Knowing My Sex Slave

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Chapter 43

Kelly pov

Me and Lilly hugged then she looked down at my stomach.

“We need to talk,“She spoke.

She held my hand and walked me away from the car Dylan was on.

“Chris told me..”

I looked at her

“Lilly you have to make me to the hospital. I dont want Dylan or Zach to know”

She nodded

“Ok...we’ll go soon.” she said and looked behind me

I turned and Zach was walking up to us

" Lilly..“he said shocked

she smiled

“hi Zach..“she said

they hugged then we all walked to the cars

Sabrina pov

Today was the day Kelly came home, I was so happy she can finally live a free and normal life again

I heard the car then four doors shut


the door open and Dylan walked in happy

“hey Sabrina” he said happy

I smiled

“Hi sweetheart.”

he walked in the I seen Zach then Kelly, I smiled so wide

“Oh my God sweetheart come here!”

she smiled wide and we hugged, I held her and never wanted to let go

I opened my eyes then seen Lilly

“Lilly..” I said so shocked

she grinned and walked in

“hey mom..”

I smiled wide hearing that

both my girls were home

I hugged them both so hard

“Oh my God..“I said overwhelmed about to cry

I was so happy I couldnt stop smiling

I stepped back and looked at Kelly, she actually looked healthy this return

“mom me and Kelly actually have to go somewhere..“Lilly said holding keys

“Ok...umm..just be home before dinner”

they nodded and walked out

Lilly pov

“sis are you sure doctors will approve”Kelly asked nervous

“Yeah your 19 your an angel adult they have to. and I’ll make up something to the family when we get back ok”

“thank you”

I drove my car and we got to the hospital

we walked inside and I signed her in, the lady at the front looked at me

“is this abortion for you”

“my little sister..” I said

she nodded

“Ok were ready for her now actually.”

I turned and called Kelly

she got up and set down a magazine

" What the check is a selfie?” she said

I laughed

“Looks like I’ll have to get you up to date now’s When you take a picture a yourself and post it pretty much”

" isn’t that just called a picture?”

" w....well I guess it is...huh”

I looked at her and she shook her head smiling

“Let’s go..”

Dylan pov

I sat on the couch with Zach

" was shooting Matt?” I asked smiling

He turned

" it felt great..which reminds me give me my other gun back” he said grabbing it smiling

I smiled

“Sorry I stole it.. I just had to shoot Chris that day to take out my anger..”

He looked at me

" we have to find you a new alternative Dylan”

" to what ” I asked lost

He sat down the guns

“Your can’t relieve your anger though hurting use to beat up students at high school then hurt yourself in college by cutting, you have get help.”

he was right...

“your right...I have to...for myself and for her..”

Kelly pov “well...We checked the baby Ms.Hillman and its perfectly are you sure and positive you want to abort the baby”

“yeah I’m sure..” I said positive

“ok, um you were actually more than 2 months you want to know the sex...its required we ask here, Im sorry”

“uh..sure I guess”

“Its a boy...”

I looked at him then my hands

I was going to have a son with my father...

“miss..........miss you okay?”

I looked uop

“yeah..I’m sorry”

“its fine..I know this can be hard”

he had no clue.

“Ok...well lets get started” the doctor said and put on gloves

Lilly pov

I was in the waiting room on my cell phone

my dad called over fifty times and texted thirty times

I called him back


“dad relax, Im out that town and Kelly is fine..were in Miami now”

he took a breathe

“thank what happened”

" I got there and she was with her boyfriend Dylan outside, I looked over and seen Chris’ dead body which made me smile so hard, Later a gun went of and even later Zach walked out and now Matt is dead too.”

“ she ok..shes not going through.....what you did is she”

I paused

" I dont know dad, shes strong so I dont see her doing that”

“where is she now”

“...getting s abortion”

“ pregnant by..” he paused

“yeah...her father”

“Lilly you take care of your sister you hear me”

I smiled, he was like my mom

“I will dad”

“I love you, see you when you get home”

" I love you too, see you later”

we hung and I sat back

Doctor Ronalds pov

“....and ok, its done. you did great” I smiled at my patient holding her report my nurse covered

she looked down then and she felt pain

“oh, you may have some cramping a little, I can give you mild relievers for that”


I wrote her dismissal papers with the prescription and let her go

she left then I went to grab my pen and the nurse walked in and paused

Nurse pov

I walked in and froze

where was she?

“thanks for the help nurse Logan”

“uh yeah thats for finishing for me” I shrugged and left for lunch

Kelly pov

I walked out and got my pills then went to get Lilly, she was on the phone then looked up

" that was fast, you ready?”

“yeah” I felt so much pain needing my pills

we left and got in her car

I laid back

today was by far one of my most overwhelming days

“Oh gosh, I need a smoke”

Lilly looked over

“Kelly please dont tell me you also did drugs”

I sat up

“yeah...but just marijuana”

“Kelly dont do any..I got hooked on heroin and it was one of the biggest mistakes of my life”

I looked at her her shocked with my jaw dropped

Lilly pov

“Kelly for months after I left you guys and lived in New York I met a friend then she got me hooked. One day we O.D and...I woke up...she didnt...that day I looked in the mirror and looked dead....I was hooked for almost a year but that day my roommate didnt wake up and i did I took that as a sign, I could have died that day but I didnt so I changed and decided to never let what happened to me from my past change me..I went to rehab that day..I got two weeks ago Kelly. I know what we been through rehab all I through about was you..and how you had the guts to not take crap from your father and that you never changed no matter how big of impact he made you on and made you face, Kelly I wanted to be like you..thats why I got help..and now I’m alive and sitting next to my hero..”

Kelly looked at me about to cry

I hugged her and she hugged me back and held her

Zach pov

I laid down on the couch and Dylan was on his laptop looking up places that could help him with his aggression problems

the door opened and Kelly and Lilly walked in

I sat up

“where were you two” I asked

“we just got helped out dad” Kelly said

that was fine by me

I nodded then Sabrina walked over from the kitchen

“guys dinner is done”

Dylan got up

“yes! whats for dinner ”

“your guys favorite”

he shot up and ran

we laughed and walked in to eat

I sat down and looked at my daughter and smiled

I couldnt ask for a better kid, Kelly may not know this but I cant produce babies so her letting us take her in was the happiest day of my life. shes helped innovate my life more than she knows, shes helped my wifes cousin by reducing him. Sabrina went through a depression so bad we didnt talk in weeks, that night they all ran in and she saw the boy the way she did I knew it was him and when he told us Kelly was the one who got him I wanted to do everything in my power to make her life easier, because thats what shes done for us all.

I smiled and looked at her and she looked over

I spoke

“you are and forever will be our heros Kelly..”

she froze and looked around and we smiled

I got up and walked over and leaned down and kissed her cheek

" I love you.”

Sabrina looked at her

“I love you Kelly...“she said too

Dylan and Lilly said the same too

she smiled with tears

“I love you all too...” she cried

Kelly pov

I looked at them and they smiled at me

I wiped my tears

I was so glad to be home...

______________________________________________________________________________A/N okay so that was the total end however!!! there are bonus chapters that make for an even better ending like marriage?!? which leads to......Welp hope you enjoyed the story!!! til next time LAter

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