Knowing My Sex Slave

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Chapter 48

Dylan pov

I was furious and in a mid punch to my fiance’s face.

I saw the hurt reaction on her face and it broke my heart like when Matt use to beat her.

instead of striking her I held her face in exchange for my emotion for her, overpowering the aggression the drugs gave me.

She was paused there in her tracks then looked up to me scared still.

“Get out.”

“But Kelly I--”


I saw her face again and could tell I did damage by what I was about to do to her, I put my hand at my side and she was crying.

“Dylan I can’t deal with you right now please just leave.”

I backed up and looked at her one last time and then walked out.

She shut the door crying and I heard her crying on the other side

I walked down the stairs

“I fucked up...”

I walked out of the house and looked at my car and got in

I sat there thinking about how I almost hit Kelly with full power to her face five seconds ago.

My phone was ringing


“No, Josh man. Why do you sound so sad?”

I hung up and called Lilly


“I messed up..”

Kelly pov

I was crying and wipes my tears

If that’s how he was going to be now I wanted no part with him anymore, I was trying to fix myself not just for me but for him. Us.

I sat up on my bed and heard his car pulled off.

He first comes here high, then wants me to be this Hannah chick who obviously has s-ex since that’s all he thought of and wanted from me. And If Dylan was cheating on me then it was over. I’d call off everything if this was his future’s path, drugs, fighting, and affairs.

I just hope he pulls his shit together because I still love him.

Dylan pov

I walked around my driveway just thinking, I may have lost my fiancee.

I didn’t even want to face that reality of losing the love of my life. I’ve never seen true love broken apart but when Matt lost the love of his life he went crazy and I didn’t want that so I had to make this right and fix this.

I walked inside my house and my phone went off.


“Hey man, its josh you ready to go tonight?”

“No man, I’m done.”

“What?! you can’t be done are you crazy or just stupid? We have a line up for three rounds tonight. 20 Gs man! Get here tonight we don’t have time to waste plus you already got the drugs so your coming. GOT IT!”

He hung up and I looked up at my car in the front yard

Josh pov

“I swear to god If this b-itch doesn’t come tonight, “I said.

I looked at my watch seeing the time now. He had an hour to pick.

I sat at home shooting up then went to the arena early and I saw Dylan’s car there parked. I parked and walked inside and he was waiting in the cage.

I smiled.

“Pu-ssy showed up,” I said.

I wonder if he was taking early practice fights too before we started tonight?

I walked over to him and he stood fast on the cage as I spoke.

“Hey Dy--“He punched me so fast walking up and the doors to the cage shut.

“IF I SAY IM DONE BITCH IM FUCKING DONE!“He yelled and punched me again.

I grabbed his arm and he pushed it back but he punched my face so hard my nose broke I’m pretty sure right after.

Dylan Pov

I punched Joshed repeatedly and he was passing out as he fell back with each hit.

He fell and laid there and I straddled him and kept going and he was laid out just bleeding a big puddle under us.

I stood up and looked at Josh’s face.

“Don’t ever tell me what to do again,” I said thinking of Tyler my past master.

I walked away and went to get my earnings.

“Dylan nice takedown man heres your winnings you called in, 20 thousand. cash.”

I got my gym bag and put stacks into my bag and walked out putting my engagement ring back on.

Lilly pov

I got done talking with Dylan then Kelly and she was so broke. It was like we lived with Matt again when we first met, I felt bad for her, I went off on Dylan and he promised he’d fix it, I hope he wasn’t too involved with those drugs it took me months to get clean only after having five encounters with heroin but meth was just as bad if not worse so that worried me for Dylan.

Dylan pov

I sat at home with twenty thousand cash and looked at it then thought of what to get. I dont know why I’d even but I wanted meth all over again.

I picked up my phone about to call Drew Josh’s dealer then threw my phone


Thats what fucked me up to begin with!

I went to the fridge and grabbed a beer and sat down in my kitchen

All I wanted was to be with Kelly and her to be with me still and us happy again

“what if she doesn’t want me...”

I losing it

All in one day I lost Kelly now I’m losing myself when she needed me most, I was supposed to help her with her doctor on Thursday and we were all gonna get our issues to straighten out.

I got up and grabbed all the money I’ve been saving and walked out.

I needed a good influence right now, Zach was gone with his wife, Kelly wanted nothing to do with me right now and Lilly was in New York

I called my doctor and drove to his house

Dr.Simon pov

I got a call from Dylan late at night, I told him come over like promised if he ever needed me.

He knocked fast and I let him in.

He rushed in so stressed out

“Doc I need you man” He said pacing back and forth

“Dylan relax whats wrong.”


I looked at him and he looked so hurt

I walked him to my office so my wife could sleep still.

I shut the door and looked at the time.

“Dylan it’s 2 in the morning. What happened” I asked concerned

I sat at my desk and he was on the other side

“Doc I need to have another help meeting I dont care the cost”

I sat at my desk concerned

I sat at my desk and he was on the other side

“Doc I need to have another help meeting I dont care the cost.”

“Those meeting are 200 dollars each Dylan are you sure?”

He took a bag and opened it fast and pour stacks of countless cash onto my desk as it spilled off the edge already from falling.

I looked at my feet seeing hundreds.

“..Dylan......put the money away....I’ll help you ok...sit down”I looked at his tears.

Kelly pov (dreaming)

“dad stop..”

He slapped me then called someone, I looked over and Dylan walked over mad

“shes’s all yours son”Matt said smiling

I looked up and Dylan punched me and I fell, I looked at him and he smiled at me evil.

I felt my face then looked up and he swung


I shot up and took a breath

I felt my face feeling no pain

I got up when the door downstairs opened fast.

Buck sniffed and barked getting up fast on guard.

I stood and backed up hearing footsteps running my way then the door opened and I froze

Dylan pov

“Thanks again Doc,” I said.

We shook hands and I walked with my bag and got in my car and pulled off. I drove then saw Kelly’s house coming up being in her neighborhood.

I saw a car parked there that wasn’t theirs and I pulled over because Kelly was alone.

I ran inside and to her room and saw her beaten up so bad my heart crashed again like when I saw Matt beat her up for not letting him have s,ex.

“Kelly......Kell....please wake up...”

She was passed out and didnt wake at all.

I looked around the room and seen stuff knocked over and broken

Buck was by the window

he walked over with T-shirt in his mouth I took it and he sniffed Kelly and ran out the house

I picked up Kelly and walked to my car and set her in the back seat

Later buck ran over with a wallet and ripped pieces of pants

He laid the wallet down and got it in the car with Kelly

I picked up the wallet

I opened it and looked at it and was pissed off

“Im going to murder him”

Josh pov (earlier)

I walked in Dylan’s place or whatever place he always stays at, I wanted to kick is a,ss for what he did to me, I got there and no one was there until I heard someone waking up.

I walked into the room bleeding and seen his girl

I smiled so hard

“w....who are you...” she asked scared

“Dylan wanted me to give You something.”

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