Knowing My Sex Slave

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Chapter 49

- to be continued -

Josh’s Pov

“W...Who are you?” she asked scared

“Dylan wanted me to give you something.”

I walked forward fast and punched her so hard and she fell,I picked her up and laid her on the bed and pulled her pants off hard and underwear.

“STOP!” she screamed

That dog heard that and bit me so hard


He didn’t

She got up to run and I grabbed her, I kicked the dog off and pulled her to me and pushed her on the bed and straddled her smiling, she had tears I’m her eyes.

I punched her again and watched blood come out.

Beat her so hard to piss off Dylan. She cried for Dylan and I laughed and spoke.


I beat her senseless.

I smacked her face so hard then got up and fucked up her room, I opened the window.

Her dog recovered and ran for me.

I kicked that dog and took my gun and hit it in the head hard then I jumped out the window.

I ran out that house after beating the shit out his fiance

That dog later ran back and bit my pants ripping it.

I grabbed his face and pushed it off me and growled, I ran to my car and slammed the door fast.

“Did you beat whoever yet?“Hannah asked bored

“Yeah babe..we can go.”

Dylan pov (Now)

I drove Kelly to the hospital and they took her in, I was in the waiting room so pissed off, I tried breathing and listening to my counselor.

“Fuck this.”

I ran out and buck was waiting for me in the car.

I shut the door and drove to Josh’s place, I opened the glove box and took my gun out.

I got out and buck ran with me.

I kicked in his door and he was there sitting on the couch covered in fresh blood then looked up pissed off.

“Dylan! I’m going to kill y....”

I raised my gun.

“.....Dylan relax man..I’m sorry but you set me up so I..”


He smiled

“Then what..go to prison all your life while your girl is probably in a concussion right now,” he said smiling

I ran at him and tackled him and bashed his face in with the back of my gun, he pushed me off and stood.

“Come om Dylan round two buddy” he said bleeding then split blood to the floor.

He ran at me and I grabbed his body and threw him to the kitchen and he fell breaking the table

I looked at the hands he used to beat Kelly with.

I ran to the garbage disposal and turned it on quick. I grabbed
Josh off the ground and took his hand and shoved it so far down.

“come on Dylan round two buddy” he said bleeding then split blodd to the floor.

He ran at me and I grabbed his body and threw him to the kitchen and he fell braking the table

I looked at the hands he used to beat Kelly with.

I ran to the garbage disposal and turned it on, I grabbed Josh off the ground and took his hand and shoved it so far down all I could do was smile like Tyler my old master use to do to me.


I let go and his hand was still in there being grind, I punched him and ripped his hand out hard and the machine made a rough noise and blood shot everywhere on us.

He screamed so loud my ears hurt

I took his other hand did the same and pushed it in so deep he bled out the mouth.


I saw red then looked over and grabbed a knife fast.

Kelly Pov

I looked over hearing beeping.

I was in the hospital?


My face had so much pain I want to cry, I felt it and flinched.

The door opened and Dylan stood there and froze when he saw my face.

“Dylan what happened to me.”

He looked crushed seeing my face.

Its that what Matt did. Dylan never reacted to my face this serious.

“Kelly this is all my fault..He.....Im glad I......You...y....he had to g- he’s”he said with watery eyes feeling destroyed seeing my condition,

I went to stand up and just screamed in so much pain. Matt’s abuse was matched. I froze there thinking this would never happen again. I looked at Dylan and he had pink eyes so pink tears were red?

Dylan pov

I stood ashamed. A failure to my soon to be wife.

I couldn’t move seeing her like this again. before I came to the hospital I thought all I had to do was be just like Tyler. Walk and wash it off. I was wrong. God I was so wrong.

I washed off all the blood I could in that pl. I killed a man who harmed my wife over my affairs with making money. Money. came over my Love for what matter and Im paying the fucking price.

Kelly pov

He stood there changed...I dont know what happend but he Changed. For the worse. I looked at him and he stood there showered and with wet hair...he didn’t think I’d notice even with a clean start..

