Knowing My Sex Slave

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Chapter 6

Kelly pov

I was laying on Matt as we took our bath together

He ran his hand and down my body

“ a week or so i’m going to have my friends over and they have their slaves too..when they come you will be nice. you wont plan an escape, you wont ask them anything and you wont talk back to their masters if they ask for you or not, Do you understand”he spoke

I just laid there not speaking nor caring

What him and his son did to me was so detrimental

He sat up and grabbed my chin hard

“answer me...” he said so mad

I just turned to him and spoke

" You know what I understand, I understand you and you son are really f-ucked up people in this world and f-ucked in the head.”

he got so mad and just looked at me

“I’ll tell you what say sh-it like that to me again and I’LL BURN YOUR MOUTH OFF BI-TCH!“he yelled and smacked me hard

I recovered and smiled

“You feel good now....hitting a teenage girl? Your not gonna burn the mouth you kiss every f-ucking night Matt so shut the f-uck up. Your not gonna break me okay. You or your son Chris. You can r’ape, burn, hit, or cut me....( I leaned in) but I will Not fall to you.”

we looked at each other and then he smiled

“and this is why I love you Kelly...”

I looked at him confused and he grabbed me and kissed me hard

what the f-uck just happened

He picked me up and waked me to a room

I looked around and it was his. he laid me on his bed and pumped his d-ick

“Say it again Kelly” he smiled

not s’ex again, oh god

" Say it Kelly. Tell me how I wont break you”

He got hard and his d-ick was fully erected and he put a condom on

he laid over me and opened my legs

" Ill break you b-itch you watch.”

he gradded me and laid me me on my stomach over the bed, he rubbed my a-ss and spanked it hard, he held one side of my butt with one hand and then slapped my other side so hard with his other hand. I closed my eyes ignoring the painful stings, he slapped it three times in a row and I needed to just yell

“Kelly you like being bad well, I’ll break you break you before my friends come...your a-ss is mine” he said and slapped it hard

I grabbed the covers and he held my butt

“it’s red now...“he said and slapped it so hard it echoed around the room

I felt his pen-is rub my a-ss and vig-ina

“You like that baby”he asked

I didnt speak again

I felt his finger enter my vig-ina and I held in my moans, he pumped me and then I felt him lick it too

" moan Kelly.” he taunted

“F-uck you!”

He laughed and stood up and i felt his hard d-ick pressed up against me from behind

“ make me a happy man sweetheart.” he said and slammed his di-ck in me

I bit the covers

Matt pov

I thrusted in holding her waist and smiled, she wanted to moan but didnt want to submit to me

I slapped her as-s hard and she made a noise in pain, I leaned over her to her hear and whispered

" I’m going to pleasure you all night babe then for the rest of your Life. I’ll lick, suck, and F’uck you until you cant see straight Kelly Peterson.”

I sat back up and smacked her butt again and went faster, she sat up and I pulled her to me and grabbed her b-oobs and leaned her back against my body still doing her

“Matt....your son f-ucks better.” she spoke trying to get me mad so I’d just get rid of her

I smiled and leaned her back to me more

“says the one who cu-mmed all over my d-ick so hard moaning in pleasure performed by me”

I laid her down to face me and looked at her

" your the best girl I’ve ever found..”

Kelly pov he trusted so hard in me and held my chin to face him

“I’ll make this the best r-ape you’ll ever have baby..”

I looked at his d-ick going in and out my v-agina fast then looked up at him

“will you?” I just asked

he smiled

“you can act tough but I can tell you hate se’x with a probably wanted s-ex with a husband, boyfriend, lover perhase.....right.”

I looked at him

“thats what I thought.”

he kissed me again and thrusted in me hard

he sat up and grabbed my shoulders and thrusted more harder then deeper making the bed move as we did

I had to moan, I covered my mouth fast and he pulled my hands back

“Do IT!” he yelled

he was about to hit me and I caught his hand

He looked at his hand then grabbed then me and smiled

“someone wants me to beat them when were done”

" I want you to burn in h-ell.”

he laughed

“as long as I get to f-cuk you there too babe I wont mind”

he held my legs up and pounded me in with his p-enis

I watched the head of his d-ick go in and out me, he pulled out and pumped it and teased my v-agina with the head of his d-ick rubbing circles on my c-lit, he did it slow smiling at me

I needed to moan it was driving me crazy

“Kelly if you moan and ill let you sleep in your bed not the basement on that cold table tonight”

he really wants me to break

“F-uck you Matt God!!!“I yelled then he slammed it back in and f-ucked me

he got so mad and hit me and went harder he grabbed my throat and f’ucked me faster making the bed hit the back


“I’ll make you cry out now, you had your chance.”

he pulled out and I was so relieved rather to be beaten

“Kelly dont get happy now darling...”

he put his d-ick by my a-ss

“NO DONT” I yelled

he smiled

“Say sorry for being a bi-tch then..”

I didnt

“say it or the a-ss meets a new friend...and my son went easy on you but as for me..wouldnt dream of it. So say SORRY!”

I looked at him

“...........F’uck. You.”

he smiled

“here we go then”

he shoved it in and I clenched in pain and grabbed the covers

he thrust in and out

" my god you’re a tight squeeze no wonder Chris cu-mmed so soon”

he leaned over and held onto the sides of me and went harder

it hurt so bad

“you’ll soon feel pleasure”

I closed my eyes and he rubbed my area again

I moaned and arched my back

“there it is...” he said happy

he rubbed me and did me smiling

I tried to push him back but the pleasure took over me, I held my hand on his lower abs and moaned as he did

Matt pov

I smiled and leaned down and sucked her breast, she moaned loud and held my head as I did her and sucked her bre-ast

I licked on her nippl-e and su-cked then did it to the other side and then looked up at her

she had her eyes closed in pure pleasure moaning

" thats it moan for me..”

I sat up and did five hard thrusts slamming my pen-is all the way inside her tight hole

“UH UH UH UH UHHH OH GOD!” She grabbed the bed covers hard pulling them off

I looked at her body moved with mine

“Kelly tell me you like it baby”

I slowed down and she looked at me then sat up

she spoke through her teeth mad yet recovering from pleasure

“Get the F-uck out of me.”

I thrusted and she laid back and moaned, she was ready to cu-m.

I went harder and she covered her mouth. I kept going fast then pulled out and took off the condom and went inside her p-ussy and she moaned so hard, her p-ussy tightened around my d-ck and I moaned as her v-agina squeezed wanting to c-um inside her being a normal body function

I went faster and and she held my arms that were holding onto her waist

“Oh God Matt!” she screamed about to orgasm

I pounded and she cu-mmed so hard and then I pulled out and cummed

“AHHH! UHHHHH UH UH F-UCK YEAH!” I yelled moaning and never cu-mmed sohard in my life til now all over

I dropped on top of her and then looked at her. I sat up a bit and grabbed her hand and made her pump my c-ock more and even more cu-m came out hard and I shook a bit and groaned

We laid there after both cu-mming hard on each other

I kissed her and she was so sleepy now she still hand her hand on my c-ovk unable to move even a hand

I kissed her and laid next to her and we passed out together.

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