Knowing My Sex Slave

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Chapter 46

Sabrina pov

I ran after Kelly and outside not seeing her

“Kelly!” I screamed looking over nervous

I walked a bit then heard crying

I looked over fast seeing her next to the building holding her knees in tears

I walked over to her and got down and knelt on one knee next to her

“Kelly its going to be alright, Dylan is strong and Zach got him to a hospital in time I’m sure.”

she looked over destroyed

“Kelly I promise.” I looked into her eyes

She wiped her tears shaking, she was probably thinking about her past with Matthew, and now Dylan being possibly dead.

I tried my best to consul her.

“W....What if h...he’s--“I cut her off

“Don’t think that way. Let’s just wait out here, Ill let Zach know where we are and once he hears back from doctors he’ll talk with us. but we can stay out here with fresh air.”

Theres was no point in hiding the possibility for she already knew death may be upon him but I at least wanted her to be optimistic at the same time until we fully know.

she nodded and we waited outside in the dark. I put my arm around her and she laid her head on my shoulder. I kissed her head and held my daughter.

Zach pov

I waited for hours thinking Dylan has ended his road here tonight. I hated to think that way but the look and state I found him in was so bad I wouldnt be surprised if that was his fate. what I saw back there was young adults killing themselves in a huge cage. And whoever was running that place supplying them drugs to kill themselves is the devil himself. People like Matt are never too far from you. Thats why Im so protective of Kelly, Dylan and my wife.

I got a coffee and texted my wife nothing yet.

I sat on the couch then my wife and Kelly walked in the lobby and she had pink eyes still but was okay to be by me. She walked up to me and sat next to me not speaking, I didnt blame her neither. the love of her life could be dead and I was covered in his blood.

I put my arm around her and she laid back on me and I held her.


About 45 minutes went by and a doctor finally walked out.

“Zach Hillman?!”

we all stood and he looked over and took off his mask

“Mr.Hillman Dylan is now awake. ”

now awake......he died.

I swallowed hoping Kelly didnt catch that butshe just spoke

“What room is he in”


she just walked off and we let her go first.

Dylan pov

I looked up and my chest had a huge scar down it now, They cut me open..

My arm was in a cast and body hooked up to many machines.

Kelly ran in and paused seeing me

“......You idiot.“she just spoke then tears ran down her face

“Im so sorry.“I spoke sitting up

she walked over and lightly kissed my cheek scared to hurt me. I looked that bad.

“Dont you ever do that again you hear me. No more fight club”

I nodded sad I upset her this bad, she hasn’t been this sad since I seen her as her father’s slave.

“Love forgive me”

she looked at me then nodded seeing my own tears

I died and by the likes of God was brought back to once again being with the Love of my life again. I looked at Kelly in love more than ever knowing that losing her in life and in death was the worst possible thing to ever happen to me for my existence.

When I lost her to Matt and he stole her back at Zachs office I felt on the verge of death and actually being on the verge of death felt much worse knowing she’d be gone that way, I knew that Id never see her again, at least with Matt taking her I could save her but in death thats it, shes gone. I never want to lose her in life or through death.

Zach and Sabrina walked in.

“Guys I’m so sorry..“I apologized

they looked at me and nodded with tears in their eyes as well seeing my condition but that I was alive and made it.

I looked at Zach

“Thank you...for saving me.”

I dont know how he does it but hes saves us all in ways no one else has. He knows and protects us so much that he literally saved my life this time just by knowing my whereabouts and how to find me with only limited information. He’s more than a father figuer but hes a hero, I was happy he was married to my favorite cousin.



Kelly pov

I sat at the table helping Dylan get his food, I sat it down for him and he ate with his left arm and had trouble again

“Babe....can you feed me..”

I smiled and got up and moved his chair back a bit for me to sit

I sat on his lap and picked up his fork and feed him his pancakes

he bit and ate them swallowing and smiled at me finished with the bite

“Thank you babe..”

I smiled

“Your welcome.”

Zach pov

I walked in the dining room and Kelly was on Dylan’s lap and they were kissing, he held her with his good arm and she held his face and they made out

I cleared my throat

They paused then looked over

“we....I was just feeding him dad..”

I smiled

“Feeding him what, your lips for breakfast” I joked

she blushed

“..kinda”she said smiling

I laughed

“so guys it’s Saturday whats up for today’s plan”

they looked at each other

“Well...we wanted to go to NYC to see Lilly”

“oh, she’ll be so happy, whens the flight?”


I nodded

“be safe” I said so serious it hurt

they said ok at once.

(next day)

Dylan pov

we pulled up to Lilly’s house and I house and I knocked with Kelly next to me

Lilly opened the door and smiled so big

“OH MY GOD!!!“she screamed and hugged us both

we grouped hugged

she moved us in

“guys Im so freaking happy you guys came!”

“of course we come sis”Kelly said

I picked up our suitcase with my left arm, Kelly got it

“Thanks babe...”


Lilly look back

“What happened”she panicked

I smiled

“uh Kelly woyks like to explain...” I spoke scared Lilly would yell

Kelly spoke and I heard Lilly gasp and drop something

And here we go..

I smiled looking out the window seeing the city smiling and even though I was about to get an ear full I was just happy to be alive.


Sorry for the wait you know the deal. life.

I want to finish this off the re upload Matt and his mom’s story then upload Kelly New story as a ............

Later guys! :)

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