Knowing My Sex Slave

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Chapter 44

3 months later...

Kelly pov

I laid in bed and Zach walked in

" rise and shine princess”

I smiled and sat up

" dad guess what ”

He walked over

“Uhh you found your missing high heel you’ve been looking for?”

I laughed

“No but I got proposed to yesterday night on my date”

He gasp

" no way we have to girl talk!“he said girly. He also knew Dylan was gonna because they talk alot like son and father

" Kelly Omg what he say..did he get on his knee” he acted girly

I laughed and threw a pillow

" I’m just kidding but that’s amazing let’s see the rock”

I raised my hand and he froze

" he didn’t steal that did’s better than Sabrinas!?”

I laughed again

“I’m serious Kell. Howd he afford that diamond”he asked for real

I smiled then Dylan walked in

" at fight club...I did a show for the money” he spoke

Zach turned

" I thought I said no more fight club ”

" I’s just it has great
Pay and I really wanted to make my fiance happy ”

I smiled and Dylan walked over and kissed me

Zach pov.

I smiled at them then walked by the door

" oh! Lilly is in her way”

Kelly shot up and grabbed clothes

I smiled at her love for her sister and left so she could change clothes

I went to my room and Sabrina was by the window

" Lillian is here” she spoke happy

I walked up behind her holding my wife and looked

She stepped out her car taking off her sunglasses and walked to the door

" I’ll get it ”

I walked down and opened the door before she was about to knock

Her hand was up about to and I held her hand and pulled her in for a big hug

She laughed and smiled hugging me back

" I love visiting here..” she said happy

" and we love when you visit” I finished

Kelly ran down and hugged her so hard moving me

I laughed

Lilly pov

" hey sis” I said holding Kelly

She hugged me so hard

" I missed you so much!!!“she said happy

" Kelly I missed you more you have to come visit NYC ”

" ok....oh! Guess what!?”

" you found that heel!“I laughed

Her face dropped

I smiled and we walked to the living room

" not yet...but! He proposed”

She showed me the ring and I gasp

" who did he rob?!”

He walked down

" why do I have to rob?” he said offended

I laughed

" I’m sorry it’s just..that’s huge!”

" look at my face” he spoke

I looked and he had bruises and a cut eyebrow

" Mr.fight club is back in action I see”

I walked over and we hugged

“Hey sis”

" hey Dyl”

Sabrina walked down

" mom!” I yelled happy

I ran over and we hugged

“How’s my girl”


" guys what do we want for breakfast”

Dylan yelled pancakes Kelly yelled waffles her fav Zach yelled he wanted Sabrina

“Awh gross!” Dylan yelled

We laughed

We all walked in the kitchen to help mom cook

Kelly pov

We ate a huge breakfast and then I went to my consular for today

“ Kelly how are you .”

" I’m great”

She smiled

“I’m happy to hear uh sexually how are you ”

" still great”

She smiled nodding

“Good...are you still having the dreams ”

I paused

She looked up from her notes

" Kelly what was the last dream?”

" and my dad....” I froze

" ...Kelly”

.” me and my dad had sex again but at the end of my dream I made sure I had to have what I wanted ”

" what did you want”

" him to know I was his owner...I wanted power all over again like when I burned his legs...I don’t know what it is...every dream I want power and even last month I made Dylan do what my father use to..”

She set her notes down

“He didn’t. Hit you did he”

" God no . but I made him...well I rather not talk about it but the point is I keep having this urge to get what I want”

" Kelly I want you to see a doctor his name is Frank Coleman he’s helped out this condition specifically”

She wrote an address down and gave it to me

Zach pov

I waited in the car for Kelly and she walked out with a note

Notes were never good..the last one she had was for her anxiety

She got in frustrated and gave me the note

I looked at it

-Frank Colman . 8906 Carmen lake road south of overland park. Specialist in nymphomania


“Kelly..” she cut me off

“Lets just go”

I nodded and drove

Dylan pov


“...Mr.Stevens your doing it now..”

I froze

“I’m sorry for yelling...doc I Haven’t hit anyone anymore or cut myself in months” I explained

“What’s the bruises on your face...and cut..”

