Knowing My Sex Slave

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Chapter 47

Dylan pov

“DYLAN WHAT THE HECK!” Kelly screamed and pushed me out her

I fell back on the bed smiling

She was pissed off.

“How the hell could you can inside me knowing were not f.cking ready FOR KIDS!”

I just smiled like the joker

I sat up and she pushed me again but harder

She straddled me and cussed me out and I let her express and release her anger she has built up about her not being able to have kids

As she yelled I had to just smoke which pissed her off more



She slapped me.

I held her to me soft

" Kelly...I had a condom on....your not pregnant”

She froze and just looked at me

I looked into her eye and we looked at each other in silence.

" little jackass” she smiled

I smiled and kissed her and she kissed me back.

The doctor was right..she still thinks she can’t have kids..

(Next Day)

“So how’d it go Dylan,” Dr.Coleman asked

I smiled

“Doc she flipped, she slapped me so hard my head actually turned. But I listened actually as she yelled and she fears to have a son specifically. She fears she will have to distance the she won’t feel the need to control the kid..doc. Can you help her..I want kids..and here’s the thing I’ve never told her but I’ve always wanted a son..”

" Dylan I will help get. But I also need you to help her. She is very influenced by you. She takes account in being with you fully. Has she ever seen you flirt with another girl by chance?” He asked about to take notes

" uh..well it was at our university but that was a while back”

“How’d she feel about that”

“Well she was high as h.ell so she didn’t feel a thing. But once at a club, a female liked me and approached me and Kelly flipped and grabbed the girl so hard” I spoke smiling

He smiled and shook his head

“So no cheating for you she grabbed her huh...hmm. (He looked at his notes) she still has that won’t have to worry about her leaving you.” He smiled shaking his head reading notes

I smiled and sat back. This guy was cool

" okay, Dylan...I want you to help her try relaxing with that hold on you and having kids. Once the hold goes away she will welcome kids. So that’s the first task. I will help will have that Son okay.”

I nodded relieved.

“Oh! And doc can you have her come home not so pissy on Friday.” I asked

“Uh..sure thing.” He took note

I smiled


“so you got it yet?”

“yeah Dylan relax you creakhead” Josh laughed

I pushed him and he laughed harder

He passed the shot

I held it and first tied my arm up to put pressure on my veins

we sat in his car shooting meth

“So did you take control”

“Yeah, even to the point where I had her think I was gonna decide if we were gonna have a kid in nine months, I pretended to cu’m in her so hard but it was in a condom”

he laughed then passed a towel

“Your bleeding rooky”

I smiled and pulled out the needle hard and wiped the blood.

I laid back and my mind was in a rush, I felt happy, excited and powerful like in fightclub. Everything was a blur of joy.

Josh pov

I shot up and looked over and Dylan was smiling so hard.

“You okay buddy?”

He was new at meth so I watched him.

“J...Josh I’m greeeat” he slurred.

I smiled more then saw his girlfriend on his phone screen, I felt my pants get stiff. I looked down seeing a buldge. I looked up and away from the picture of her on the couch smiling.

I drove to my place and we walked in after I parked

“Hannah!“I yelled

she walked over high already half naked in just a shirt with no bra

I rolled my eyes at my girlfriend who never gets dressed,

“Babe take care of it please”I pointed to my crotch

I sat on the couch and she walked over to give me a blow job.

I laid back and then Dylan sat down turning on the tv and watched ESPN boxing for fightclub probably,

the dog I took in to watch over I found on a trip to see a bodydealer walked over and Dylan sat up fast


I looked over away from Hannah


“That’s my girlfriend’s dad dog”

Matts?...that was the body dealer. Wait then that was Kelly. She was all over Matts p-orns, no wonder I get hard seeing Kelly. I’m sure a lot of guys do.

I went to visit Matt as saw his dog looking lost for someone. House was empty. If this guy knew Matt he was trouble. We could deal or fight not hang.

“Take the dog, and go.”

I didn’t want anything to do with Matt again. That guy was dangerous.

He walked to the dog and walked out and I laid back getting my dic.k sucked

Dylan Pov

I walked out and went to my car with Buck.

I drove to see my girlfriend getting horny seeing Hannah suck off a guy.

I walked inside and no one was home yet.

I sat and waited on the couch and felt the drugs still and laid back hard smiling.

The door opened

“Yeah...Okay, mom see you next week mom, have fun with dad,” Kelly spoke.

she looked over getting off the phone looking just sexy like always.

I sat up

“Dylan why are your eyes red......wha....what are you on..” she just knew from experience herself being high.

she just started calling someone

“Who are you calling”I got mad feeling the drugs take over like at fightclub

“I’m calling Lilly, I can’t deal with you right now and she needs to know I sick of your new lifestyle Mr.fight club-drug taking-no regards to life havingass.”

I walked up to her pissed and snatched her arm and then phone and through it hard it broke over the wall

“Dylan you F’uck!”

I held her to me then felt her body again and got hornier and moved her to the couch

I felt numb from the meth and laid her on the couch with me.

she pushed me and I stopped her.

“Dylan Stop It! You’re high!”

I pulled up her shirt seeing her chest and felt my boner more.

I got up fast to fuck her but she pushed me more. I just pulled her pants down then mine holding her there.

“Dylan I said stop it your!--your r’aping me...” I passed there and looked up and she pushed me and walked upstairs fast.

I laid back and rolled my eyes finally feeling the drugs in my system,


Kelly pov

I sat on my bed upset and pissed, I looked at a dog walk in my room and froze.

seeing my dads dog then Dylan trying to force himself on me just brought me to days living with Matt when he abused me.

I got up to shut my door then Dylan yelled why can’t I be like Hannah, and do what I’m told.

I got more pissed and walked down to him

he sat up and stood mad

“What did you just say, be like who?“I raised a brow

“Im not cheating on you babe relax, and if I was I wouldnt be here right now I would be with that girl from the club” he spoke

I punched him hard

Dylan pov

I spoke my mind and got hit in the face fast.

I hate being Hit.

I held my face and looked at her bleeding in the mouth.

I just walked up to her fast and raised my fist.


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