Knowing My Sex Slave

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Chapter 50

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Kelly pov

I laid in our bed and moaned feeling him go deeper.

" Harder..” I moaned in bliss

He went faster and deeper like I told him to and I moaned more and held him to me and he kissed my cheek and on my neck sucking giving me another hickey

I dug my nails into his muscular back smiling feeling both pressures of him sucking on my neck and thrusting inside me. I couldn’t take it cumming and he felt that and went faster and I screamed cumming more and bit into his shoulder and he went even harder being bitten and he spoke thrusting me still

“F uck baby I’m gonna cum again!...Ah-ahhh!” He released fast and I paused and looked over because I don’t remember if he used protection

He finished then sat up and pulled out. He looked down at me naked and I sat up seeing him smile at me then leave to the bathroom..

" .....D..”

I froze there then looked down at my stomach.

Dylan pov

I looked as Kelly slept in a nightmare again..she’s been having them lately for like the last 2 months.

I held her hand and she squeezed it hard scared.

“.....D..“she started

I sat up hearing her

“..Dad” she finished.

I paused and looked down at her and saw tears roll down the sides of her face from her eyes sleep in bed.

I felt bad she was reliving another memory with her father possibly.

I sometimes also had nightmares

I watched Kelly and she held my hand more and I held her face soft and kissed her cheek and whispered my name so memories would change or she would see me

She taught me this from doing it for me in the past from...our past.

I looked at her face again and she had a small smile now.

I leaned back happy and went back to bed with her.


Kelly pov

I woke up feeling the Sun through the window. I opened my eyes a bit and looked at the ceiling. I watched it thinking of my dream again...

I felt my stomach then I sat up and closed my eyes and thought of Dylan then got out of bed and stood by my window in Dylan’s and I new house I just wasn’t use to made it hard to sleep here..

I looked over hearing screaming and just saw this young girl running away from a boy chasing after her fast. I walked up more then saw her smile and scream again as he chased faster after her happy too with a water gun. The mom then dad walked out hearing worried as well then smiled once seeing. I looked at the father...

I felt my breaths get deeper now seeing another man.

I watched him as he smiled at his kids play and he grinned happy for them.

I looked away.

Ive had over 2 fathers in my life and only one out of the three loved me. One tolerated me and the other one

I closed my eyes fast but saw it all again. The rapes. The beatings. The manipulation and humiliation I went through yet also delivered back once I snapped and made my own father into my slave. All of it was hell and took over me as a person..

Living with my real father for the first time changed me. I saw Chris in my head now too and all he did to me and Lilly together.

I opened my eyes fast and noticed I was breathing hard reseeing all of that and it wouldnt stop.

I looked around my new bedroom seeing Matt’s bedroom and my old body again. The burns. Bruises. Cuts.

I tried to think about something else before I felt the feelings I once had in the past come back now.. Right now.

I had my eyes closed to shut it out like Matt tried to do alot thinking of his mother but It was too late. I was in like auto pilot it almost felt. Seeing me walk the road that night and Matt pulling over to me smiling with just a lust in his eyes. The same look he use to give me when he had sex with me in that basement. From that look on forward was the same look he would give me everytime he saw me after the first rape the very day I met Chris and he joined in with my father. A father and son raping his daughter.

In a freezing cold basement that I was repeatedly chained and cuffed to, to sleep in after being used and played with sexually. I felt the anger reliving those memories then felt vengeful again.

But what I remember most of those memories was...

I opened my eyes and smirked

Was me looking down at my father on his knees kissing my feet for forgiveness and me just in total control of him. His body. His mind and soul. It was amazing and He....He was perfect.

The control and power he took over me and from me I took back in everyway. Physically. Mentally. Emotionally. And Sexually. Which were all their own different forms of Love and punishment.

But my favorite was Physical. He was this controlled toy to play with back and the power over that over someone’s life like that is just.....


The door opened behind me and I hoped to snap out of it needing Dylan’s touch again.

" Kelly..” Dylan spoke walking in..

“Hey...” I spoke looking at the family still thinking of Matthew.

Dylan walked up behind me and held me from behind and I was calm again feeling his touch needing his touch. I held his arms that were wrapped around me tight and closed my eyes feeling warm again not cold like Matt did for me.

“What are you watching babe?..” He whispered in my ear checking in on me because he let me sleep in again..

He looked around me a bit.

“Ah...yeah that will be us soon babe.” He spoke and I could tell he was smiling which made me smile.

“Cant wait...” I just spoke

“.....Well you won’t have to wait too long....” He spoke as I looked at the boy run and Dylan held my stomach rubbing it.

“Babe I can’t wait to have our more month and I’m a dad, I.....I cant believe it...T-Thank you Kelly.” he kissed my cheek happy rubbing it still

“Your welcome.” I did this for him.

I watched the son then closed my eyes shut and took another deep breath. Dylan held my shoulders and spoke soft

“Our kid will be what completes us now honey I promise you okay...Kelly he’ll...he’ll be--”


“Yeah..exactly Kelly you get it..I know it was sudden and sooner than later but...” He held my stomach. I looked down at my stomach and looked at our wedding rings then looked up again.

" He’ll be perfect for us Kell.....” He whispered in my ear.

Dylan kissed my cheek happy in life like I’ve never seen and walked behind me

" babe breakfast is cooked....let’s eat yeah?..”

I stood there looking at the boy still seeing him running around happy playing with his toy...

I walked up looking down more at him seeing the smile he had.. I held my stomach and watched then turned around and my husband looked at me.

I held my hand out and he grinned and walked back over to me as I held my stomach and he held my other hand so I could get down stairs

" I love you Dylan..” I spoke keeping this child.

" I love you too Kelly..Thank you.”

_____________________VOTE VOTE VOTE___________________________well.....theres ALOT more that wasn’t the full chapter but thats all you’ll get for now. I still have to repost Matt’s past with his mom fast and back to back its saved besides like 4 chapter I’ll have to retype up and post. As i do that ill be writing this new books chapters. Matt’s past with his mom was taken down by wattpad being banned around 2017 so some haven’t read that wild shit yet. But I’m excited to write the new Kelly story and share to new people Matt’s past where this all started and you’ll be shocked to see why Matt’s mother was the way she stay tuned!!!

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