" oh...thats nothing just from a club but doc I’m fine now ok I don’t need these meetings anymore ” I said mad

He looked at me

" ok then do ten push ups”

I rolled my eyes and got down and started

He walked over and put his foot on my back and I got up fast and tackled him


He froze

" who?”

“Ty..oh gosh”

I got up and helped him up

“Your once master”

I looked up and nodded

He f.ucked up my life still

“Dylan you have to over power that the back of your mind you get mad at the fact of your past and that’s 100 percent normal but you have to beat the little voice in your head holding you back from your happiness. Your controlling you kid. You have to let the past go to move forward.”

Kelly pov

I met the new doctor and he was right about everything I was going through and I hardly told him anything

“Kelly I want to talk to your dad real fast is that okay ” he asked for permission

" yeah its ok...wait don’t ask me tell me!” I said tired of people wanting to sugar coat my life

He smiled proud

" good job dear..”

I smiled and walked out

Zach pov

Kelly walked out smiling

well thats good

“you ready?” I asked

“uh no he wants to see you”she said and sat down


I walked in and he was looking at his notes

“I want her coming here two times a week okay”

“alright so I have a question”

“ask away? ”

“whats nymphomania?”

he smiled

“ah...her condition. nymphomaniac is a real life condition, its well...first off can I asked you something”

I looked at him and he took off his glasses”

“go ahead” I said

he looked uncomfortable

“I dont really know her history but has your daughter....has she....uh...Im sorry, has she ever been sexually abused..or molested or raped”

I just looked at him

“Is that what nymphomania means”

“not quite..uh, what it is, its when a victim has been sexually abused and they later recover but as time passes they have mental health issues such as bipolar disorder, aggression (I thought of Dylans aggression) or they can become very annoyed that they cant fulfil that sexual drive they once had, its almost controlling even to the point they want to control situations. she later if not in a relationship can rise to hyper sexuality and without the sex turn to alcohol and some drugs ( I thought of Lilly) ... but it can also affect social and sexual inhibitions in some people not saying any of that is happening to Kelly but its just I see she want that hold of power...who ever.. um touched her has affected her greatly deep down...her abuser may have had this same issue? About 71 percent of child molesters are sexaddicts, for many their problems are so severe that imprisonment is the only way to ensure society’s safety against them, society has accepted that se-x offernders act not for sexual gratification but rather for the power, dominance, control or revenge or a perverted expression of Kelly she doesnt show that sign of becoming a sexual abuser...but it can, no will happen.”

I looked at him shocked, I couldnt imagine Kelly r-aping anyone

“Mr.Hillman thats why I have to see her two...maybe three times a week, shes a Nymphomaniac, and I seen her ring and if shes married Im sure she’ll want kids...and I dont want her...if she had a son to touch him later in life...”

its like this doctor knew her already and her past without even knowing her, he already showed that Matts past was something common and It was now passed down to Kelly like Matts mother did to him...he warned me...

“Mr.Hillman are you okay?” he asked me

“Oh! yeah uh...ok so...yeah I agree two the three times a week...Mr.Coleman can you..fully help her condition..”

“I can ”

I smiled relieved

“but...I must say..she will come home pissed off alot” he warned

I nodded

“so nymphomania is her condition ”

“yup Google it”he smiled

I laughed “will do...thank you..”

we shook hands and I went see Kelly, she was looking at some guy, I looked at him and he was just working typing at a desk


she was still looking at him

“Kelly.” I said louder

she turned


I looked at the guy and he looked over and stared at me

I looked at her and she got up

“can we leave now”she asked

I nodded

that guy stood up and ran over

“uh..did you think about my offer”he asked her

she held my hand and we walked away fast

I turned and the guy was smirking

“Kelly what did he ask you to do with him”

“I dont want to talk about it ”



I looked at her and she had tears

I walked back to that guy and pushed him at his desk

“what did you say to my daughter!”

he smiled and looked up from a lap top

“nothing man go home.“he said and looked at his lap top again

I took it and she was on it with her dad in a p-orn

“Holy S’hit” I whispered seeing it

her dad was r-aping her so hard and she had tears being pounded. the look on her face destroyed my heart so bad fury built up inside me

I threw the lap top on the ground and stomped on it so hard


“and not its worth s-hit!“I yelled mad

I walked out and Kelly was in the car crying so hard

I was so sad for her

" Kelly I’ll make that site take it down ok..” I said serious

“Thank you..” she said and wiped her tears but they kept falling

I was heartbroken and didn’t know how to comfort her

She stopped crying and sat up

“I’m ok’s just....that man...he looked at me and asked me to f.uc k him after his shift like I was some prostitute and when I said no he got so mad and said that I deserved to get r.aped...and that..I didn’t deserve to get rap.ed Zach ” she said crying

“Of course you didn’t Kelly. he has no right in his God damn mind to say that..”