I looked down at his shoes. Blood.

I watched him...

“Kelly I....”

I waited

he had tears in his eyes. So many tears.

He shook there in the doorway and I just spoke

“What happened?...did , you do this? ”

“No! God no I’d never hit you Kelly”

Dylan pov

She thinks I did this..

“What all do you remember?” I asked

" I...we were talking and you said why couldnt I be more like some chick named raised your fist we argued then I made you leave...someone came in my room. No ones since Matt knows where I live. Not since I was kidnapped at was it you.”

Josh tracked her down for revenge..

I closed my eyes

“No it wasn’t me...a guy named Josh came to your house after I set him up to leave fightclub in total and he--Kelly I’m so sorry” I walked up

I went to hold her hand and she pulled it away from me

“ said named Josh...this happened less than 10 hours ago what do you mean Named..Josh”

I froze and she looked at me with tears now and looked at my shoes and nails and backed up


“YOU KILLED A MAN FOR ME!” she spoke just scared of me now

I looked at her for a second seeing just how much damage he really did to my soon to be wife.

I saw her face then her....body.

Kelly pov

Dylan looked at me sad at first then just looked at me.

“Yeah I killed a man for you...And I’d do it again.”

I froze there

He did change.

He kissed me

“Get some rest..Ill be outside the door calling Zach and Sabrina okay”


he kissed me again then just left.


Dylan pov

I I was sitting on the couch and Kelly was in my lap

She sat up and took the ice off her face.

“Dylan will you just tell me how you kil--“I cut her off again

“I said let it go Kelly..”

she looked me in the eyes.

“Ya know, killing a man for me is one thing (she held my chin so hard) but not telling what happened when I’m the one who looks like This! isn’t an option!”

She looked liked her father right now which meant tell the truth now.

“You really want to know”

“I do.”

I smiled because I couldnt wait til she said that at the alter.

“What I did to that man.....will also die in the grave with him.”

I wasnt scared of Matt neither. She looked at me. and when I say looked I mean burned holes in my eyes.

“Kelly No. Im sorry you dont win this time”

“Win? I dont win?”

she wasnt spoiled but she got what she want when she wanted since shes been living with my aunt and her husband

“Dylan I am ruined because of this guy. not only by my father hands but now ny your. not directly but you did this to me”

“Thats not fair!”

“Neither is the look on my face!” she threw ice at me hard and got up


Kelly pov

Thats why he did this for me..

we stood there then the front door opened and Zach and Sabrina walked in with groceries

“Hey guys we got dinner!” they cheered and walked inside their house

me and Dylan just stood there in silence

“....Thats why I didnt want to tell you.“he spoke then walked to help cook

He thought I was dead so then became a killer himself.

This oddly helped make sense of his actions but it didnt justify them but If I was in his shoes...

Dylan pov

I unbagged food then grabbed ice then was kissed fast.

I paused then kissed Kelly back and held her to me

“Thank you..“She just spoke

I smiled a bit then leaned down and kissed her lips again


Having the life we’ve lived together this was who we were, what kind of people we became. She killed her father for our freedom and I will kill anyone willing to kill my wife.

We kissed in the kitchen then looked at each other and I spoke remembering all she did to save me and Lilly and even Chris at one point but she knew she was way too late for him to save. I looked at how amazing she was and is to forgive me for this. She was right tell her the truth.

Being honest. Again she made me into the person I am today a guy willing to go to any lengths to make sure my wife is taken care of and becoming an honest and better man.

“God I cant wait to make you my wife.“I smiled down at her and she smiled back at me

Zach walked over and broke us apart

“No no no your both still too young I’m not trying to be a dad dad for real now”

Hes only 28 with a 20 year old step daughter in actuality.

I smiled

“Well Zach Im gonna marry this girl so be ready”I looked at her as she smiled next to Sabrina about to cook

Zach patted my shoulder grabbing a beer and held my shoulder and we looked at them as they cooked more in the kitchen then were we stood now

Zachary looked at his wife then Kelly.

“Just......Take care of her okay.”

“You have my word Zach.

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