Knowing My Sex Slave

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Chapter 5


Matt pov

I slid in seven inches and kept going in more, her p-ussy felt so tight and I loved it so much

I pushed hard all the way in and a she gasped loud, all 11 inches were inside her and she arched her back from the pleasure

I pulled out almost all the way then slammed it back in she moaned loud

" I’m guessing your boyfriend di-ck wasnt as big as me huh baby”

She closed her eyes and I laid on top of her climbing up her body more

I thrusted in her and she looked away from me

“No look at me darling...”

I thrusted harder and the table rocked, I looked at her body and went harder she moaned I could tell she wanted it to stop

I leaned down and sucked her left bre-ast and she moaned loud and it was so sexy

I licked it and sucked it hard while thrusting, my di-ck was getting even harder inside her pussy

I pounder her hard and she opened her eyes. I kissed her and then kissed on her neck still pounding her deep and fast

“UH UH UH UH UH UH UHH!” she moaned loud with each thrust

I smiled and sat up more and went even harder, I held her waist and did the he-ll out her

“OH F-UCK!” she moaned harder

“your so tight babe ...” I said thrusting deep in her pu-ssy

the table was rocking harder and my muscles were flexing from pounding her so hard

I loved her pu-ssy and and couldnt get enough of it

I opened her legs more and looked down, I rubbed her right above where I thrusted, she clenched her muscles in pleasure around my dic-k

she was moaning then I untied her hands and she covered her mouth fast as I pounded her, she enjoyed even though she didnt want to but no one could resist a good fu-cking

I smiled and grabbed her b-oobs and thrusted more

Chris pov

I dragged in Lilly and put her in her room and locked her in

I went to the basement and my dad was fuc-king Kelly hard, She had tears and closed her mouth and eyes

Her body was so hot

I walked up and my dad looked over at me still thrusting

“want to join”

I smiled and nodded

He sat up on his knees and fuc-ked her I took off my pants and pumped my d-ick under my boxers watching them, Kelly looked at me and I walked up to her mouth and turned her head my way and pulled my pe-nis out

" suck”

" son shes a bitter.” my dad warned

I rolled my eyes and moved it away

I walked behind them and my dad scooted them down, I stood by the table and I could either shove it in her p’ussy too or her tight a’ss

I took a condom from the jar and put it on and walked over. I ran my finger by her a-sshole. She flinched in nervousness never being fuc’ked there

“please dont”she spoke worried

I smiled and shoved it in her a’ss and she screamed

it was so tight ′

“thats for getting me in trouble”

I leaned back groaning, she made noise in pain

I thrusted in slowing so she get use to it, I was doing her a favor because once my dad’s friends come over with their slaves they will thrust hard not caring for her amount of pain she’ll receive

She was so tight my d-ick was squeezed, it felt great. I thrusted holding her thighs, my dad was groaning as we were and I had to cu-m already from her being so tight, I groaned loud and pulled out and took off the condom and pumped fast, I cum-med all over the floor hard. I held my d-ick while white cu-m shots shot out hard my di-ck was still hard though

I went to see Lilly to have some fun

Matt pov

My son c-ummed and I had to as well, thrusted fast, deep and hard. she started screaming in pleasure and cu-umming on my d-ick I had to c-um so hard and pulled out and c-ummed so much on top of her

“oh fuuuuuuuck!”

I leaned back and we both were breathing hard

I walked to the shelves and took a towel and wiped her up then the floor, I threw the towel and picked up kelly, she was laying there looking up in my arms

" were not done yet babe...”

I walked to the bathroom upstairs and started the tub, it filled and we got in

I laid her on me and she leaned back laying then I held her and cleaned her body clean and myself

“You’ll get use to it all really soon sweetheart. ”

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