Knowing My Sex Slave

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Cahpter 9

Tyler did Dylan so hard then pushed him off the table and grabbed me excited and set me on the table fast

He just kissed me then moved to my neck

“Are you a virgin” He asked as he started kissing down my neck



he grabbed my ass pushing so I could hop up and wrap my legs around his waist . He kissed me roughly and held my puss-y hard causing me to me to gasp. He explored my mouth with his tongue and then abruptly stopped and pulled away and looked at me in the eyes

’You like Dylan..dont you”

“did you figure the out just now or did you have to really think about it”

He just smiled and looked back at Matt

“I like her. shes a keeper Matt”

He lifted off my shirt and set me off the table, I looked up at him and he rubbed his dic-k and gave a small nod. I knelt down on my knees and took his length into my mouth and bobbed my head up and down, while using my hand to pump the rest of him. He started moaning. He rested his hand on my head and made a ponytail out of my hair with his hand. He held it so I speed up my pace

Later he pulled my shorts down in one swift movement. I was now in my bra and underwear. He unclasped my bra and he started rubbing my left breast while biting my right nipple. I arched my back into him. He moved my underwear to the side, and set me on the bed table and slipped two fingers in causing me to gasp again, He pumped faster adding another finger I moaned

He looked at me

“You ready?” Before I could even answer he was inside me and on top of me. He wrapped my legs around his waist and I dug my nails into his back as I laid on the table. He thrusted faster and rougher than Matt or Chris ever has. I tangled my hands in his hair and moaned so hard

Everyone was just watching hard then Matt walked over and pumped his di-ck watching us, it got hard and bigger standing out erect

Tyler laid over me thrusting rough then later I felt Matt penis near my ass

Tyler got up and picked me up, he laid down on his back and laid me on top of him

he thrusted in me then Matt trusted in me too

They Dp me and did me so hard with so my strength that I couldnt think straight

Chris pov

I left and sat on the couch with Dylan while Kelly was being did my dad and his friend, she was moaning so loud you could hear it up here

“is that really his daughter” Dylan asked sitting in a chair next to me


Lilly walked down and sat on my lap

" your room is clean.”

“thank you”

Dylan looked at Lilly the her arms seeing burns

“so Dylan I never really asked you but are you gay too or just trapped ”

“trapped, Im into girls not him” he spoke mad

I nodded

“Lilly suck his d-ck” I spoke

she sat up and walked over and unzipped his pants and pulled his p-nis out and sucked

“so Dylan do you like my sister Kelly”

“......yeah, I think shes extremely hot but what I like most is her attitude, she doesnt take crap, even from my master and hes flat out crazy”

I nodded

“would you pay for her” I asked

I could make sell while he’s here and Tyler is busy catching up with my dad

“I’d have to ask my master..“Dylan said thinking

“well tell im 800”

Lilly got him hard and he laid his back and moaned, he put his hands on her head and rested them there

later Matt Kelly and Tyler walked up the stairs and Tyler looked and smiled then looked at me

“you share your slave?”

“He’s straight.” I informed him

“I know...” he said smiling and went up stairs to the shower

Matt looked at me

“is that free”

I nodded

“dad can I make Kelly a client with Tyler for Dylan though”

he looked at me the Dylan then back to me

" how much did you tell him she rents for”


he nodded

“only two hours, Im guessing you’re helping Dylan ”

I smiled

“being straight having gay s-x doesnt seem too fair”

he smiled and walked to the kitchen with Kelly

Dylan looked at me

" Your selling your sister so we can hook up?”

“you like her right”

he nodded I smiled “your welcome.”

Kelly pov

“what the F-ck! Matt he cant just pimp me put!!!” I yelled

“Dylan is his friend of three years he’s doing him a favor and plus you like Dylan right”

“well...yeah, but I’m not property!”

he smiled and held my face with both hands softly

“no of course not’re more then that babe your my daughter so that makes you great merchandise” he said smiling and kissed me then walked to the fridge

I rolled my eyes

Tyler was dressed and walked in and kissed me and held my butt from behind me

“you baby have two hours with my Dylan, have fun” he spoke and slapped me my a-ss

“dad” I complained

“Ty dont slap her butt and release my kids a-ss”

he did and sat down and got passed a beer

I went to the shower and got cleaned up then got dressed in my room, Dylan walked in

“we dont have to have s-x, we can just get to know each other”

I nodded and sat on my bed, he laid next to me after shutting the door

“did you request me” I asked

" your brother did for us to be together, he wanted me to have a girl for a while”

“oh, and sorry youre stuck with Tyler”

“thank Kelly did you come to your dads house knowing he was like this”

“no ..he found me.”

he looked at me and I explained what happened

" wow thats crazy..”

I nodded

“and you ran twice even knowing he killed that lady in the trailer”

“yeah, I cant live and be raised here then turn into them down stairs”

he nodded and looked at me

" I wished me and you could run away together and return to our lives..Kelly your a strong person and I respect give me hope.”

I looked at him and he kissed me, I kissed him back and we made out

he laid me back and over me and we kissed

“Kelly I like you...” he spoke soft

" I like you too Dylan.”

I kissed him and he held me

He kissed on my neck and I held my hands in his hair and he laid back and pulled me on top of him

we made out and he rubbed my back and then held my butt and I felt him get hard

“Can I?” he asked

I nodded and pulled my pants off and his and underwear, he opened my legs and d-ck stood tall the more he seen my v-gina

“thank you.” he said and entered me

Matt pov

I sat with Tyler and we sports center

“are you gonna make her a daily client?“he asked

“I dont know yet..”

she is my daughter, I didnt want her so miserable she’d kill herself since she couldn’t run off like her mother did

“Matt she looks like Chelsea, where is Chels”

I looked at the wall mad hearing her name

“the b-tch is dead now”

“ lied about Kelly years ago when we stormed her house”

I nodded

“that call was fake, Kelly never died in her her stomach from me beating her...she ranoff off with that guy from her job”

“so your actually gonna try to raise her..”

I shrugged

" I killed her step dad so she has nowhere else to go or I’d let here go..”

Kelly pov

“YESSSS!!!” I screamed out and c-ummed

he pulled out and c-mmed on the floor then cleaned it


“its fine”

he walked over and sat on the bed looking out the window

“do you think we’ll ever escape.”

I sat up moved up to him and sat next to him


he sat back and put his arm around me and held me and we looked out the window

Matt walked in

“Dylan your time is up, and Tyler is ready to leave so say bye then go”he said and left

he looked at me

“Kelly I’ll miss you...maybe I’ll see you again..but I hope at least one of us escapes..and if I do I’ll come for you and get you out of here”

I kissed him and he held me

we looked at each other

“be strong Kelly...bye sweetheart”

he kissed my cheek and got up and put his clothes on and left

I laid down then Chris walked in

“sis dad said goodnight and he loves you”

“tell him I said f-ck you.”

“are you sure you want to do that?”


Chris pov

I walked out and sat by my dad

“what she say?”

he’d beat her so I lied “uh she loves you too and goodnight dad...”

he nodded and drank his beer and sat back

I looked at the floor then she just yelled


da-mn it Kelly

he looked at me mad and smacked my beer down and got up and walked to her room

All night she was beat and rap-ed and I just there and looked at the wall thinking of her...

“She won’t Break.”

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