Knowing My Sex Slave

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Chapter 7

Matt Pov

“Dad wake up...I’m hungry and so is Lilly.”

He walked over and took my shirt and cleaned off the cu-m off Kelly then threw me the shirt and I wiped up my c-um an sat, Kelly was sleep which made sense after having hardcore s-ex back to back

I got up and took a shower after giving Chris money to pick up food for us all

I walked to Kelly and kissed her cheek then called for Lilly

she walked in

“Thats Kelly, when shes up get her dressed, she wont be able to bend much so help her”

She said ok and looked down at her sleeping there, she walked out, I looked seeing Lilly back that had belt hits creating scars

I smiled then looked at Kelly and sat then pulled her to me and laid her on me as i watched tv

I ran my hand through her hair and watched her

She reminded me of someone I knew but I couldnt figure it out, I ignored it and turned the channel to sports

later she woke up in pain and couldnt move,

“where am I...”

“my room”

She looked up then made a mad disgusted face “I really hate you Matt.”

when she said that I looked at her seeing a woman I once knew say it the same way

I smiled and laughed ′

“I’m ok with that...” I said like I have in the past

She sat up slowly and looked up at me

“....whats you full name”

I smiled

“Matt Stuart”

she sat up slowly

“ cant be him...”

she sat there shocked

“Do we know each other from somewhere?“I asked lost

" Do you know a woman named Chelsea..”

I looked at her

my ex...

“no f-ucking have to be kidding she your...wife at one point”

“Yeah...whats going on”

“That’s my mom!“she just yelled

I looked at her shocked

“ did have you...oh my god.“I said out of it

“You’ve f-ucking been r-aping me and I’m your daughter Matt!”

“I DIDNT KNOW!“I yelled mad

she looked at me

“how could you not know I was your daughter Matt, I look just like her d’amn it!”

" I questioned that when I first had you in the truck but didn’t care I’m sorry Kelly!”

“I hate you!”

“Kelly I’m sorry..”

she got up in pain and I held her arm to help her she hit me hard and walked off

I sat there then looked around

What the h-ell was I supposed to do now, Im her dad and have been r-aping her for the past two days, Why the h-ell wouldnt Chelsea tell me

Where is that b-itch

I got up and walked to find my daughter

she was in her room getting dressed in pain



I got mad and walked in

“hey! Im your dad so dont yell at me!”

“or what dad your gonna r-ape your daughter once more. Go f-uck yourslef Matt, I dont need this s-hit”

I grabbed her and set her on the bed

“You really think I care you’re my daughter, I dont care, it just makes things more interesting. Like you said I’m f-ucked in the head remember, Kelly where is your mother”

“dead” she said mad

I looked at her

she died....Chels is dead


“when I was 14. Now take me home” she said mad

“You may be my daughter but I dont see you as one, to me you’re just some teenage b-itch that I found walking the streets at night around four am”

she looked up

“You dont care..”

“No why should I” I said

" Oh, I dont know...BECAUSE YOU MADE ME!!” she yelled

I laughed

“I probably have at least twenty more of you out there running around Kelly, I just happened to find your mothers little mistake she couldnt get rid of”

she slapped me so hard

“Dad....Matt you can rot in h-ell and live with your sick crazy life. but i’m not joining it”

“That’s what you think”

I pushed her on the ed and climbed on top of her and grabbed he throat

“look at me...look at me! NOW KELLY!....if I say do something I mean it. Do it. If I say f-uck me you will. I’m hardly your daddy ok, your mom was pregnant and ran off with you at two months in her stomach, I didnt even meet you or get to know you , to me all I know you could any mans daughter, your mother was a slut. she left me because she found more c-ock.”

That was a lie, she left me because I treated her bad when I got drunk, so she ran off to protect Kelly

“My mother wasnt a slut”

“oh yeah I’m sure she said she left me to protect you huh”

she looked at me


“she cheated on me with some loser who had anger issues”I spoke the truth

“ step dad..”

