Knowing My Sex Slave

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Chapter 8


Kelly pov

“Wait wait wait!” I said looking down

“what” Matt said looking waiting

“dad my leg brace”

he looked down and helped me in the car

I got in and shut the door

he got in and looked at me


I looked down and he had my picture of my mom I kept in my room

“..Thanks..” I spoke and took it

he killed my step dad by shooting him in the face with a shot gun, ever since I heard about that I didnt mess with Matt with fighting back as much, any ways he got my stuff from his house and put it in my room at his

“ why’d you kill Justin”

“He hurt you and your mother”

I just nodded and looked out the window

He drove to the small town here and got me Lilly and Chris stuff we needed

I sat in the truck while Matt got Chris and his beers, I looked at my right leg, it was damaged but stronger

A hot guy my age and his friends seen me in the truck and smiled then walked over

" hey babe. I notice your in Matthew Stuarts truck why is that”

" I’m his daughter ” I said wondering if that was a good or bad thing here

they looked shocked

“so your not for that wheres Matt” another guy asked

“....on his way back...” I said rolling my eyes

this whole town has issues

“So does your dad let you date other guys...would he let you date a nice guy like me?” the hot one said smirking

I smiled at him seeing Matt behind him

the hot guy leaned up to the window smiling

“Can I have a kiss then..“he asked chill

I looked at Matt and he shook no

I leaned up and kisses him hard then Matt pulled him back and tossed him to the ground and walked up to my window

“Kelly you’e lucky were in public “Matt spoke pissed off

I smiled at him

“Matt your lucky I can’t run.” I said thinking of my leg

“you like punks like that” Matt asked getting into the car

I looked at him

" I like guys my age dad"

“so date Chris ” he said shrugging

he’s insane

" no thanks ”

“then your my catch until otherwise”

he drove home and I got out with crutches and walked inside after he did the code and locks

I walked in and Chris was f-ucking Lilly on the couch so hard, she moaned loud and groaned loud

he looked up and smiled

“Hey sis..”

“Hi Christopher ” I said use to seeing this

“Lilly say hi to my sister” Chris said

she looked over being f-ucked

“..Hi Kelly..”

“....hey...” I spoke

I walked away and felt hands hold me from behind

“Sis join us again.”

“no thanks Chris thats ok..”

he kissed my cheek and walked back to Lilly

Matt was cooking and I walked in the kitchen and watched

“You like Italian food” he asked


I heard Lilly moaning and scream out oh God

“so Kelly why didn’t you join them ”

“because it’s weird when he calls me sis during s-ex and Im with Lilly moaning as she forced to do stuff to me..besides i’m not bi I’m straight”

“so your only gonna cum for daddy huh” he asked smiling

“Im not into incest neither”

He laughed and walked over and kissed me

for the sake of my bruises I kissed him back

" oh so you like kissing dad but not me” Chris spoke upset walking in with boxes

“Christopher I like a unbruised face..”

Yeah me too..which is why you should date me instead and dad can have a new catch”

“Chris lay off” Matt said

“Sorry dad”

Lilly walked in dressed and sat down

We ate like the weirda-ss twisted family we now are and me and Lilly talked like normal people in the world ignoring the fact were se-x slaves for a man and his son

Lilly was 18 and found by Chris at her school walking home, he took her and drove her here and r-aped her every night until she just gave up.

She is really pretty, her hair is really long and has natural curls that is brown, She has tanish skin with blue eyes and could have been a model had she not been kidnapped

After talking and dinner I was in my room and Matt walked in and sat down on my bed and looked around

" I like how you fixed up your room Kelly” He said and sat down his drink

“thanks dad..”

“sit next to me Kelly”

I got on the bed and sat next to him

He turned on the tv and we watched so random movie on, Matt looked at me holding himself


I looked over and kissed me fast, he leaned over and deepened the kiss

He held my hand and moved it to his p-enis

I felt it get hard through his jeans, he sat back and unzipped his pants and his pe--nis out

“dont bite it suck it”

I rolled my eyes and leaned down and sucked his cock

“..mmm....just like that Kelly...suck daddy..”

He moved me to be in front of him and held his hands on my head and I sucked

He leaned his head back enjoying this and moaned then thr-usted up in my mouth

“Kelly lick it..”

I leaned up and licked the head of his c-ock and he moaned louder

He held my head down more and I took him all in

“Oh! God Yeah!!”

