I didn’t stop her. and even though it’s something I’ll never do again, something that made me go just about insane I’m glad I let her do this...because now..I’m going to kill you like promised. ”

Matt pov

I looked at Zach and he took a gun out

I looked at the wall thinking about my whole life, I guess it was flashing before my eyes...

“Matt.” he called

I looked up

Zach pov

“Matt.” I called

he looked up and I shot him in the forehead and his head dropped down and blood dripped into his lap

Kelly pov

I was with Dylan outside then a car pulled up, Lilly walked out

“Lilly!” I yelled shocked

she ran over to me and hugged me so hard

“Oh my ok..“she said happy and held me

we looked at each other, Lilly looked older and like a grown woman now

I nodded smiling and she kissed my cheek

“You are the strongest girl Ive ever met Kelly Hillman.“she said proud

I smiled and she had tears

“Im so fu cking proud of you Kelly” she said crying

I had tears and smiled

“....thank you.”

________________________________________________________________________________A/N sorry for the WAIT but hey its not over! ....not even close, theres one more last chapter than BONUS ch 8 of them THEN the next BOOK!( matts past with his rapist of a mother) lol then maybe kelly’s future?!?! we’ll see . thanks for reading!! byeeeeee!

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