“yeah probably”

I sat up and looked at her then Chris walked in

“dad food is here”

“ok son..”

he walked out

“hes not really my older brother right...”

“No, I took him off the street as a kid and called him son”

she nodded and I got up, I picked her up and walked down stairs, Chris and Lilly ate talking then I grabbed our food and set it in her lap and kept carrying her to her room

I laid her on the bed and I sat next to her and we ate

“Kelly, I’m lost at words”

“Matt--” I cut her off

“say dad”

“but Its weird saying dad when I met you from r-ape Matt.”

“DAD” I yelled

“ugh, so dad what are we going to do now”

“the same thing I’ve been doing Kelly, nothing changes, I really dont see you as my daughter and I know you dont see me as your father. So...nothing changes.”

Kelly pov

I ate and looked at my so called dad, I hardly looked like Matt. I had his hair and skin tone but besides that I looked like my mother

he looked at me as I looked at him

“Kelly you have my eyes...”

I looked at his then in the mirror by the wall and saw it

I couldnt eat, I set my food aside and laid down

“are you not hungry”He asked

“Matt...I mean...ugh can you not find this crazy and twisted”

“Look at who you’re talking to, I was twisted and crazy at the age of 13, my own mom would beat me and make me f-uck her when my dad was gone at work then he beat me for doing it and my mom just watch”

I looked at him and stared

“Kelly being raised by crazy people just makes you crazy later”

I looked at him then it hit me, he’ll be raising me and I’d become that way

“NO! I refuse to live that lifestyle. I had a normal life and plan to keep it that way Matt.”


“F-uck that your Matthew Stuart not my father. and Im a Peterson not a Stuart.”

“That anger issue guys last rather go back to him then try to work this out, Kelly Ill go easy on you like I am with Chris.”

“I’ve seen his face your still hard on him or he must like punching himself for fun”

Matt smiled and took the food down stairs then Chris walked in

“I knew you were his daughter ”

“Why didnt you say anything!”

“because you both needed to find out together, if I told only you youd be getting r-ape by dad and he’d do you as some girl off the street, dad hates woman after your mom left him and his mom abused him, all you have to do Kelly is agree to disagree with him..”

I nodded and ran out

Later Matt walked in

“What all did your mom say about me besides dying”

I didnt want to make him mad then beat me for looking like her so I lied sorta

“That at first you were loving” that was true

“And that you always took care of her” I lied

“I’d get drunk and beat her, she must of covered that for you..”

she told me..

“Why’d you beat her drunk”

“Because I knew she didnt love me”

I looked at him

So I listened to him explain his past with my mom and made list of what and what not to do

-not to remind him of my mom and his mother, not to back talk, not to run away duh, and not to say my mothers name in his house

what to do was anything he said to and say I love him and call him dad

I laid there and he laid me on his lap again and held me

“how old are you now”he asked


he rubbed my back as I laid across his lap watching tv

I hated watching sports center, all it did was remind me of my step dad who made my life hell as a kid

“Matt....I mean dad, um can we watch something else”

“you dont like sports?”

" I do, its just my step dad would scream at me as a little kid whenever he watch this and seen something he didnt like”

he turned it and gave me the remote and I turned it to the movie transformers

“what was your step dads name..”

I looked up and he was mad

“.....Justin Peterson...”

“whats his address”

I looked up more at him

he was going to kill him

“sweetheart where does he live”

I didnt speak


I told him and he got up and walked out

Chris later ran in

“He took the shot gun what happened?!”

“he’s going to kill my step dad...”

“ do you want to call me brother or Chris”

I looked at him wondering if he knew He wasnt Matts son

" Ill call you Chris”

he nodded and looked kinda sad

“I know he’s not my dad Kelly”

“then why do you stay here and live this way”

“its all I know”

“But dont you want a normal life one that you can enjoy”

he smiled

“but I do enjoy my life, I have Lilly, I dont have to go to school, and I live freely as long as I respect dad, he said years ago I could leave, I’m 19 now and I’m still here..”

I looked at him crazy then thought about it

“he broke you...”

“yeah....and you next.”

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