I sat up and he moved me to him and took my clothes off and his

he sat me on his lap and faced the tv, he rubbed my pu-ussy and I closed my eyes

He kissed on my neck and I held his head and arched my back, he kissed my cheek and then gave me a hickey

I moaned and held his head to my neck

I was wet, he laid me down and opened my legs wide and licked me and I moaned so hard

“Oh f-ck!! ”

I laid back and held his head there as he ate me out

His tongue went into me and I gasp and he grabbed my breast and massage them while licking and sucking me, He licked circles on my clit and fingers me with two and pumped them, I tired to hold back this pleasure but couldnt

“uh! uh! uh! F-ck!!!”

he went harder and I screamed out

“Kelly I want to be inside you again, sit up”

He sat up and sat down and moved me to his lap again

He made me face him and kissed me and then slide his hard d-ck inside my wet p-ssy, we moaned in union as he thrusted up deep, he hit my g-spot again and I moaned loud

“I’m gonna make you cum on my d-ck”he said and thrusted up i me harder

I could only have s-x with him as long as I didnt look at him knowing this was my dad

“Ride me sweetheart”

I held his shoulders and moved up and down on his pe-nis, he leaned back against the headboard and held my butt as I rode him

We both moaned and then he laid me down fast and thrusted on top of me, my legs were opened and he bed shook and I moaned as he did

he kissed me then sat up and sat on his knees and held my thighs pounding me ruthlessly

“Kelly God I love you!” he yelled thrusting so deep

“Holy s-ht!!” I’m almost there!”

I had to c-um so bad

“Cum on daddy’s p-nis baby!”

He held my waist and went harder

Matt pov

I f-cked the hell out her and she cried out cumming on my d-ck


I smiled and and kept going the had to cu-m

I pulled out


She sat up and pumped my d-ck

I leaned my head back and groaned

“make daddy c-um darling...” I groaned

She pumped harder and I c-mmed

“Ah! F-ck! Yeah!! Kelly you make daddy feel great babe!!”

I finished cu-mming and laid down and looked up

She laid down tired and I laid down and looked up

I looked over to her and she spoke

“you actually had se-x and didnt r-ape me this time”

“and you didnt hold back or cuss me out”

“dont think I like you. I needed a break from the beatings”

So thats why she cooperated with me these past days, she wants to get strong again

I smiled and kissed her

“as long as you dont run off were good”


Kelly pov

I was in my room looking out the window and a car pulled up, I was hoping normal people showed up but this town was far from normal.

Some guy and another younger guy walked out, they went to the door then the doorbell rang

Chris walked in half naked showing his abs off again on purpose so I’d date him

He waited and looked at me and smiled

“Hey sis...Tyler is here with Dylan, thats his slave, he’s bi so...dont look freaked out during se-x if you see them do it”he said and walked out

I sat in my bed then Lilly walked in and that young guy Dylan did too

“Kelly this is Dylan, Dylan Kelly”

“Hi Kelly: he spoke politely

“hey..“I spoke bored

she walked out and Dylan looked at her leave then turned fast

“WE GOTTA GET OUT OF HERE!“he yelled freaking out

I just looked over

“Good luck, look at my legs”I said and showed him my cuts and burns

He looked shocked then walked over and bent down and felt the scars

“You really ran...“he just whispered


he looked up at me and then at my scars again

“I’m so sorry...” he apologized

“Its not your fault...but thank you...”

I looked at him and he was cute, he had golden brown hair and green eyes

“are you checking me out Kelly?“he asked smiling

I smiled and nodded

he looked up at me about to speak but then the door opened and Matt walked in with Tyler and Tyler was so mad

“You little B-tch! stay away from Dylan Slut!!”

Dylan had his hands on my thighs and he was bent down in front of me as I sat on the bed and it looked like something it wasnt

Dylan shot up

“Master I was only looking at her cuts” he said fast

“get over here now!!” he spoke stern

Dylan walked over and he got grabbed and pushed out

Matt walked over to me

“you like him” he asked

I looked around reminded of my first r-pe

Dylan was tied up already and Chris gave Tyler a whip and Tyler whipped Dylan hard non stop

Dylan yelled in pain then Tyler took his pats off and put his d-ck inside him and Tyler moaned while Dylan made noise in pain

he F-cked the hell out of him, it was insane and rough

he kept going and turned to me looking at me smiled

“And your Next.”

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