I was so heated I couldn’t think clearly

“Dad just take me home...“she said sad


I drove her home and parked. She got out and I stayed in

" aren’t you coming in?”

“Not yet. I’ll be back ok”


I dropped her off and went back to that clinic office

I walked in and that guy was there looking at his laptop mad

“YOU!” he yelled

I just grabbed him and ran him outside and lost it.. I punched him so fast he fell on his as.s

I kicked in his face and then got down and punched him repeatly


I kept punching and he was passed out

I got up breathing hard and looked at his destroyed face

I walked back in and went to the front counter

“Sir where did you take Mr.Davidson” a lady asked

" you need to fire that employee. I’m sure he’ll explain the situation and if he doesn’t correct Dr.Coleman has my number. My name is Zachary Hillman ” I said mad

I walked out and went home

Dr.Coleman pov

I got called down to the first floor for once in my 15 years here at my office

I walked down and the newest employee was beat up so bad next to his desk with a broken laptop

" what happened?” I asked

“Some guy kicked my ass for asking his daughter out” he said mad

I’m a doctor. And I could tell he was lying about something

" what really happened.” I asked mad

“You don’t believe me!“he yelled

“No. What did you do”

" who cares! Look at my face! I’m going to take that as.shole to court and take everything hes got!”

He started walking off and I went after him

“HEY!” I yelled

He turned

" you said a guy’s wasn’t that girl Kelly Hillman was it” I asked serious


I grabbed him hard


He looked at me scared

“I....I asked for her to f.uck me after five oclock...I seen her...on a....” he stopped


“A porno”


“....I’m Sorry”


I pushed him and he walked out

Everyone looked at me and I went to my office again. I called the Hillmans

Zach pov

I was in the house trying to relax

The phone rang and I picked up


“...Mr.Hillman I am so sorry for my employee your daughter ran into earlier. Sir I am truly sorry. I hope Kelly is alright and you are too...I fired that guy.. I never should have gave him a chance here. But sir I’ll make your meeting free and if you continue to have Kelly come I’ll make them all free I can’t say sorry enough”

“Its alright. And no charges will be dropped.”

" thank you..”

" your welcome...well..see you next week and again I’m sorry ”

“It’s okay..see you next week”

" ok bye”
" bye”

I hung up and went down stairs and Kelly Lilly and Dylan were watching tv laughing

I smiled and went to my office and went back to writing that site to take her off

I sent my letter then got a message back

To Mr.Hillman
We will take it down immediately. I’m terribly sorry your daughter was r. aped. It wasn’t are intentions to post the of your daughter Matthew Stuart uploaded it on our site on his profile he has with our site. But that video is gone now.

I sat back relieved then thought of his profile

“He may have more...God damn it Matt ”

I got up and locked my door and went to to the site and ignored the images of s.ex happening. I typed in Matt Stuart and his profile had so many videos of Kelly other girls that Chris guy and Lilly

I was shocked. The camera was set up in corners of the ceilings. I seen Kelly room then Lilly’s I went to older post

" no way...”

It was Kelly’s mother being rap.ed on his bed. Kelly looked just like her mother. I reported the whole profile

The door was knocked on

" Zach?” Sabrina called

“One second!” I spoke loud

" ok..just come down when your ready dinner is done okay!”

“Alright honey!”

I went to the computer and exit off that then googled Kelly’s condition it was when people get addicted to s.ex but Kelly also had this fetish of power and control

Her future...was going to be a true mystery..

____________________________________________________A/N her future will be revealed to!!! Lol thanks for reading VOTE VOTE VOTE for more, laterrrr!

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